its dripping fairy tales

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  • the__fallen_angel_lucifer 34w

    Endless reasons to smile

    It happened so quickly
    I remember your forgiveness
    I knew it was a beginning
    Of something forbidden

    You held my soul even though it pains
    And accepted my life,promised never
    You would change

    I was too dumb to understand
    Your emotions were helpless
    The more you tried to be happy
    The less reasons remained

    I was too scared of ever losing him
    So I ignored these pastel feelings
    inside of me

    Now I just wanna wrap you
    And keep this moment alive
    For the times you were alone
    And give you endless reasons to smile

  • the__fallen_angel_lucifer 34w

    Remember me

    Remember me when time strikes your moments....
    Tears cross your feelings
    Your try to let go of what you can't
    But I will catch it to return you back

  • the__fallen_angel_lucifer 34w

    My heart has been blue

    Why is that you always wanted more?
    And I tried to give you...
    When in the end all you could remember was my failures
    And I cried hopeless tears because my heart has been blue

  • the__fallen_angel_lucifer 34w

    My sorrow

    Your my my reason
    That I wake up every tomorrow
    You are my happy colour
    That paints my sorrow...