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  • suryaaa 11w

    Strangers can become best friends
    just as easy as
    best friends can become strangers.

  • suryaaa 35w

    Look to the moon to illuminate the stories of your heart,
    each star that shines are like fairies of the night
    that keeps watch as you slumber
    With their pixie dust, they sprinkle happy dreams to each believing child.
    It is not that of which can be merely found in fairytales,
    It is that of which can be found in each innocent heart.


  • suryaaa 46w

    for all the hardtimes I've put you through,
    for all the goodtimes I've ruined,
    for the words, thoughts, feelings,
    that I've gone only through my perspection.
    for forcing you,
    to feel the way that I felt for you.
    for annoying you with all my actions.
    for being a snag to your smile.
    I don't know how much this sorry can please you.
    But,this time
    I mean it.


  • suryaaa 47w

    The world it was made
    It was made to fade,for all of us
    to fade away, to disappear, to dissipate
    there is no purpose, no plan
    nothing for this world-but there is one,
    for me,for you,for everyone.
    to the world, nothing may matter
    but to me, everything can.
    yes, things may fade, they may disappear,
    but the scars I've laced through my skin,
    they don't fade for me.
    the regrets I have, they don't fade for me.
    who I love, they don't fade for me.
    the things I choose to matter,
    they don't fade for me.
    through it all,
    you won't fade for me,
    you will always matter,
    unless I let myself fade away.
    because, after all
    I was made to FADE.

  • suryaaa 47w

    It hurts

    When your homies finds new friends
    and slowly you turn out to become
    a stranger, your talks start to annoy them,
    you push yourself away from them
    So they be chill'in and happy with their new friends.
    Slowly you turn out to be no one.
    Yeah! That shit hurts.

  • suryaaa 48w

    You don't measure love in time.
    You measure love in transformation.
    Sometimes the longest connections yield
    very little growth, while the briefest
    encounters change everything.
    The heart doesn't wear a watch - it's timeless.
    It doesn't care how long you know someone.
    It doesn't care if you had a 40 year anniversary if there is no juice in the connection.
    What the heart cares about is resonance.
    Resonance that opens it,
    resonance that enlivens it,
    resonance that calls it home.
    And when it finds it, the transformation begins.

    -Jeff brown

  • suryaaa 56w

    Lost in her eyes were my thoughts,
    her smile...
    It's not the curve on her lips
    It's the sparkle in her eyes
    the smile in her eyes
    the smile that never lies
    charming, tender
    I will always remember
    the first time she smiled at me
    like magnet to metal
    her smile draws me in
    she taught me how to smile
    her smile, I hope it never lies.


  • suryaaa 58w

    Mahadev stays inside a man,
    Only when he fights for the good.
    As mahadev is not born from a mother's woumb,
    he is forged in the heat of battle,
    when he wages war to destroy evil.
    There is no start or end to mahadev.

  • suryaaa 62w

    You were looking away with your moonlight eyes
    You stole my heart though you never tried
    If eyes can talk you are the love song playing soft
    One look at you and the world I'm lost
    I don't believe in magic and trust no god
    But when I saw your smile......
    I was like oh my God
    I have no word pearls to weave in your grace
    I just adore you like glooming moon in the infinity
    How can I paint you, how can I even think
    You are the river of beauty and
    All my colours were dry.


  • suryaaa 69w

    Ever felt like pouring
    Your heart out,
    then realize you have no one to talk to?

    That shit really hurts.