more than happy and more than sad, more than living and more have than ever had

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  • temporal_verses 5d

    An eventful day

    A gentle lash into thin air;
    A sweet flap of carefully painted wings;
    The tender one takes off
    With a lingering trail of wind.
    A shy pollen in far corner
    Responds to the windy call;
    Glides past the petals, the sepals and all.

    The little butterfly circles through
    Yellow sunflower fields;
    Thousand fairies from fantasy stories
    Play the morning tune.

    The dew that clung
    To the leaf night long
    Falls into a mirrory pond.
    Rippling waves rekindling hope
    As Ant adrift on a red brown leaf
    Surfs her way upto the shore.

    The mouse from underground
    Takes his sunglasses off
    After a day of hardwork.
    News reports gather from around lake Fear
    Of a fish that slipped through fishnet tear.

    The eagle in the sky
    Flies above the clouds and high.
    A rider in the mountains strains his eyes
    As his horse races into freedom.
    A shooting star made her mark
    On the endless sky,
    An astronaut from her spacecraft
    Bids Earth goodbye.


  • temporal_verses 2w

    I am a Traveller

    I am a traveller,
    A traveller of worlds.
    I walk on seabeds
    And forests and mountains.
    I speak with tigers
    And elephants and lions.

    I am a traveller,
    A traveller of times.
    I have changed the past,
    Of kings and knights.
    I have come from the future,
    Of octogenarian heads and unbridled heights.

    I am a traveller,
    A traveller of deserts.
    I have dug water out of rocks
    And stones and rubbles.
    I have discovered smiles on roads;
    On windows, tree-shades and shambles.

    I am a traveller,
    A traveller of dimensions.
    I have seen projections
    Of projections of my own self.
    I have seen myself search for me
    Among the countless images of mine.

    I am a traveller,
    A traveller lost in space and time.
    I have crossed the same paths
    Over and over again.
    I have watched the beginning and the end;
    I was there before everything and before me.

    I am a traveller,
    A traveller with a clock in hand,
    Counting ticks and forgetting counts.
    I am walking, never in a hurry;
    I am untouched with nothing to worry;
    I am invariant and immortal
    And a little melancholy.


  • temporal_verses 3w

    Severed head

    In the land of solemn justice
    Rules the king of quintessential power.
    Collars tied to beheaded necks,
    Invisible leashes drag to a blank future.

    The Ghost king sets the laws,
    Peaceful people abide by.
    Nor does a baby cry, nor are you allowed
    To count sands in eternal sandstorms,
    Or blood grains on worn out swords.

    Counting stars in the calm lakes,
    Restrictions reside with looking up.
    People are cold and the streets are gray,
    A mild breeze ripples past;
    A mellifluous tune plays in the air.

    Tremors rise from underground coffins;
    Cockerels on wind vanes 'come alive.
    Swordsmen on red unicorns rush;
    The black mist has placed a bounty
    On the King's head.

    Finally the door opens
    As the age old rusty lock is sliced through.
    There lies the ghost king,
    Dead for decades long.

    In the bed, a tailors handiwork;
    Stitched head of the tyrannical Emperor.
    Behind the curtains are heartless people,
    Profiteers of the past,
    Ghost king of the present,
    A severed head that replaced another.


  • temporal_verses 3w

    Singing Streets

    Triumphant flags wave on exultant streets,
    Trumpets trumpet from Elephant backs,
    Raining petals pave the way
    For an exuberant majesty.

    On from a golden chariot,
    The King sets the emotions free.
    The crowds sing and the crowds acclaim,
    No cloud comes near this dazzling day.
    A rich parade of delicate clothings
    Rings close to the vibrant skies;
    Men and Women adorn themselves
    With their most beautiful smiles.

    A kingdom detached
    From heavens they connect,
    A kingdom of green
    Set under a blue firmament;
    A kingdom for a king
    Who conquered the waves,
    Beside the shores
    And alongside the raves.

    Faraway there is a wall unseen,
    Untouched by the ever-widening roads.
    For every sunny day in the capital,
    Rabbles accumulate on the otherside
    Under everlasting shadows.
    The Heaven's architect is banished there.
    The colors from the singing streets
    Mingle into a black mist.
    What remains are the remnants
    Of a glorious today,
    Where streets never sing, Sun never shines
    And kings let loose
    Blind smiles and tears overlooked.


  • temporal_verses 6w

    Plunge pool

    Facing me is a wall of cloud.
    I take two steps back in confusion.

    I look back.

    A blank white.

    There were people behind me!
    Where are they now?

    I stand and I stand;
    For eternity I stand.
    I wait and I wait
    But nobody ever comes.

    Throbbing heart pauses for a moment.

    Courage takes a step forward.

    My feet struggles
    As dried blood underneath keeps it stuck
    To the ground.
    I look back, again.

    Carefully I look.

    Bloodprints ended long back
    And here again,
    Dried blood has made its mark.

    I have stayed here for too long
    But, this is the end
    Of a path of certainty.

    Just a few steps
    And I will be hearing
    Bellowing clouds and
    Dazzling thunder claps.

    I stand in the distinction
    Between white emptiness
    And dark clouds shrouded in mystery.

    Perception of distance gets lost
    In front of this infinite stretch
    Of black and white.

    I am exhausted, I am sleepwalking
    I am getting gobbled up
    By the cloud of calamity.

    Another black silhouette
    Blends into the darkness.

    Just those reddish brown patches remain
    In the long roads of white.


  • temporal_verses 6w


    H uman flesh stuck
    U nder the teeth,
    N ovember rains wash away
    T iger's red fingerprint.
    E vening sun counts one less trip,
    R ainbow fades in oblivion.


  • temporal_verses 6w


    Written fates and stringent vows,
    Symmetric mazes with no get-outs.
    Chasing forever a neverending melody,
    The illusionary loop claims the exuberant me.
    I smell the wood of my own funeral pyre;
    Time has passed, life is gone;
    The maze remains, but inhabitants unknown.


  • temporal_verses 8w

    The infinite fall

    I am falling down,
    I am breaking apart,
    Spiralling down to the core.
    I am falling faster than anyone else,
    Changing colors don't hurt me anymore.
    My heart is burning in the flames that rise
    From deep inside, dreadful screams agonize.
    I am getting farther from the event horizon
    Shreds of glass fly to me from the abyss,
    My broken reflections make me bleed.
    Days of torment get too long.
    Time is but a puppeteer,
    Nothing more.


  • temporal_verses 9w


    The fan in the ceiling rests
    Motionless and still;
    A calm wintry evening it is,
    Haunted by silence and feels.

    Shivers run in lonely rooms
    Sleepless minds fly on magic brooms.
    Empty glasses remain cold and tired.
    Coffee sachets never hired.

    The arms are getting numb.
    The mind is down with fever.
    Pain echoes from within,
    The doorbell rings never.

    The world is down with fever,
    Imaginary distances creep betweeen hearts.
    Wished to Santa for the cure,
    The last year and the year before.

    Still waiting in front of the window
    For a raindeer chariot to pass the Moon.
    Am I the only one,
    Forgotten and left alone ?


  • temporal_verses 10w

    The seas are dreaming.
    The skies are dreaming.
    The deserts are dreaming.
    But even in dreams, sirens keep me awake.