Love myself, happy in giving space to others and comfortable in my own space

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  • swetha24 2w

    Understanding your worth only when someone appreciate you is like.... Preparing your meal and waiting for a person to tell you to eat... .

    Know your worth and keep tuning it.. People respect you when they achieve something by following you....

  • swetha24 3w

    There comes a day where no one say be like a man or be like a woman
    Just say, be a human

  • swetha24 4w

    Mind says "it's not easy to eat healthy, think positively and do exercise"

    Body says "ya it is not at all easy to keep you healthy without having healthy diet, to keep you active without exercise and to bare your negative thoughts without any inspiration in life.

    You are what you eat, what you think and what you do.

    No one can define you except you.

  • swetha24 4w

    You cannot make people to accept your answer unless people are ready to change their thoughts on you.

  • swetha24 8w

    Don't make the negative feedback ruin your day or emotion....

    Take the negative feedback as a step to move forward... You might be missing the way people looking at the world... And it's time to correct it....

  • swetha24 9w

    Sometimes we feel to ask people why you do this to me, is it because it's me?

    Believe me you will not get the answer, either you get sympathy or people feel you dramatic...

    So just move on... Holding your self respect and smile on your face....

  • swetha24 12w

    Move on.... Common phrase by everyone who understand or do not understand your pain..

    Move on only when you are ready but not when you are forced to....

  • swetha24 13w

    My heart is racing... My mind is running with million thoughts...
    I want to stop myself and ask... Why you are running and from what you are running away...

    It replied, I don't want any regrets, I don't want any look backs and I don't want any guilt...

    I said don't be so harsh to yourself... There are times when things don't go in your way... Just smile and move on.... You might or might not get that chance again... But just go in a flow watching and listening yourself as a new person.... Let the hope does not die that every other day is for you.... Happy new year....

  • swetha24 16w

    My husband asking me:

    "Why don't you become an IAS officer"

    Alexa: WHAT?

    Me: Staring at Alexa....

  • swetha24 16w

    Geography where you born

    Decides your destiny...