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  • sybs13 9w

    T R E A C H E R Y ~ When you allow someone to misuse you or put yourself low for the other person's benefit they are unlike a parasite they always demand your attention and care but you realize soon they put you through hard trails without a promise of together. Always taking from you but not giving you back. You live unfulfilled, unhappy and chained or manipulated by their will.

    It's about realising you have a worth, when you see yourself and learn you need no wings to fly or dream a world beautiful beyond but just the will to live to chase another dream where you are truly free.

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    T R E A C H E R Y

    she still smiles
    staring her broken wings
    knowing that
    nothing could break her will
    to D R E A M again

    --- when she saw herself and learned to believe ---


  • sybs13 9w

    I N F I N I T Y ~ How long would you wait for someone to realise they love you or miss you in their life, until you wish them goodbye because you hate the ignorance and wait where you no not what they feel.
    Its seeking someone as a dream, dream that is unlike reaching for stars who claim to live 100-1000 light years yet they would desire their warmth of light to burn the universe though momentarily yet with all their might.

    #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #mirakee #writers #love #infinity #unrequited ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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    I N F I N I T Y

    withered away
    unlike words off a poetry
    burning in the orange gaze
    of tumultuous wake of love
    of depths untold
    he was and he was not
    he was but a paradox
    of dreams far fetched
    unlike the stars lit on a gossamer dark
    thirsty for universe beyond the ethers of infinity


  • sybs13 14w


    you promise
    with pursed lips
    unsettled heartbeats
    dressed in silence
    unassumingly awkward
    a 'yes'
    when all you had in mind
    was 'no'

  • sybs13 26w

    Perishable ❤

    if time was despair
    coursing through the veins of life
    he grasped transience
    within the qualms of his sinking heart
    the slowly passing moment
    in a single heartbeat
    without blinking his eyes
    riveted to the sight
    when breathlessness
    wasn't the lack of something that kept you alive
    but the conspiring stare of destiny
    losing you to the futile attempts of wishing
    to reach out
    to the infinity of life
    proposing the convenience of fate.

    and he stood
    gazing at desire
    outside the door

    she was the wake of hope
    the sunrise
    beyond the fading darkness

    he stood at the precipice
    when you are awake
    enough to drown
    in the wake of a dream...

    you can breathe
    yet cannot embrace
    and desire silently slips
    in the haste of conflicting tides

    you watch it
    slowly erasing everything you ever perceived

    you step closer towards it
    to live the single moment
    a walk across the farends
    where the fetters of despair evades away

    all alone
    only to learn
    how something so perishable
    can become
    so presumingly precious.

    she was the wake of life
    promised with the chance of risk
    where you completely lose yourself.

  • sybs13 41w

    IQRAAR :
    /meaning - confession, acceptance/

    I wish I find you waiting
    the place where you left me...

    I wish you'd return and say you missed me just the way I did

    I wish you'd stare in these sore eyes
    And find how lonely life was without you

    I wish you would draw closer and listen to these heartbeats pleading and narrating my pain, how incomplete I am when you are not near me...

    Each day without you is spent in hell of agony
    I felt as a pale leaf fading colors, swaying hopelessly by winds...

    You were my bit of heaven
    The treasure of my longing heart.

    You were the rains
    And I a pluviophile ..
    The desert thirsting every drop

    I wish you'd see how much I cried cursing the distance that separated you from me.

    I wish you'd come and silently unfold the letter, the one I sent you seeking an answer
    The last one I ever mailed you,
    The letter addressed to my one and only,
    I feared what would you answer, for the feelings, the care, the friendship that we shared
    Did I mistake it as love, or wasn't it just me but even you.
    Feeling this same magical spark!
    Was it indeed love, my dear?

    I waited all night for the answer
    You came
    But came without intending to stay
    And left without an answer
    I saw you, it was but a glimpse in the dark
    Was it tears or the raindrops that fell that night and stained your cheeks.

    I wish if you would come,
    Come back if just once
    Just once to make this mortal breathe
    Even as a passing shadow,
    Come back
    I still wait...
    I wait for the answer,
    Until my breathes are few.
    Even if I lay asleep in grave
    Wait for your lips to confess
    And finally my soul would find its peace
    Until you whisper it was true.
    I need you.

  • sybs13 52w

    (Urdu meaning: a longing, a desire)

    यूँ कैद हुआ था इश्क़ में
    के सज़ा भी उल्फत सी थी ।
    तू फरियाद सा मिल जा इस फुरक़त में रूह की
    बस अब आ मिल कुछ तू दुआ सा ही
    के दिल को इन्तज़ार मे भी इज़रार का खालिश क्यूं है?

  • sybs13 55w

    /meaning: to expect, to wait anxiously/

    You and I
    Unlike dream and vision
    The wilting hearts in thirst of desires unfulfilled
    Swallowed in the fragility of hopes
    Two Alphabets strung into syllables
    The sighs on the cusp of our words fleeting yet lingering on lips
    Unlike the wilderness of ephemeral solitude
    The longitudes and latitudes of acquiescence unconquered, unvisited
    The diverging paths tracing across the meaningless lives

    You and I
    We are breaths longing for the gaze of tomorrow,
    Tomorrow stained without the sadness,
    Without the careless abandon of a life left behind
    We are the gasp of a dilapidated past
    Beyond the silhouette of time
    We are the fading myriad of illusions
    Of the silence settling beyond the veil of our soul

    You and I
    We are unlike a promise
    We are words caught beyond the infinities in our eyes
    Soundlessly seeking for something we cannot name
    We are unlike the teardrop
    Witholding a depth of regrets untold
    We are the silence
    Along the tranquil passage in search of ourselves, The fainting night that blends into a dawn

    You and I
    We are unlike a destination
    A journey beyond our wretchedness, where we are never looking back
    I stand beyond the precipice, in the sea of a reticent contrast of everything
    Failing for the perfect definition to mouth the answers met, as I find, you remain,
    You remain, unlike the shadow in the dying darkness
    that fell as an aching upon my soul

    You and I
    We were everything
    And you were the peace beyond the uncertainty,
    The breath exhaling the longing of a coveted dream
    You and I
    We are nothing
    Yet everything.
    We are unlike home
    I trace you on my skin unlike a verse,
    And you unlike a poetry spell a magic simmering,
    Reminding there is love in every breath taken

    You and I
    You unlike a destination
    Unlike a home
    I burn all the maps in reaching for you...
    I burn all left pieces of the broken past to built again

    You and I
    We leave.
    We leave. And we do not turn back.

  • sybs13 56w


    It was unlike a wish
    Half believing yet defeated of hope
    Struck by the chance of the cosmos
    Aligning unlikely the desires,
    That sought the freedom of light
    The scruples of the unwise
    That seeth alone the darkness of moon
    The questions of the wise
    That struggled hard seeking for truth

    It was unlike a dream
    Against the certain hour of slumber
    Eyes half awake and numb
    Pushing behind the dreadful pain
    Beneath the pillows soaked of tears
    As an unsettled heaviness crawls up within to seize the heart..
    The letters of remembrance
    Locked behind the mahogany drawers,
    The songs sung beneath the moonlit skies failing to escape from the grasp of memory
    It was unlike a dream forlorn of sleep.

    Yet unlike a breath
    The faint wisp of air exhaling the deliberate compromises of life and secretly falling beneath the regrets
    It was life certainly longing a breath to live the moments longed

    And unlike love
    The crimson spilled upon the heartstrings
    Love, unlike the lost dreams and desire.
    The fetish of something true and profound
    Unlike the other emotions felt
    Descends unnoticed in the silence
    Alike the unfulfilled promises that sways across the miles..
    Sometimes love appeases the distance lone and heartbroken

    It was unlike love
    The flicker in his darkness
    The shadow to her gleam
    His incandescent destination
    Her effulgent home

    And unlike the breath
    That quietly ceases in contempt
    Fate was unlike a dream beyond the infinity
    When all else appears sometimes gone
    Lost as a battle in despair
    Fate is unlike life
    Life that unfolds another day
    Cherished with the kindness
    Stroking the weary hands
    To walk the distant miles again
    To dream again..
    To wish again…

    To the sweet times dusked,

    There lies beyond the love that could never fade.

  • sybs13 65w

    She hid herself
    Behind high walls of bricks
    And one day he came…
    The knight in a shiny armour.

    His words so innocuous,
    Yet the subtle syllables hung with charm
    He held her captive in the paragraphs and pauses
    In each letter of his poetry
    Concocted with perfume of desires and thoughts
    He enraptured her with words in crimson
    And sentences streaked in the monotone dreams of his heart

    His words surreal and magic
    His soul the glimpse of moon frozen in lake,
    Yet hid in the unusual solace of darkness

    And he seemed so familiar
    Familiar alike the fragrance of lavender
    And unlike the enchanted dark woods
    She was lost and paths led her to him.

    He saw the darkness inside her soul
    She was all thorns and no rose
    And yet he came
    Even though he bled,
    And yet he came
    And called her name

    He ran through all the walls she built
    Even through veins to reach her heart ❤

  • sybs13 67w

    She was someone who always longed for attention and care. A soul who lived wanting and craving people's attention, approval, and sadly their friendship, but they often overlooked her. And even as the ghost of a girl, who is still waiting for someone to notice her, she is sad and heartbroken. #spark #remind #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #mirakeeworld #reposter24 #dailyrepost #writersofmirakee #mirakeequotes

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    They never saw her
    Yet she was always there
    Among them,
    Yet unlike them all
    She was rare
    She was a flower
    That bloomed in the distant lands
    Often heard but never seen.

    None ever saw her
    Yet she was there...
    Clinging to her favourite corners
    Inhaling the pleasant silence
    That was her solace
    She was there...
    Smiling at random things
    Silently gazing back at the walls
    That pretended to notice her nonchalantly
    She was there...
    Amused by the little things
    Of momentary pleasures
    Yet unlike them all
    She was there
    Observing them all
    Among them,
    But mostly overlooked.

    They never knew her name
    She was one of them
    A part of the crowd
    But unlike them all
    She was the calm seashore
    Longing for the fervent waves
    She was depth of the ocean
    Hidding within a world of dreams
    She reminded of fiction and fantasy
    Of a princess trapped behind looming walls
    Yet a soul like hers, was rarely ever found.

    She was there
    Among them all,
    The spark of a thousand suns
    That burned for a loving gaze
    She held inside her heart of gold
    Perishing each day as a withered rose
    And she was there
    Shedding tears in their name
    Careful to their whisperings in the room
    Their eyes were open
    Yet they saw her not.
    She was there...
    Watching them all
    Smiling as they fumble near her feet
    And then carelessly crumbling back in tears
    Wishing if only her broken heart could breathe.