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  • tanyaarora32321 24w

    If you are regretting for loving someone
    Then remember
    You loved a wrong man at the wrong moment

  • tanyaarora32321 30w

    In the road full of crowds there were some who wait for someone behind the walls, but nobody see them in the run race of their own, because they are ignored as they have waited for something that isn't going to happen ,but still they have a pillar to have an assuage in their life. That pillar can be anything just you need to see what supports you in the crowd to stand alone.

  • tanyaarora32321 31w


    Love is not what just ends with saying an I LOVE YOU,it's something beyond that, it's not a jubilant to enjoy , its a road which you have never taken , it takes it turns according to its fantasies it may have stone covered way to just walk, it may have a delve in between with all its techniques it will go it will never some because it want us to test our engine whether it is really good for the journey or not. and the one who understands this really understands what it is....

  • tanyaarora32321 32w


  • tanyaarora32321 36w

    I consolidated myself speaking let say I love you moving in my mind as a poor jokes nd end here

  • tanyaarora32321 38w

    Never you again

    Meeting you was mistake,
    Which this heart wanted to take,
    Never knew the lyrics of song,
    And now they got their meaning,
    Getting you was not easy,
    Even not forgetting is,
    Made me wait for years,
    And today you say I don't deserve it,
    You never join the dots of relationship,
    Never I was your girlfriend,
    Nor I am your wife,
    But you want me in your private times,
    Answer me
    why shall I donate me,
    I loved you from my heart,
    And you made me your wife's servant right,
    Listen my heart,
    You are not so kind,
    You are pretty,
    You know to smile,
    Before being what he wanted,
    Wait for the one,
    Who is searching you in every face,
    Around his sight.

  • tanyaarora32321 43w

    तु कहा से आई हैं,
    किस वजूद को लेकर आई हैं,
    तु यार बन यारी सिखाती हैं,
    हर सुनीं कलाई के लिए केसे राखी बन जाती हैं,
    तु कहा से इतना प्यार लाती हैं,
    केसे ना मैं हाँ सुन लेती हैं,
    तु परायों को भी अपना मानती है,
    अपनी खुशी छोड़ दुसरो कि खुशी बटोरती हैं,
    कहा से भुल जाने पर भी याद आती है,
    चल थोड़ा लिख रुकु,
    तुझे बारिकी से ना बता रहा,
    पर इतना कहुँ,
    कि तु हिस्सा हर जिंदगी कुछ खास है।

  • tanyaarora32321 44w

    Chalo main aaj izhar krti hu...
    Tumse mohabbat beshumar krti hu...
    Ha m tumhe har pal yaad krti hu..
    Tumhare laut aane ka intjaar krti hu...
    Apne man s baar baar sawal jwaab krti hu...
    Tumhe manane ki manate hazar baar krti hu..
    Kya kru yr...tumse sach m mohabbat beshumar krti hu..!!

  • tanyaarora32321 47w

    It's been a long day

    When I go back I don't know but the day came from which things started becoming moments to memories.

    It started as a SMS not even those controversial blueticks but just that message is delivered
    Hey Tanaay,
    Aadhshi here,
    Have you taken my copies.

    After all this was her first message but with no emotions of getting a reply back.But suddenly after 2 hours 40minutes .A message popped on her screen,


    He was really unruly but still she was shocked that she received a reply,
    The very next morning he asked her

    Was that your own number,
    Can I save it ,
    If you don't mind,
    For emergency use or need,
    She was really in a question State and said a yes but she never knew that her number would bring dark to her days,

    Days passed on when he blamed her ,shouted on her ,even say her a curse to him, but she never took it so heartily because for her not his words but memories matter and memories are both good and bad.After so much time she understood that Tanaay was the only person with whom she talked first among guys and her heart and mind both together said to never let him go.They had fights like Tom and Jerry but never that Aadhshi would be so close to him.She never knew why but she plays for him.After all not only there school was same but college and even the workplace.

    Not only days or months passed but Aadhshi waited for last seven years.She waited for that diamond day when all those pain will go away and he would say those golden words. In between this seven years Tanaay made many and left many,but Aadhshi remained that polestar who shines in all his needs

    One day Navya Aadhshi's school and college friend came to her workplace .After talking a lot she certainly she came to a part of point a said

    You do a lot for Tanaay ,
    From school till today,
    You write his works,make his projects but don't you mind when he even don't say a Thank you or really give you that love what u deserve,

    Aadhshi stopped and kept her pen down

    Love and me hahahhah,
    I don't know people say I love him but I never felt bad that he never gives me anything.If your words are true I would wait till my waiting ends really.

    How much are you going to wait
    He know that you love him and that's the reason he uses you.Stop being so selfless and killing yourself.

    Aadhshi stopped and said let's leave it for today.

    What to do Girls are foolish they get happy on little and want to really live them.

    Aadhshi shows herself to be very strong but breaks from her heart when she see him with a girl and that is not she.She is still waited to get him,her candle of hope was so strong that it burnt for seven long years but never melted.
    On the very same day while returning home Aadhshi was getting a call repeatedly.She didn't see as her phone was in her bag and she was driving.She parked her car and saw 15 missed calls and the name was Tanaay .She called him back and he picked up

    Aadhshi where are you,
    Would be reaching home within 15 minutes,
    OK then I would be reaching your home within an hour,

    She rushed to her home,cooked his favorite butter panner and naan.He arrived she without wasting a second served him the dish.
    But before starting Tanaay said Aadhshi come here
    Move your hands forward
    And he hands him his wedding card
    Then he starts eating
    While eating
    Aunty you really cook amazing teach my wife ,
    No no I have not cooked Aadhshi had done everything,

    He moved his eyes towards her,
    Aadhshi with her calm eyes controlling tears and
    My absence would not be seen in the venue

    Her waiting ends.

    That candle didn't melt a storm came to blow it.

  • tanyaarora32321 48w

    दर्द को मेने कुछ यु समेटा,
    जैसे दवा औंर जख्म दोनों दिया।