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  • thanewb 10h

    Request of Presence

    Got me pouring out my heart and soul

    Never felt so open, so, exposed

    But dealing with you, look at me now

    I needed you

    But you wasn't around

    I looked all over but you couldn't be found when

    I needed you

    But you weren't there for me when

    I needed you

    Ain't it crazy

    I still think about you daily

    All of the time

    You stay on my mind

    I guess I still care

    But the hurt will always be there from when

    I needed you

    I needed you

    But you weren't there for me when

    I needed you

  • thanewb 4d

    Selflessly selfish

    Today I want to give you all that I have, all that I am and all that you ask.

    I want to not be selfish, but I want it all from you, your joy, your pains, your laughs.

    I want them so that we stay connected, where I can feel if you're feeling me or feeling neglected.

    I want our lives to become our life.

    Without you is a dark cold space, no life.

    Could you trust me with your love, to nourish it, to shower and shine all my love back into it?

    Your love takes my breath,
    As long as we're together and we show love they gonna hate so we may as well just do it.


  • thanewb 4d

    Handle With Care

    But, when i finally find you

    I will fall apart

    Cause you'll see I'm really just carrying around this taped up, glued in here, piece of gum paper clipped there, barely holding on


    I don't want to start, cause my eyes'll get to swellin and aint no tellin if i get every bit of, or leave a shard

    I mean it's not, but, it fills up like, drop it it shatters just like, no...

    Just like, Crystal, what have I done


  • thanewb 4d

    I know it's out there

    As a singer/song writer my talents are fueled by emotion. alot of times i think with my heart! it's not always right but it never lies. it longs to be loved, not just any kind of love... but that unconditional, fight tooth and nail never walk out on a arguement, that 100/100, no score keeping, no faults because we both take blame, that listen and hear each other, awkward silences aren't ever awkward, love my songs because whatever reason they were witten don't matter because now they're all for u, i support and encourage your dreams, that motivate each other, that when we're apart can't help but think about one another, can't stand to be apart, that when your gone to long i can't breathe, that i only want to see u smile, that i can never be mad at u, that smile that makes my life everytime i see or think about it, that He created me for His purpose for u, that He woke me up just for u, that i can't even imagine an I without U, that go against the world alone for you, that do everything that can be done and then some to take care of you because you're always supposed to take care of your heart, that make sure you eat even if i starve, that wanna love every bit of your pain away, that i wouldn't trade you in for you the (world), that i can't let you go because i would be letting go of me kind of love! it does exist!


  • thanewb 2w

    Foul Trouble

    My hearts in foul trouble
    I need a time out

    Its been broken too many times
    Now its bout to foul out

    Instead of rushing to put it back in the game like I wanna

    I think I'ma let it ride the bench til next quarter


  • thanewb 3w


    I wonder what it would be like to lay in your arms all day

    Could it be possible for me to feel safer than I already do with you

    I'm sure it would be damn near impossible for me to let go

    Would our chest rise and fall on one accord

    Would we sit and talk, fall asleep, or just sit in silence enjoying the warmth and company

    Would our hearts converse with our lips unmoved

    Would the world melt away or would we be the only 2 left

    If they tried to tear us apart would we squeeze each other even more tightly

    Would we live and love in one another's arms for the rest of life allowed

    Would you let my arms lift you up when you are down

    If I was lost could you wrap me in your arms to remind me I've been found

    The only place I long to be you wrapped in my arms with your arms wrapped around me


  • thanewb 3w

    Out of My Hands

    I didn't choose you!

    My soul said you fill/feel it

    My spirit said you mend it

    I didn't choose you...

    My heart knew you were the one


  • thanewb 3w

    To my Mom

    I want to start off with a huge THANK YOU!

    Thank you for never getting off the roller coaster of life no matter how many loops and turns it threw at you

    I thank you for being so strong even in the moments when it was tough to be

    I thank you because every good quality about me was instilled by you

    I thank you for your smile even when sometimes all I deserved was a frown

    Thank you for never leaving me alone in a mess I made

    I thank you for your discipline, without it, I would've been a loss cause in this world

    I thank you for having enough love to fill the place of two parents all on your own

    When they talk about heroes you're the one that comes to mind

    Thank you for having eyes in the back of your head which gave me integrity

    I thank you for always believing in me especially when I find it hard to believe in myself

    You deserve the world and so much more and if it's the last thing I do, you'll have it

    Until then, I give you the most valuable possessions I own, my gratitude, my love, my heart and my word that soon, I won't tell you what you deserve, I will show you as I hand them over to you

    Thank you for being my Mommy, I know I could never ask for a better one

    I thank God for creating you and allowing you to share life with me!

    Happy Mother's Day my Queen

    i love you

    With all my love,
    A proud mama's boy!


  • thanewb 3w

    I want to live but I'm getting so tired of trying

    If I give up and just die they win, if I stand up for myself and die they win

    Everyday I awake I'm on defense if I want to survive

    Every night I don't sleep my mind is racing through why's

    Love is the answer to a loveless world where hate reigns supreme

    When we're babies they stare out of admiration when we're almost grown the stares are out of detestation

    Longing to be respected and treated as equal from those who don't even view us as people

    Justice for them is swift where as for us is a privilege that must be begged for and if given its a gift

    Leaving the house is a battle to survive and if not , you may make the news at 5

    If you're white you can film the hostile extermination of a life and it fine, but a young black man recording the police for our safety makes them an accessory to the crime

    Hell even just being there or knowing about it makes us just as guilty as committing the crime

    I want to live but what's the point in trying when everyday they show us our only purpose in life is dying


  • thanewb 3w

    I wanted to write u a letter about how i want to sing to u forever! but i cut out the middle man and thought this would be better! i was going to say as long as i breathe, u would hear a melody and as long as music lives so shall we! even when the world falls off we'll never miss a beat and my song to u is "i'm complete"! or "ly your's" the only one who's ways can make me feel some type of ways are your's! u bring out the best in me... always, and even at my worst u always stay! the greatest love song ever sang is to u because no matter what for as long as i've known u i could always count on u! through sickness and health, death could never do us part cause even when it can't beat no more u are my heart! only u have the ablity to turn my frown upside down with just a sound! u are the one that sat with me through all my tears and never left me because of fear! u were made for me and i for u hell one of the reasons i still breathe today is cause of u! u help me express myself even when there r no words and through u i can communicate with anyone anywhere in the world! i know you'll never let me go and i'll do the same and that's why this song "our song" is always playing!