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  • t_o_anonymous 1d

    The Reply

    I saw the enveloped message but purposely left it unopened.
    My heart was beating rapidly and I found it hard to breathe. Was it about us? Now, I'll never know. The feeling of the unknown makes me anxious and curious.
    Did I do anything wrong? I feel like there is a misunderstanding but I can't fathom the root.

    I know we've drifted apart and this whole thing is in shambles.
    I know that the rose is no longer appreciated because only the thorn seems to be noticed.
    I know the good thing we had going seems so far in the past, when it was only yesterday.
    I know that our dreams have been broken, illusions shattered, hope lost, trust dwindling, emotions negative.

    Now, I wonder where it all went wrong. Was I unknowingly the cause or did we both let it happen?
    We keep drifting apart like the ocean from the beach sand.
    It hurts but I keep smiling through the staggering pain. My heart shatters into a million pieces with your silence and indifference. I hope it is my imagination and everything is all dandy and rosy.

    I saw your message on the nightstand drawer but I chickened out because I was too scared to discover the contents.

  • t_o_anonymous 13w


    The cock crows cuck-a-doo-doo
    which signifies the beginning of a new day.
    The time to stand up and take responsibility
    To till and harvest.

    Often times it gets tiring to arise and face the demons of the day
    To be the adult you are expected to be
    And make something out of yourself.

    So the struggle begins
    While the tough find ways to weather the storm
    And the weak is pushed aside.

    Now, the day's work is complete
    And night beckons.
    All retires home
    Some with goodies and others with stones
    Alas! home sweet home.

    Then the cock crows cuck-a-doo-doo
    And the struggle begins anew.

  • t_o_anonymous 14w


    I want for nothing more
    Because the basic is fine by me
    However, it hurts so much
    Because even that seems farfetched.

    Every time, I ask about its arrival
    But the answer remains the same, 'tomorrow'
    It took me a long time to realise that 'tomorrow' seems not the day after
    Rather, it is an unforseen future.

    Day by day, the discomfort skyrockets
    Taking away all feelings of bliss
    And leaving behind the gloominess.

    All promise for a greener pasture, desolate
    All hope for a better time, dashed
    And all plans for a better life, shattered.

    With nothing to look forward to or fall back to,
    All I am left with is a bleak 'tomorrow'

    Blame me not for my lost fate
    As I have definitely reached my limit.

    I think so or not?

  • t_o_anonymous 15w

    Tricks of time

    Tick...tock...tick...tock... time was going so slow,
    At ten, I waited time and again for me to wake up,
    And become the adult I have always wanted to be.
    Day by day the excitement wore off,
    As my dream of becoming an adult didn't come through,
    Because time was going so slow.

    Now, I am twenty and two,
    A lot bigger and reasonable than the ten year old me,
    Well, this is what I think, do you?
    Now an adult but still waiting for all the goodies that comes with it,
    However, time seems to remain stagnant, or is it just slow because little has changed.

    I have changed but time seems not to have,
    It still remains so slow and drags around,
    Or should I say time likes wasting my time?
    Because instead of me doing important stuffs, I kept on checking the time.

    Then I realised and asked myself,
    Why become conscious of time? Why not let it do its thing and you do yours?
    Because at the end of the day, you may find out that the slowness of time is an illusion,
    An illusion that actually wastes your time.

  • t_o_anonymous 15w


    How could I eat a whole buffet and still remain hungry?
    How can I have tons of friends and still be lonely?
    How can I love so much and still be filled with insecurity?

    The void in me is so deep
    Like a bottomless pit
    That can neither be filled nor blocked,
    All that is left is a hollow.

  • t_o_anonymous 15w


    You coming into my life was the best thing
    Prior to the time, I never knew this feeling
    Your kindness melts my heart
    Your voice intrigues me
    And your scent intoxicates me
    Like the moth draws to the flame,
    So my soul draws to yours.

    Like a raging storm, my heart thumps loud whenever you are near
    Your presence, a balm to my wounded soul
    Cheerful, giving, and loving you are
    Selfless, compassionate are the traits you possess
    You came into my life and swept me off my feet
    For that, I will be eternally grateful.

  • t_o_anonymous 15w


    I have been trying to figure out what went wrong, all to no avail. Where the sweet words that brightened my day, and the teasings that made me blush pink all went to.

    Was it something I did wrong? Or are you just tired of me? These thoughts ruminates my mind day and night with no rest in sight. I earnestly hope our love is rekindled and waxes stronger than before, because I can't bear to lose you now.

    And if this is the end of the journey, tell me now before I become too invested. Who am I kidding? I already am with no escape route in sight.

    I beseech thee therefore, to come clean with me, so that my troubled mind is put in the right direction. Whether it be heartbreak or just a simple fall out.

    Put me out of this maddening predicament, so that I don't lose it all.

  • t_o_anonymous 15w


    It begins with light showers
    Then the rhythmic beat on the roof
    These prepares for the heavy downpour fast approaching or not.

    An ideal weather to crawl beneath the duvet
    With a romantic novel and a cup of hot chocolate handy
    Well, for the single birds .

    Cuddling and necking
    Forgetting about the duvet
    And getting warmth from each other
    With the rest of the world far behind them.

    Scary and nightmare worthy
    With the roars of thunder and chuckles of lightening
    Hiding beneath the duvet
    Not for warmth but to keep the demons away.

    Alas, the comfort vanishes
    The honeymoon runs out
    And the demons crawl back to their lairs.

    Everything becomes normal
    As the sun smiles upon all.