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  • swethadurai 16w

    Can we measure LOVE?
    Yes...! By
    The WORDS
    that VALUES us
    The TIME
    that PRIORITISE us
    The SOURCE
    that SUSTAINS us

  • swethadurai 37w

    You may be
    Neither lucky nor intellectual

    You could deserve
    everything, you like to win

    You could make
    Success, your way

    Only when, you could
    Put yourself in hardwork


  • swethadurai 42w

    நிழல் தொடும் தூரத்தில் இல்லாவிடினும்

    மனம் தொடும் தூரத்தில் என்றென்றும்

  • swethadurai 42w

    When there is scarcity in
    Time - we utilise every second
    Love - we search in every person
    Water - we save every droplets
    Food - we consume every seed

    We tend to waste them when they are showered abundantly and it is apparent that we value it only if we don't have!

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    WORTHINESS is inversely proportional to AVAILABILITY

  • swethadurai 66w

    Wanna be mature?!
    Priorly delete the word priority

  • swethadurai 73w

    Hey! I'm lucky.
    I'm enjoying my life
    Through the way I wish.
    Everyday in my dreams....!!!

  • swethadurai 73w

    In the search of old me,
    I found lot of memories
    Which gave me grief
    And not the real me:):):)

    Tried my best ;
    To the level of next
    All I can do is,
    Simply Sit and rest!!!

    Friend called me loser;
    I called her passer
    Coz time reveals the truth
    And I don't wanna be a chaser!!
    -from my deep heart


  • swethadurai 76w

    True colours are projected,
    When I'm in hard times

  • swethadurai 77w

    Me : please ,forget him
    Heart:sorry wrong number,contact brain

  • swethadurai 77w

    Trying to be the old me
    Trying to be happy than ever
    Trying to commit with job
    Trying to explore the world
    Trying to give equal time to all
    Trying to spread love equally
    And finally ....
    I'm trying to forget you ...
    Though, knowing ...
    My every cells shouting your name!!!