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  • talesofniharika 2d

    Done For Me

    Got your name stitched on my heart,
    Ironically, you gave me deeper wounds than a sharp needle could.

    Stayed up till midnight during your blues,
    Unfortunately,the color of your love wasn't red.

    Preserved you in my heart,
    Sadly, I wasn't even there on your mind.

    Got your name inked on my back,
    Tragically, there wasn't a love letter for me on the back of your notebook.

    I had fallen for your soul and your words when most of them just falls for the face,
    Ironically, you were two faced.

    I could even feel your heartbeat,
    But you couldn't even understand my silence.

    Handled you at your worst,
    Unluckily, you left me during my mood swings.

    Wrote a poetry for you,
    Ironically, you underrated artists.

    Loved you to the moon and back,
    Unfortunately, I wasn't ever loved back.

  • talesofniharika 1w

    Gossiping and giving irrelevant view points
    Over a cup of tea,
    This is something that usually happens
    In our so called society.

    Throwing judgements and deciding
    How others should behave,
    Who are they
    To make us their slave?

    Who are they to tell
    A man can't cry,
    How can they say
    A woman isn't independent
    She needs someone to stand by.

    Who are they to tell
    People of same gender can't fall in love,
    Who are they to give independence to a boy
    And making a girl's life tough.

    Who are they to decide
    A woman's character when she wears short clothes,
    How can they ask a woman
    To be a man's shadow?

    How can they say
    A dark skinned person isn't a good company,
    Who are they to decide
    A person in depression can only be cured by therapy And not with their company.


    Where are you
    When an infant and even a woman in saree gets raped?
    Why ,when couple of opposite gender are getting divorced
    Your mouth is covered with a cello tape?
    Where are you when a man commits suicide?
    Where are you when a woman is fighting for her rights?
    Where are you when people with fair skin
    Are killing the dark ones?
    Where are you when so many daughters
    Are humiliated by your sons?

    Just because of judgements like these,
    People are hanging themselves
    Committing suicide and feeling depressed,
    If you can't be with them,
    At least don't be the reason behind their stress.

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    Society Over A Cup Of Tea ✨

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  • talesofniharika 4w

    But hey, you are an asset.
    Leave those who treats you like a liability.

  • talesofniharika 4w

    Take a step back,
    If you are being back stabbed.✨

  • talesofniharika 4w

    Find a soulmate
    like darkness is to the moon.✨

  • talesofniharika 5w

    It's okay to take a break
    from something that broke you.✨

  • talesofniharika 5w

    A person who loved your thorns,
    Deserves to be loved like a flower.✨

  • talesofniharika 5w

    Love chases you when you choose self love.✨

  • talesofniharika 5w

    Be a home to his mood swings,
    Even he deserves to be treated like a ‘king’.✨

  • talesofniharika 5w

    I'm tipsy about the idea of you but not to the point of getting addicted.✨