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  • tamalika22 6w

    Can someone tell me when a marriage falls , how it has to be repair or resolve?

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  • tamalika22 8w

    Kya haar jaggya pe selfish hona zaroore ha!!!!

  • tamalika22 8w

    Baby we need each other not just I.

  • tamalika22 8w

    I wish I met you and give you tight hug and never let you go,
    Touch every Rthyum to sing and cheers to live the moment and dance all the time.
    If you are with me so.

  • tamalika22 8w

    Do I say baby I am wet or you say's you are wet baby!!!!

  • tamalika22 8w

    You can't say yes that is love.
    You can't say that how love happens.
    You can say if you are happy, caring, innocent and sensitive you need someone who understand you and handle you emotionally and mentally so far that you are beyond to clouds.

  • tamalika22 8w

    Fight is necessary external things,
    They help in different ways but can't work when matters to hearts to hearts.

  • tamalika22 8w

    How many of you think and value first family then me?
    How many of you think first my job then me, my boss calling me?

    How many of you do things like this unless you pay less attention to your own place?

    Darling relax your arms, do exercise, be mindfulness and go ahead with your being selves.

    Tamalika Gayetri chaudhuri.

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    Self love and care talk with support of your heart.

    Shampoo or oil or both, na not together my girl.
    Do at least once and then wash it off.
    Why so stress just ❄chill

    You did enough to do for everything,
    Just go and take care of your weapons and strength of your body and take a piece of cucumber now and put it on your sizzling eyes.

    Shine ⭐✨baby darling.

  • tamalika22 8w

    I need a massage on my Hair,
    I need a massage on my body.

    After all of the work I do need good care and pampering.

    Self love ❤is part of my life, if you have you are blessed and practice to relax and enjoy❤.

  • tamalika22 8w

    Love a bond that connects millions of relationship which less lucky person knew.