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  • tejasbait 1d


    It's the end of winter & start of the fall
    Where our skin glistened & cool breeze dangled
    Where the leaves were dormant but our love wasn't
    It was dynamic & wild as our skins collided
    When you slowly kissed me & then whispered in my ear to carve a wild poem of it
    & then you left this crazy mind blowing hickey on my chest
    We went on for hours & damn it was energetic
    & then I used to carve a love poem out of it
    The season was sure rejuvenating
    But seasons do end & so did our love
    Now we don't know about each other's whereabouts
    But I'm hoping for this type of fall
    Where I'll fall for a girl again
    Where I'll love again this fall

  • tejasbait 1w

    It's been a long time
    Since I've fallen for someone
    I rush at office
    And I see her pretty face
    With her hazel eyes
    And her dark brown cascade
    Transforming to golden brown curls
    When she walks around
    I can never stop staring at her
    & whenever she looks at me
    I miserably fail to have
    Eye contact with her
    Knowing I would blush like hell
    If we ever have an eye contact
    She's right in front of me
    Sitting at her desk peeping
    I swear she looks adorable then
    No I haven't forgotten about her smile
    I just can't put that damn appealing curve
    In my syllables
    She looks like a girl
    That I could kiss the back of her hand
    As I blush like an apple red

  • tejasbait 1w

    I've always tried to love you at a distance
    After all these years, you've meant a lot to me
    Being friends for a while
    Darling you smile so fine
    Like a spilled confetti & wine
    Even after dating a few girls
    I've never loved them the way that I love you
    & after all those terrible heartbreaks I've been through
    I tried to seek refuge in your smile
    Darling I love your tantrums
    & I miss them every single day
    You're miles away from me
    & I've never missed anyone this terribly
    But I can't utter my love for you, to you
    Because I'm a man of disgrace with only pitiful words to write
    If only I could tell you how much I miss you
    & how much I tried to fool myself that you've always been a friend to me & nothing more than that

  • tejasbait 2w


  • tejasbait 2w

    They call her beautiful way too quick. But she's waiting for the one who makes her feel beautiful

  • tejasbait 3w

    Her voice is vivacious
    & when she speaks
    A rush of sensual
    Flows through your veins
    Oh girl, I wanna hear you
    Moan my name

  • tejasbait 3w

    Just one moment

    If I could have just one moment with you again
    A moment where the nights are dark & cold
    & I have you wrapped up in my arms
    On a seashore with chilly breeze
    Letting our heartbreaks fly away along with it
    I don't know if I would reminisce & talk about us
    Or would wrap you in my arms tighter & break a little more
    I don't know if I would just smile to have you here again just for a moment
    Or cry to have only this one moment with you
    I don't know if I'll sugar-coat lies of how I don't believe in love
    Yet having a soothing heart rhythm with you around
    I don't know if I'll just keep talking
    Or let you do the talk, to listen to the crisp of your voice
    If only I could have this moment
    I could leap beyond stars
    To play this moment in a loop
    & have all my moments with you

  • tejasbait 4w

    Put me out of my misery

    It's indeed a misery
    To be so in fucking love with someone
    Who fucked up with you good

    It's indeed a misery
    To tryna make love out there
    But you still feel her tender skin & her serene lips

    It's indeed a misery
    To have oceans to slake your thirst upon
    But you're dying for that single dew of her seductive smile

    It's indeed a misery
    When the halcyon time with her
    Comes crashing like a downtown train as you sip on your wine

    It's indeed a misery
    When even cigarettes fail
    To calm your heartbeats when your friends mention her name

    It's indeed a misery
    As you pray for her to get her back
    While she's kissing on the new lips that she's met

  • tejasbait 4w

    She was pretty
    & was allured by his poems
    She rested on his shoulder
    & began to inch closer
    Being just centimetres away from her goddamn pink lips & a good sex
    But there's just this one specific girl in a poet's heart
    For whom he could lay out his life for
    Isn't it crazy? When you can have a good time
    But still you choose not to have it
    When there's someone you are crazily in love with?
    So he urges away from this good time as well
    He feels a lump in his chest
    To not make love with anyone except her
    To feel her skin on his skin again
    Being a poet does not come easy
    He is crazily in love with someone
    But he will never show it to anyone

  • tejasbait 5w

    I see some people
    Walking in wildfires
    They struggle for real
    Where your pain seems miniscule
    & the best part of these people,
    Their eyes still glisten with hope
    They have unreal strength
    & you on other end
    Think of giving up
    When you could be like them
    Who strives phenomenally
    Let me one day look up at you
    & write of your unrealistic determination
    In inspirational proses