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  • sven_7 13w

    Screaming outside
    As traffic goes by
    Invisible cries fly
    By the hands of guys
    Who's eyes are demonized
    When will we realize
    Those screams
    could be you or I?
    ©sven_7 2020

  • sven_7 13w

    She was a pretty thing
    With thoughts that pained
    Her words would ring
    Emotional distress remained .

    How could this pretty thing
    SpeaK such vial words
    So casually in crossing
    Without understanding afterwards?

    This pretty thing
    Will never see
    What a blessing
    She is to me.

  • sven_7 15w


    I wondered why I was hearing things, seeing bright lights with an overwhelming sense of knowing. Maybe I've lost my mind or perhaps some experimental drug use in the past has finally caught up? Never putting 2+2 together with my current illness.
    You see I've been extremely ill and probably far closer to death then I care to admit. When you have a near death experience you develop extra sensitivities to alot of strange stuff, life can get a little rough.
    Once you realize your not crazy and stop trying to drown the noise you realize you've got a great gift. However with all great gifts comes great responsibility. "Are your listening? " Sharing your enlightened feelings is far to revealing. You must learn to chose your words wisely as others respond surprisingly.
    Harness your knowledge, develop some self restraint, imagine yourself a tank. Soon you'll see everything is amazing being someone enlightened.

  • sven_7 17w

    Falling in love with your adult children

    When my children were born I loved them unconditionally, unconsciously. As they became teenagers my love needed to be far more intentional and being completely honest far more consciously.
    Soon they ventured off falling in love with their own significant other's leaving a void in my life and my time. I tried to fill that void with guy after guy, until finally realizing falling in love with your adult children is far more rewarding and seldom done. The love your adult children show you, share with you is the best blessing you can receive.

  • sven_7 17w

    Kobe, no!

    Say it ain't so! Kobe why'd you have to go? You gave us such an excellent show. Working your body to the bone. A real genuine man that was home grown.

    Never seeing your daughters fully grown, oh no say it ain't so. May you and Gigi have peace as you go. We ALL love you, just so you know.

  • sven_7 19w

    It's dark I'm alone
    His voice is my metrodome
    The greatest love known

  • sven_7 19w

    To die to oneself
    Experiencing regrowth
    Vulnerable and unclothed

  • sven_7 19w

    Warmth, security
    Embracing the loneliness
    Emerge and be free!

  • sven_7 19w

    Y O U are loved unbelievably so
    As altitudinous as any tree could grow
    As bottomless as any ocean my go
    As enormous as a mountain's shadows echo
    And I just yearned for you to know
    My love for you will never grow cold
    I will carry my love to the golden threshold
    No matter if you withhold or you grow old
    Our love story will be the greatest ever told
    ©sven_7 2019

  • sven_7 19w

    L oyalty... to something or someone
    O bsession... leading to a passion
    V ulnerability... to be open and honest
    E mbrace... with your heart and soul