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  • sushil5554 1w

    Sometimes we meet people by chance,
    not knowing that,
    those people will be there
    to shape our entire life.

  • sushil5554 3w

    Seeing myself in mirror
    Noticed sparkle in my eyes,

    that is good enough reason
    to be cheerful throughout the day.


  • sushil5554 5w

    Even if the world is against you

    You will still win if

    Your own self believes in you.

  • sushil5554 6w

    Care for those who
    are willing to wait for you
    when you are broken
    they are there for you.

    In good times there are many
    who will like to be with you
    but those are not friends
    only profit seekers.


  • sushil5554 7w

    Friendship is a beautiful word.

    If you care, it can be your world.
    If you don't care it is just a word.


  • sushil5554 8w

    For reaching 100 followers!
    You all are so sweet ��

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    When the heart is pure,

    A unique shine comes to face.

    When the thoughts are kind,

    a unique sweetness comes to voice.

  • sushil5554 9w

    When I lie to make my sad friend
    feel hopeful, happy and motivated..

    My heart prays:

    Rabb tere hi toh bacche hain
    Mana muh se jhoote,
    par dil ke sacche hain..

  • sushil5554 9w

    No matter how much I try.
    I cannot change myself.

    Time and again I cry,
    for being too honest.
    In the world of two faced people.

    Why cannot I do the same to them?
    Perhaps something is wrong with me

    that I my heart turned out too soft.

  • sushil5554 9w

    पहले चेहरे ही नका़व हुआ करते थे,

    अब तो चेहरों पर भी नका़व चढ गये ।

  • sushil5554 9w

    If you are given the power to
    go in the past and do things differently.
    Would you do it?

    I know I would not.
    As I will end up screwing things even more...

    PS: What happens, happens for the best.