Just another girl with random glitches i hopes you Will find a part of you here

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  • swatisparkles 2w

    IRONY!!! Loving the idea of existence of this vast surreal universe only to feel the insignificance of my existence..


  • swatisparkles 5w

    Quite paradoxical right..
    Being content with the idea of vast universe..
    & realisation of minor significance of onself..
    Less the significance lesser the chaotic miseries..
    The idea of not making much difference is beautifull with in..
    Just another passerby walking by this planet...


  • swatisparkles 12w


    Gazing at stark universe & its magical chaos, Not that science but the existance of this magistic cosmos is itself a fantasy..
    With every beam of flash there's more to explore,
    With every discovery, theirs inspiration, hope.. To prevail.. To everyone who's gawking at starry night while trying to find their lostself.. You never know you may encounter a shooting star. Don't give up!!!


  • swatisparkles 17w

    Throwing a harried look at every random chaos,
    While being in a brown study,
    Trying to recollect all those subtle hints of universe..
    Stating not to miss out..
    I and lonely companion..
    While being lost on myself... Let me just walk down the streets.. Unbothered, unapologetic.. the raw!!

  • swatisparkles 20w

    I being keen believer of the idea of universe..
    Been too careful being swayed away by worldly chaos .. Im aware of my existence being tiniest speck.. What it would be like

  • swatisparkles 23w

    I being wayfarer, lost in chaos of cosmos,
    & the idea of universe corelating with all my internal conflicts.. Often wondering is it oneirataxia.. For once what it would be like giving in & believing the beautiful lies


  • swatisparkles 69w

    Being fragile is rather frustrating,
    While every frosty chills breaks you badly..
    Still u were never cold..


  • swatisparkles 71w

    All those subliminal things that bothers,
    & these subconscious wonderings,
    I Wonder if there would be a day these heart would be at ease


  • swatisparkles 81w


    May be its okay to abandon things you hold so long...
    It May be the only way you can free both

  • swatisparkles 81w

    A happy ending

    A day with bright sunshine,
    Was much content with book and a glass of wine,
    While my fingers swipe through some phrase,
    Something like butterflies in stomach haha it doesn't seem someone's at ease,

    I Wondered i wondered,
    What would be like feeling those thunder,

    It seems someone mocked me really fast
    I was thunder striked & comes to know miseries are vast,

    All I want was a happy ending
    Bcoz i hate farewells and regreting..

    But all I could do is wave goodbye
    With some how manged smile and a heartthrobing cry.

    Can i find my happy ending someday..
    That my heart weavers so much for?
    I thought