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  • survy_ 5w

    Can I lie?
    That I liked guys with thick limbs
    That only want my lips
    Even when they treat me like shit

    Or that
    They were always people I could fix
    That Leave when they were good again

    Can I Lie?
    That I fell for these boys
    Looking at them as Men
    Mistaking their embraces for security
    While turning for comfort
    In their Lies

    These boys that kept
    The gold patch on their hair
    Even when the Drama was over

    These boys that told me
    Jennifer who called by midnight
    Was just their close cousin

    These boys who were
    Afraid of commitments
    Super Unstable
    Horny and Needy

    Lovely at sight
    But wait until later.

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    Can I Lie?

  • survy_ 9w

    Beauty seemed complex until
    You smiled and that sparkle in your eye
    Birthed A transparency to your Big Heart!
    The Curve in Your lips when you say your name.
    Leaves a Memory of Shivers.
    You Nolo, You are Beautiful

  • survy_ 9w

    Body, Mind, and Soul
    I was Yours Only
    Yours to love
    Yours to touch
    Yours to feel
    Yours to have.
    I was Yours Only
    And I never knew what it meant
    To be MINE


  • survy_ 10w

    I Wish You were here
    To hold me
    To hug me
    To squeeze every last bit of sadness
    To make me light
    From so much internal heaviness
    I wish...
    You'd have stayed
    After everything we went through

  • survy_ 14w

    I still want you
    I still love you
    But I want to
    Want and Love a better version of yoU


  • survy_ 14w

    I Stayed
    To ignite a change in you
    I tried but couldn't
    So I had to stop trying.


  • survy_ 17w

    Again, I chose you over
    What I felt
    And Again
    All you built were sand castles
    Running over pieces
    Of the heart left

  • survy_ 18w

    How do I turn for comfort to the person that caused this pain

  • survy_ 19w

    All your words
    Now mean Nothing
    All our time together
    And I know
    I deserved way more than

  • survy_ 19w

    Everything I was
    For you
    Was Everything
    Less of Me