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  • tender_notes 1d


    In this world that seems to be covered in hues of so- called independence , I want you to ask yourself about the perspective of YOUR heart ! Does it have a sight that is coloured in these same hues of Independence or is there a barrier in between that seperates your outwardly conscious from your unconscious ? What is it that is holding you back from your unconscious Independence ? Maybe , the answer to this question ?

    © Bhawana Joshi

  • tender_notes 10w

    ## Untimely Death

    Today - silence has established it's rule over the cradle of happiness
    For it's contrasting-sweet guest was forced to leave
    Leave - to a place with an address unknown
    A place - where no one alive has ever gone.

    Today , silence is resting over the face of the woman
    In whose womb was the seed of happiness sown
    Today , maybe she's lovin' it's presence
    And maybe even sees it as a friend
    A friend - to veil a wailing heart.

    NINE proper months -
    Is what it took to nurture
    And, with the child's advancement -
    Happiness too expanded its reign ;
    And the family was happy than it ever had been.

    But , 'moody' fate decided to change the flow
    And rearranged things in a horrifying row
    That - was capable of taking away everyone's breath
    For the master change maker maybe
    mistakenly marked the newborn's death ?

    © - Bhawana Joshi

  • tender_notes 11w

    I fall ASLEEP ...

    Initially , my hush-ed heart adamantly DEMANDS for someone's presence ....

    1 lifetime is what it takes my brain to figure out his consolances ....

    And ....
    In between this ' weep and sweep ' game ,
    I fall ASLEEP .

    ©Bhawana Joshi

  • tender_notes 21w

    They're gardeners .But ,are contrasting nurturers of souls.
    They're 'gardeners' of 'lust' .

    "..... .... ....."

    ©Bhawana Joshi

  • tender_notes 33w

    कहते हैं कि - जिसे कुछ करना होता है वो कर ही लेता है ....
    क्योंकि मुसाफिर है - अब मझधार में तो रह नहीं सकता
    तो मंजिल ढूँढ ही लेता है।

    ©Bhawana Joshi

  • tender_notes 33w

    Love with all your heart
    Be sure that you have the guts enough to stay strong and stable if in case you are abandoned .

    ©Bhawana Joshi

  • tender_notes 33w

    ## Love's somewhat a journey from a dream to a deja Vu to again a dream... Isn't it. ?

    They say that time waits for none
    But so does love .
    Once an attractive dream -
    Then, a satisfying present and , at last -
    A sweet memory .

    That's the beauty of love -
    From a dream to a deja Vu to again a dream.

    ©Bhawana Joshi

  • tender_notes 37w

    Posted it just coz' I think it's something important
    For everyone of us ...BE it anyone...such a situation actually hits you and believe me it actually sucks and you just start losing confidence in yourself.

    So basically just some words to make someone feel better .Who knows it becomes a sort of help for any of my fellow future writers ??

    Demotivating words actually do suck !!!

    Please mind your words before you speak ...for they can hurt deeply without even a single sign of visible pain . #inspiration #life #thoughts #diary @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Things or words that you expect would enlighten me
    leave such a nasty scar on my confidence
    That it 'actually' gets hard to guess whether you are a real good wisher or just a double - faced 'moodish' pretender ?

    The point is that -
    'Words' indeed ARE POWERFUL
    The gravest ones not only break the rare - pious collections of the heart
    But - 'some' rude words
    Spoken with harmless , good intentions are also worthy of this part
    And are ENOUGH to desert someone's soul
    And to tear his/her feelings apart.

    Their favorite victims are the bearers of confidence , emotions and trust
    And many a broken families are just a result of their curse
    For they are such 'carefully' tamed , hurtful darts made of naked words
    - Meant to lead you to your own doom
    And to pursue you to stab the beautiful piece where ALL your happiness blooms.

    So basically 'sellers' of grave words -

    If your intentions behind such words are good
    Then why don't you just SAY what you MEAN rather than saying in contrast ?
    For not much of us have that 'sixth' sense to tell us what lies behind that wordly haze
    For us - WORDS are just WORDS
    And they like to be pitifully naked !

    Your words 'maim' us - although we show as if they caused no harm
    We are still 'children' to life and are still not familiar with every feel
    So please - just don't cherrish those 'wrong' words
    For we are innocent enough to take them for real.

    And, if in case - your intentions are really to break someone internally ....
    BE - AWARE !!
    For Karma is a true bitch
    - Designated as the rightly crowned justice of today
    And when she'll uncover the culprit who threw stones to shatter the dream palace of a believer in her
    she'll come SMELLING for you -
    And is likely to desert your way .
    She WILL make sure you pay double for your such an 'indirect' sin
    For she's a justful queen
    Umm...Can you just name a person who was EVER able to defeat her and win ?

    - Never BOW to the naysayers
    For they're just frekin' jealous

    ©Bhawana Joshi

  • tender_notes 38w


    Our life's a twig-
    Clinging to the abode of internal strength and joy
    - On a tree that's still struggling to grow higher than the utmost limits of the sky.
    With its residence as a back to withstand the soil of UNPENETRABLE worldly views,
    Our life's a twig and its habitat is searching for survival 'loop holes' .

    With the sun as a blessing that sometimes gets engulfed by destiny's clouds
    The twig is absolutely normal -
    But, is just SUNG loud.
    It has a mere support -
    but has a lot of 'soily' hindrances too ;
    A little wrong interpretation is ENOUGH to get it unpinned from its source -
    Our life's a twig and the ground - is too 'coarse' .

    A little pessimistiveness and the twig loses it's strength
    For life gets deprived of its source and becomes tense.

    Let the meadows beneath
    symbolize those with void throats
    - our kinda lovely friends
    And maybe life's trying to have it fair
    - trying to equalize the dents?
    Be it sunshine
    or be it heavy rain
    Life stays un-bent
    And possesses the power to sustain it all :
    Our life's a twig - that out fears the 'height'
    And , is not afraid of a fall.

    Meadows know much -
    That's what I feel
    For they lie much close to the 'me' - REAL .
    ' A bit of bolster up will be worth it '
    - Meadows first prove and then ,they say.
    Their advice is worthwhile too :
    For they are also a wanderer in this herd concerning life's prey....
    For they too exist in this appealing, garish - grey game
    And are speaking in silent-unheard tones that 'fate is busy' :
    -beam balancing his fame.

    Life isn't hard -
    It just knows how to pretend
    Our life's a twig -
    'Mysteriously' blend.

    This game seems fishy -
    But you need not to escape or hide
    For AGAINST a 'fearless' -
    The fate MUST play naive and abide .

    Sometimes up and sometimes down to earth -
    Glorifying every act :
    Fate's trying to teach you to fly and rise like a phoenix ; can't you just see that ?
    Life INDEED isn't hard but is just a severe case of 'rumour's heavy travel bag ' ;
    It's just an adventurous 'game' with a humanly rule 'to brag' .
    Life's a 'treasure hunt' -
    And its something you can't deny ;
    It's just that - if you stay optimistic,
    Then, All your suspicions ( of bad luck)
    Are sure to fly.

    For Our Life's a twig that also gains from the down pours
    Life's a twig and high it soars.

    ©Bhawana Joshi
    @mistryworld @writersnetwork @mirakee #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod #life #poetry #thoughts #diary #inspiration #nature

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    Our life's a twig -
    Clinging to the abode of internal strength and joy
    - On a tree that's still struggling to grow higher than the utmost limits of the sky.
    With its residence as a back to withstand the soil of UNPENETRABLE worldly views,
    Our life's a twig and its habitat is searching for survival 'loop holes' .


    ©Bhawana Joshi

  • tender_notes 38w

    A grave secret ##

    I will tell you a secret - that's grave
    And believe it or not
    For it - is my heart a slave
    - Fed by my fears and it's thirst quenched by my inner lyin' demon
    A ticklish burden -
    Dominant over my soul.
    You might assume that abandoning it is what I crave for
    But , this ' dirty player ' has unique ways
    - it's a thin line between truths and dares of life
    It's a cliche - unknown
    For the fear of losin' it is for what my heart has to repeatedly mourn.

    It's an untimely guest always welcomed by our mind -
    That takes our heart on a stabbing journey rewind.

    Its entry is characterized by a quick flick on the mind's door ,
    And maybe - that's the point when sanity dumps our minds and the 'good' in the world detours.
    Adorned by nasty truths and ,
    A weapon - coarse and bruised
    The crop of the deed field is ready to be consumed.

    Its a link .
    To interwine the present with the past deeds -
    that You have crucified
    Is for what comes this painful back track - revived.

    It's a shame to my blood -
    A registered blame ;
    Let me tell you a secret - TOTALLY insane.

    It stealthily creeps
    And weighs down the heart
    Keeping a secret is grave and not an art !

    You'll find your conscience hard to trust
    When a graved sin - just ' outbursts' the crust.
    Out of nowhere it comes -
    Its an untimely guest
    That preserves it's room by hollowing the body in which it rests.

    Can I anyways get rid of this haunting game ?
    - The closest to my heart undressing it of overloaded shame.
    But , in contrast - is also a torcherer of the soul
    So , should I tell you a secret - gravest of all ?
    That ponders my heart like a circling ghoul.

    ©Bhawana Joshi