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  • takumisakura 3d

    What does falling in love really mean?......
    I fall for that gentleness,
    Yet, Gently it bleeds my heart.....
    Killing me softly with his sound.

    Can falling deeply really aches your heart?
    Why does it ache?
    How can it hurt being so gentle?....
    Killing me softly.......

  • takumisakura 1w

    have never stopped
    The world
    from intruding
    On happiness........

  • takumisakura 6w

    It's never too young to think Matured;
    It's never too old to think young Again.

  • takumisakura 9w

    It starts to rain in my sky,
    Cause you are sobbing.....

  • takumisakura 9w

    I'll be far away from your Thoughts

  • takumisakura 10w

    The quite ones are screaming inside,
    The mighty ones are feeble inside,
    Not all laughter is laughter.
    Beneath lies a different world!

  • takumisakura 10w

    As I walk past people in the street,
    I wonder if anyone is waiting too....
    I feel like I'm waiting for something
    but I don't know what it is.....

  • takumisakura 13w

    The Philosophy lie you---

  • takumisakura 17w

    So much have I looked into the world.......
    Now, it's time for my self and my families


  • takumisakura 18w

    Let me just live in my Words
    That's where my World is....