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  • suraj_scrawls 12w


    If it isn't rewarding you that doesn't means you shouldn't do it.

    There exist no reciprocity until we reach the tipping point.

    If you're expecting returns for your work at each and every step that's simply not possible.

    Your work and rewards not always runs parallel.

    But one thing and that's for sure is that whatever it appears to you right now, if you're are brave enough than you'll be rewarded in the end.

  • suraj_scrawls 13w


    You're not always required to pay heed to someone's "try this it will work for you" if you are getting instincts it simply won't.
    You are not an experiment rather a discovery in itself. Advices are supplements it's you who got to be brave!
    Actually it's only you who will work for you, stop letting yourself get fooled by perceptions.
    It's your vision not their perception that's gonna define you.

  • suraj_scrawls 14w


    You're not weak,
    you gotta be brave to understand that!

  • suraj_scrawls 22w


    Your goal should be a subset of your mindset.
    Your mindset should "know" no boundaries!

  • suraj_scrawls 23w


    Gar Aasan hota to sab na kar lete,
    Magar Itna hi mushkil hota to kya koi kar pata!

  • suraj_scrawls 27w


    तुम चाहो तो यूँही ठहर जाएं हम,
    गर जाओ तो बस इत्तला कर जाना ।

  • suraj_scrawls 28w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short write-up on Forgot

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    Forgot things that makes you weak!

  • suraj_scrawls 28w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short tale on Dull

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    Try insane when the world wants you to be dull!

  • suraj_scrawls 28w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word micro-tale on Ambition

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    Your decisions should seclude petty superstitions to fulfil your ambition!

  • suraj_scrawls 28w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word micro-tale on Entire

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    Don't waste entire life wondering!