And she said the hardest part about Recovery is when you are not so sure you want to recover. sheisdying. ig:tashitashi30

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  • tashiyangdon 2w

    She is stubborn
    She hates being touched and
    She doesn't like many people.
    Her heart is nearly as black as the hair
    She wants the world to think she has.
    In the eyes of some she's monster
    but monster comes in many forms,
    and some monster aren't really a monster at all.
    Sometimes monster are just fairies
    that are scared to be loved.
    And sometimes they are the ones
    that deserves love most.

  • tashiyangdon 3w

    If someday somehow I end up succeeding in killing myself.
    Do you think the next life will be better than this?
    Do you think i will be happy up there?

  • tashiyangdon 5w

    It's okay
    Let my people lie to me
    Let this world deceive me
    And let me live in lies
    Perhaps I could be little happier.

  • tashiyangdon 9w

    You stare in the mirror
    You hate hate hate
    Being you
    You feel sick of yourself
    When does this stop?

  • tashiyangdon 12w

    I wish I had an amnesia
    I want to forget everything

  • tashiyangdon 13w

    F. Scott Fitzgerald

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    The loneliest moment in someone's life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly.

  • tashiyangdon 13w


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    When you said your last goodbye
    I died a little bit inside
    I lay in tears in bed all night
    Alone without you by my side.

  • tashiyangdon 14w

    I hate that the only thing i have at night to comfort me is my loneliness and the only thing I feel surrounding me is darkness.

  • tashiyangdon 14w

    Being alive is pain and i am in pain
    so much in pain

  • tashiyangdon 14w

    You don't know pain
    Until your looking in the mirror
    Tears streaming down your face
    Begging yourself to keep it together and stay strong.