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  • suranjana__ 1w

    #wod #giving #suwn
    @writersnetwork hola! thank you so much wn for such a beautiful surprise. me loves you ಥ‿ಥ♥️(5)

    @mirakee hola!

    highly inspired by @love_whispererr recent post♥️
    so beautiful it was(╥﹏╥)

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    cascading red fluids
    scratches down the knees
    wounds in the chest
    marks over the countenance
    but hopes and desires
    all burried down the core
    you walk up straight
    to save us
    sacrificing that
    last breath of yours

    || you are a soldier ||

    hearkening to criticized words
    you still reside behind those
    locked up medical rooms
    swelling up your eyes
    being fixed on the body
    of the victims
    all day long
    to give them a new life

    || you are a doctor ||

    lifting bundles of
    powerful words
    to manifest a society
    that's being dreamt of,
    voices all cracked
    to go against those
    fragmentation of laws
    your heart is owned
    by all

    || you are a social worker ||

    many more robust voyages
    of uv rays
    falls on your back
    still you remain like toys
    coursing in grains of green
    to crowd this abdomens
    with meals for our survival
    days and nights for our cuisines
    you work hard
    manifesting lives
    of sapiens
    existing on this
    ethereal earth

    || you are a farmer ||

    fragrances of withered petals
    from torn folios underneath
    the pillow drenched in
    salty water,
    wizened blood
    that cascades whispering
    tales of
    secreted cicatrix
    and flavours of love
    that you have
    savoured so far
    resides in the flow
    of stygian ink
    in memoirs that hides
    in sprinkles of souvenir
    giving sapiens
    an artefact they can
    relate their
    chronicles upon

    || you are a poet ||

    pulchritudinous countenance
    cramped with alluring smiles
    concealing sweat and blood
    for the exuberance of ours
    you fabricate a life
    beyond our fantasies
    you are graced as the most
    sacrificing human beings
    whose absence would
    never bestow
    our existence

    || you are a parent ||


  • suranjana__ 1w

    @writersnetwork hola! :) Thank you so much for the repost, i really wanted mirakeeans to read this. Me loves you��♥️ (4)
    @mirakee hola! :)

    #melody #sinc #suwn

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    you're like a song
    that only manifests
    scratches in those
    spongy lips of mine,
    along the cascading action
    of red fluids
    and nothing more
    i just want to remember
    then the sins you always
    maintained to perform
    resulting in fragmentation
    of my core.

    would you stop
    playing strings of guitar
    in my physique
    with robust fingers that were
    all yours
    covering my mouth
    so echoes can't have a voyage
    out the door?

    the torn hairs from scalp of mine
    still fondles with the withered blood
    that resides in thy
    mezzanine floor
    of the stygian vaulted space.

    catastrophic night
    was all i found to define
    the time
    when countenance of mine
    was whispering lullabies
    for a trickster to vacate this
    authentic soul
    the being
    circulating trauma
    in the naked body
    of mine
    just had earbuds

    and no more my
    anatomy could
    swallow globules of
    red shaded fluid,
    swig large gulps
    of fear and anxiety
    and inhale
    hazed fumes of
    your thrown out
    died along with
    hopes and desires
    all fragmentary.


  • suranjana__ 1w

    #wn #tetractys :) A repost!
    @writersnetwork editor's choice? rulaoge kya

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    At her eyes
    Despite of those
    Oodles of stars residing in cosmos.


  • suranjana__ 2w

    is this making any sense my fellow mirakeeans?
    here ' i ' refers to the sky.

    #skyfearc #question #wn #mirakee #pod
    @writersnetwork :)
    @mirakee :) you all means to me so much��♥️
    @writersbay thank you so much bay for the kind repost. me loves you^_________^��♥️(2)
    @piyuldwivedi @tamanna3 @raika_ @redolent_smile @thousand_splendid_thoughts @diaryticko a read mates^_________^

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    // what if the sky one day withers just like a leaflet that once cascaded it's cerulean anatomy while concealing it's agony she receives when scars of grey is all that rules over her physique? //

    all i fear for is
    if the shades
    manifested by
    blue angels
    fades away
    and tints of
    black is all
    that rules
    over the
    p l a c e.

    all i fear for is
    if blurs were not
    of nature in the
    form of fog
    and were of
    s m o g.

    all i fear for is
    if the waterfall of
    love and care
    would i receive
    depends on the
    colours i
    p o u r.

    all i fear for is
    if the answer
    turns out to
    be a yes
    when i ask
    won't you
    accept me if
    my cotton candies
    starts bursting
    in the caelum
    with textures of
    g r e y.

    all i fear for is
    if the stars near me
    would stop
    offering me light
    which i need the most
    while darkness
    is all that prevails
    around my
    p h y s i q u e.

    all i fear for is
    whether the sun
    would stop
    fondling while
    stroking its fingers
    around my
    s o u l.

    all i fear for is
    if the sapiens
    in this ethereal earth
    for their twinkle
    in the countenance
    would lit crackers
    in the cerulean
    with gestures
    of hazed
    f u m e s.

    and even though
    fears cramped
    around my epitome
    won't efface
    i would still make you
    perceive me being
    a naked soul with.
    phobia all
    c o n c e a l e d.


  • suranjana__ 2w

    @writersnetwork:)) You made me smile and cry
    ^_________^(╥﹏╥)(3) #suwn
    Love you a lot ♥️

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    Chrysanthemums call me later, now let me get busy in representing other
    companions of your. Bye!!!

    Alstroemeria make me like you
    Representing fortune , devotion and friendship.
    Your anatomy in a wide variety of shades of
    Undyed, pink, orange , yellow makes
    Each individual keep deep interest on you.

    Amaryllis make me like you
    Symbolising pride, determination and radiant beauty.
    Your versatility and packing of a big punch
    With several show stopping blooms on each stem
    Makes everyone glimpse at the sparkle you flash.

    Bird of Paradise make me like you
    Representing joy, faithfulness and love.
    You are indeed magical as when you bloom
    You come up with 3 vibrant orange petals
    And 3 blue ones resembling like a bird's beak
    Making everyone confuse.

    Daisies make me like you
    Symbolising new beginning and innocence.
    Your gorgeous physique
    With different varieties of shades making you
    Stand out when combined with other accent flowers.

    Sunflower make me like you
    Representing warmth, adoration and dedication
    To love. You look amazing when viewed but more
    You look beautiful when comes in freindzone
    With other flowers around.

    Baby's breathe make me like you
    Showing everlasting love and purity.
    Each stem of yours has a spray of
    Many tiny white blooms
    Giving you the appearance of million stars
    Makes my face awestruck by you.

    Tulips make me like you
    Symbolising positivity wherever I go.
    And letting me believe in myself
    And making me happy
    For ever after.

    But hey dear chrysanthemums
    I know you are too beautiful and gorgeous
    But sorry I don't want to resemble you now
    Representing death like bunch of black roses.

    Everyone dies one day but wants to die happily
    So for now I will represent only your friends
    After death don't forget to call me
    To take the place of yours
    In these orb special for me.

    I need your help to make everyone keep me
    As a reminiscence in their house
    By planting you so that they remember
    Every memory of mine with them
    By gently touching those petals of yours.


  • suranjana__ 3w

    #farewell #endc #wn #pod
    @writersnetwork @mirakee i don't even know why i tagged you? (╥﹏╥)
    Ending my #dynamicdecember

    #writersblock don't really know what did I just write

    @piyuldwivedi apun aa gaya swagat nehi karoge��

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    good bye to the past that weaved only threads of silk that was manifested by scratches and wounds dried up long ago. no more a knitted sweater i shall wore upon a physique that agitated for its dark shades of black and brown scars. the pillow would now be fresh presenting me a comfort sleep not the one which was drenched in iotas of salt rolling off the cheeks with utmost pressure by edges of the eyes that deceased. and not screams of my own would i listen to but the chirping of nightingales. fragrances of blood cascading from fist and scars that didn't tend to dry up would not surround me and the dark vault but there would be undyed jasmines that would course with nebulous love. torn folios that was cramped with lost love and cobwebs with sprinkles of tiny dust molecules would now have appearances that are vivid and of fluorescence. the heart would no longer now only be filled with deoxygenated blood composed of miseries and thoughts malignant but the core would only have saudade of love magical.

    won't i be free then. won't i find the longing happiness that once got lost in the dense canopies that catastrophic night. won't the sunshine feel cosy to gaze at this pulchritudinous countenance of mine. now swirling of my index finger on the pavement of mist would surely pour a perfect shape and the dew that once felt uncomfortable 'cause of my stroke of fingers would now linger on my hands yawning for a touch. won't i then be living as a homo sapien for real. and won't it be a positive zeal that would enclose the cynical hypothesis giving them an end.


  • suranjana__ 6w

    A repost. The other one got deleted accidentally �� Luckily I found it was saved.
    Will be back soon on 23rd��

    In editor's choice???
    love you ♥️@writersnetwork @mirakee
    #pod #wn #dynamicdecember

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    Survivor And Warrior

    Being an infant

    In my mother's big abdomen

    I heard all the screams of our kinsfolk,

    Drafting for my demise before my existence

    Into a world I desired of merrily inhabiting.

    I kept on questioning mother with a knock

    That, is the world so cruel?

    " Yes ! " was her reply.

    Being a kid

    After a long voyage with barriers

    That mother erected for escorting me out,

    I was often given pessimistic speadbreakers

    In the path leading to my magical fairytales,

    Crowded with robust desires and hopes

    By letting me hear to the same idioms

    A girl can't dream!

    Being a teenager

    I was compelled to seal my soft lips

    When shades of black was embraced,

    Whenever I was harassed, left torn apart for

    Just being who I desire to be and that's a girl.

    My heart was made fragile with scars

    Engulfing my anatomy and edges of

    The mind cramped with fantasy.

    Being a survivor

    After hastening eclipse o'clocks

    And threats of being a deceased epitome

    I approached with a revival for fabricating

    My fragmented pieces of fragile core with

    adhesive tapes of courage and strength,

    Being the ink in my torn folios I

    Perpetually swirled with hopes.

    Being a warrior

    I devastated the evil facades

    Veiling in the corners of dark alleys

    And elevated views against the sapiens who

    Tortured her in mother's gigantic cute womb.

    Girl who resided in edge of vacated room

    Smiled when she left her anxiety and

    woke as the only Crown.


  • suranjana__ 8w

    And all of a sudden the whole of woodland

    altered and naked it's physiognomy by

    benevolently unsealing it's fabrics of salmon

    and reddish shades. Being an alluring bride

    the days of last segment now wears a gown

    of undyed texture. Inhaling hibernal light air

    the nature covers the foliage with puffs of ice

    and the cumulonimbus clouds descends

    pollet of frozen rain.

    Whispering beneath those trunks of woodland

    the zephyr scribbles down chronicles of

    hexagonal flakes. Flakes that always were

    tugged in the caelum's side pocket. The

    streaks of light gazed at those little fairies

    whirling their clumpsy physiques with

    feathers unlatched and a mouth yawning to

    gesture the dawn's crack with alluring

    snowflakes. Butterflies all in line being ready

    to have a bath of different shades and

    crowding near leaflets to carry out icy cotton

    candies on their chitinous membrane.

    Myriads and myriads of termites by the

    woolen trunks of trees crossing junctions of

    five encounters in the holes of trunks to have

    tiny fragments of three days chocolate.

    Verbenas of light mauve textures walking with

    families near the peripheries of lawns

    cramped by frosty coverlet. While asters of

    contrasting tints snatches souls of

    bumblebees and papilio through its elegance.

    Tunes through bamboo trunks of unsteady

    zephyr and lullabies of nightingales for their

    mates encircles the december's o'clocks of

    shorter days and longer nights recollects

    bygone memories all fabricated. Days all

    short with little appearance of sun's shafts all

    warm and little angels roaming nearby the

    florets of magical odours. Nights all long with

    prolong instances embracing each chants of

    birds of dead nights and arora of blossoms

    spreading thousand splendid thoughts of

    rhythmical days.

    And the though cold and pale but fragile and

    pulchritudinous winter of december enfolds

    fantasies that are scripted in volumes long



    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    @thousand_splendid_thoughts 'cuz I used your username����
    @saya__ lo kar liya�� but the result seems to be no good��

    Starting my #dynamicdecember ⊙﹏⊙

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    Ćurtªiñs öf Dėčęmbēr

  • suranjana__ 8w

    The words I used were: Poems, strings, thousands, heartbeat and promise.

    I will reply to all your beautiful comments soon����Bhul maat jana��

    @writersnetwork thank you for your ♥️
    But it hurts ��
    #bingoc #pod #wn#norturingnovember
    Does it make sense?⊙﹏⊙
    Thank you @writersbay for the kind repost. My first time��♥️(1) #subay

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    AND FEW...

    AND FEW words of mine

    remained unsaid that

    concealed beaneath

    those encounter of our withered lips.

    AND FEW half scribbled poems of mine

    resided in the peripheries of

    chronicles submerged in dust that

    whispered stories incomplete

    at nights beside my tympanic membranes.

    AND FEW strings of the ukulele

    that once were used to make me fall asleep

    in the broad chest of his

    with lullabies sung all scripted by him


    were espied being shattered

    beside those gaps of my spongy couch

    and lone wardrobes.

    AND FEW heartbeats of mine

    manifested a desire in my cerebrum

    to ponder how a thousand miles away

    I found a heart,

    the only shelter for my soul

    which chanted memories only of you

    and ended up reciting songs of death

    which secreted your bequeath.

    AND FEW bogus promises of yours

    left naked marine drops

    descending from the optics of mine

    to get sun-baked

    for the sake of my fragile core

    to no longer lacerate.


  • suranjana__ 8w

    And there she aligns those torn folios that once flawlessly inhabited in the chronicles of her lost love and scribbles down the verses manifested by those withered yet pulchritudinous scars.