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  • surjinder 11w

    We are just empty souls..
    Hungry for love..
    Looking for feasts..
    Settling for leftovers..

  • surjinder 12w

    Even looking at you..
    While you are asleep..
    Makes my heart beat faster..

  • surjinder 12w

    Everything just remind me of you..

  • surjinder 14w


    Gustakhi par utar aai hai saansein..
    Keh rhi hai.. chalne ka mann nahi..
    Ab Tumhare bina..

  • surjinder 14w


    Losing you..
    Felt lonely..
    But not as if i was in desert..
    But like i am standing on a busy road..

  • surjinder 15w

    I might not say..
    But i hope you stay..

  • surjinder 18w

    You are my most beautiful memory..

  • surjinder 19w

    Just thinking..
    That you might be smiling because of me..
    Makes me happy..

  • surjinder 20w


    You are the silence..
    That i enjoy more than music..

  • surjinder 21w

    Never the same..

    Watching the stars is never the same Resplendent..
    Once i have gazed into your eyes..