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  • tanya_v 15w

    #hope you all will love it❤

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    May be..!!

    I am broken or may be I am crying
    A piece of my heart got his divine.

    I fighting or may be I am sailing
    But definitely not drowning tonight.

    I am alone or may be I am just beneath your mind
    May be like pearl, deep down and inside.

    I am chasing Or may be I am just growing
    You never know what keeps me alive.

    I don't know what is right,
    I don't what is wrong
    I don't know whether I am growing
    Or just I am just crawling all along.


  • tanya_v 15w

    Lo Laga Di Humne Fir kimaat Sharir ki

    25 lakh rupye, naukariyan aur kuch dino ka dilasha

    Yehi toh kimaat hai iss desh mei betiyon ki

    Chand paison mei Jahan tauli jati hai nyaay..

    wahan kese surakshit hogi betiyaan.. ??

    "Jawaab mile toh mujhe bhi btana "

    #i m sorry i could not write any more .. Itni himmat nhi mujhe mei..

  • tanya_v 16w

    Yakin hai...

    Kuch adhure Sapne Tere sirhane chhod ja rahi ho
    yakin hai pura Karoge tum...

    Kuchh Yadon Ki Taveez Chhod ja rahi hun yakin Hai bajuon mein bandh Roj muskurao Ge tum

    Kuch humari tasveerein bhi chhod jaa rahi hun..
    Mujhe Yakin hai dekh usse har khwaab mukammal kroge tum..

    Humari baatein, Mulakatien... Sb yahin chhod jaa rahi hun..
    Yakin hai samay ki dhundhli hawaon se baccha rakhoge tum unhein..

    Haa ab mai jaa rahi hun..
    Ye wada liye ki kal phir miloge tum..


  • tanya_v 16w

    Thanku ❤

    I don't know how to start and from where to start.. You all are gem of life.. The people who taught us the real meaning off friendship. Thanku Tarun Mama for creating this amazing happiness.

    When we lost our father we lost her smile but the ways you all hugged her with love and care makes me emotional sometimes.. Because now when I see, I see her Each day smiling and this is only because of Masti ki paathshala .

    Mili masi , Namita masi, Phathak mama,jai Mama..i will never be able to thanku you people for the amazing care you guys do for her..Thanku for making your Nidhi laugh again..❤ Lots of love to my both lovely massi's

    #27years of friendship..

    Aap sabki

  • tanya_v 27w


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    Go where you feel most alive.


  • tanya_v 27w

    I am non conformist... And i proudly share that

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    Non conformist

    It’s not an abnormality
    If you prefer security,
    But I will not be trapped within the norm.

    I do not like conformity,
    It takes away one’s dignity
    When someone tells you how you should perform.

    So set me free, I want to be,
    Allow me this epiphany,
    I will not be encaged for all my life.

    If you could see inside of me,
    Oh, what a bloody mess you’d see,
    Of battles of a journey filled with strife.

    Though life is not a pleasure ride,
    Just let your dreams become your guide,
    And do not fret if other people tease

    Just free the child who hides inside,
    And let your thoughts run free and wild
    For this your inner poet will appease,


  • tanya_v 28w

    The Parade

    As I lie on my back,
    Gazing up at the sky.
    I see two fleecy lambs,
    Bounding by.

    And all of a sudden,
    What do I see?
    Why, a big polar bear,
    Glaring down at me.

    Now there’s a dragon,
    Breathing white fire.
    And it’s replaced in a poof!
    By a monkey swinging in a tire.

    The parade continues,
    With a ship floating on a white sea.
    Then there’s an elephant,
    Waving its trunk at me.

    Watching the clouds is so much fun,
    They are whatever you want to see.
    All that is needed,
    Is to let your imagination run free.


  • tanya_v 28w

    Agar pasand aaye toh comments kare aur support करें।।

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    1-इतिहास के पनों से लाई हूँ
    51शक्तिपीठ की अदभुत कहानियाँ।।

    कामाख्या मंदिर 51 शक्तिपीठों में से एक है। कहा जाता है कि यहां सति देवी का योनि भाग गिरा था। यही वजह है कि यह मंदिर सति देवी की योनि का प्रतिनिधित्व करता है। 

    और प्रत्येक वर्ष में तीन दिनों के लिए यह मंदिर पूरी तरह से बंद रहता है। माना जाता है कि माँ कामाख्या इस बीच रजस्वला होती हैं और उनके शरीर से रक्त निकलता है। 

    राज्य: असम
    शुरू हुआ: 1565
    वास्तु शैली: Nilachal architecture
    फ़ंक्शन: हिन्दू मन्दिर
    निर्माण पूर्ण: 8वीं-17वीं सदी
    त्यौहार: अम्बुबाची मेला

  • tanya_v 30w

    आओ साहब

    #aao sahab jara bihar le chalun

    If you all want me to share this poem
    Do share your comments with #yess

  • tanya_v 30w

    I faced. I learned. I changed.