wandering mind needs a place to rest so here i am.

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  • tan_line 8w

    Arguing with a Narcissist is like
    Playing chess with a Pigeon

    No matter how good you are
    They will shit on the board
    And strut around like
    It won anyway

  • tan_line 8w

    I am so homesick now

    For someone that I never knew

    For some place I will never be

    And Time won’t let me go

  • tan_line 9w

    My 3 am is a proof
    Of how often I meet you
    In Silence

  • tan_line 10w

    The sun is yet to set
    But you have
    Already said goodnight

  • tan_line 10w

    7 billion people
    And yet I choose you
    To tuck
    In my heart

  • tan_line 10w

    Some people talk to you
    on their free time

    And Some free their time to
    talk to you

    Know the difference and you will be fine

  • tan_line 11w

    If you treat her like a ‘Queen’
    She will leave you on the ‘ Seen’

  • tan_line 12w

    For every narcissistic toxic person’s rude behaviour
    Treat them with silence

    They don’t deserve you
    And you most certainly deserve better

  • tan_line 12w

    I am a mourning dove
    Sitting on a lone Cypress wood
    The woodcutter can usurp the axe
    But I would fly

    I am a pensive cloud
    In a cheerful summer sky
    Overcome by lassitudes of the dark sky
    For the monsoon is far away

    I am a cascade
    In a barren land
    And I seep through the infertile earth
    And help grow those buried deep

    Soon I will be a setting sun
    The rich maroon hue
    But do not lament
    Write me a Eulogy

  • tan_line 12w

    कुछ तेरे इश्क का असर है
    और कुछ शब्द बाक़ी है
    है असर कुछ यादों का
    और हाथों में जाम बाक़ी है
    पर अभी रात बाक़ी है
    शायद है कुछ असर तेरे इश्क का

    अभी से क्यों पूछ रहे हो
    मेरी खैरियत ए साहिबा
    ये ज़िन्दगी भी बाक़ी है
    काम तमाम बाक़ी है
    तेरे रास्तों में उलझना तो नहीं है बैरागी
    फिर भी कुछ सवाल बाक़ी है

    छुपाके जो रखी थी हसरतें और आरज़ू
    मेरी बदनामी साजे क़लम से
    होनी सरे आम बाक़ी है
    हाँ कुछ जाम बाक़ी है
    पर अभी रात बाक़ी है

    महफ़िलों का शौक़ था मुझे
    मेरी चाहत में तूम आते रहे
    अब तुम तकल्लुफ़ ना करना
    महफिल में आने की
    मेरा ना कोई दाम बाकी है

    हाँ पर रात बाकी है
    और तुम्हारी याद बाकी है

    शुक्रिया शुक्रिया शुक्रिया ।

    ~ Tanay