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  • the_bird_of_wonderland 5d

    And after thousand storms
    You are still being so called positive
    Like this time it's gonna be fine
    Ahh next time
    But through the whole journey
    All that happened to you is shits

    You asked for sunshine, and the
    sun diminished from your sky
    You prayed for stars, and got
    the piercing of black hole in your eyes
    Death eating you up
    And you're saying I'm having life
    Ahh life is beautiful
    Yes it is

    But not yours honey


  • the_bird_of_wonderland 1w

    And it was you who took steps far ahead of me

    Never looked back for years

    But one fine day thorns overcrowded your paths

    You looked back

    And asked me,

    "Why there's so much space between us ?"


  • the_bird_of_wonderland 2w

    Often pain fall for pain
    Scars for scars

    Cause they know
    Heal deceives


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    Those who smile with wounds

    Look so divine to me


  • the_bird_of_wonderland 2w

    In the journey of
    Every heavenly bonds
    I prepare myself
    For their leave
    Even before their arrival


    / cause I already know, everything
    and everyone changes /

  • the_bird_of_wonderland 2w


  • the_bird_of_wonderland 3w

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    PS : thank you so much for the kind repost @writersnetwork

    I was often perplexed with these paths of life or may be I was just bewildered by the paths in my head I travelled these years so far .
    Whenever I take a trip down through the path of memory lane, I see the parts of happy me I've left there where I bathed in bliss with every pleasant moment and the parts of me I see fossilized in those not so weak storms for my the then naive being.

    Yeah I was perplexed often whether to go for an eternal sleep and replay the life I've lived and stuck there for ages , or to hold on to the present survival and just rush out of the pied nostalgia to live for the ashes of hope I've left for the dim future .

    I recon...
    What made me live in past, always ?
    What made me live in my head always ?
    A heed to the flashback of colorful and grey memories acknowledged me that it's caused
    by the changes of life, of my being, of everything.
    Ahh the unexpected, unwanted sudden changes of life left people paralyzed often.
    But isn't it what life for ? The changes.
    For new to replace the old, sad but inevitable.

    'But then I learnt to live with the changes'
    How? Well the seasons, they teach me always how to live despite the changes of life .
    I accumulated the thoughts I've for nature, for seasons. Winters, summers, autumns and springs,
    they all rise and fall, die and revive. I love how they let themselves die to let some other born, for change, a change for something new, a change for good.
    People often seem not to like autumn, but isn't it the season which dares to live even after being crushed?

    I may feasibly get bewildered again with the chaos life brings, but I always pray for a ray of hope to hold me to go on. I sometimes turn blue , sometimes grey. I'm black and red seldom. But with the pleasant and unpleasant changes life brings I'll love myself in all the colors just the way I love all the seasons. These paths of life may seem blurry often, I may fall into the depths of darkness, but I shall rise like the Sun after every down. I shall stand tall to every storm life offers.
    I wanna revive like the seasons, like colorful autumn after every fall...

    ~sadia_siddika ~

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    With every fall,
    I shall fly high...

  • the_bird_of_wonderland 3w

    And how do you bloom
    O' withered Flower !?
    When those who
    Watered you once
    Walk pass through
    Crushing thee hard
    Under their feet

    How do you shine
    O' lone Moon !?
    When they burden
    Their storms
    Unto you
    In the darkest nights
    And cease away
    With empty hearts

    How do you beat
    O' feeble Heart !?
    When they conquer
    Your scars
    And pierce their thorns
    In your wounds
    Causing the ocean of bleeds
    Cursing your throbs
    Leave you numb

    How do you fly
    O' enclosed Bird !?
    When they accumulate
    Your faded trust
    And set them
    On fire
    Deserting the ashes to fade away

    Ahh how do heal
    O' muted Scar !?
    When your inheritor
    Push you behind
    Into the darkness
    Never to be heard
    Shaping a happy mask
    In the daylight


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    How do you breathe O' darling!?
    When hopes are on death bed
    And thou art left with
    Ashes of smiles


  • the_bird_of_wonderland 3w

    // tum magar kaha to karte thei,
    Ke khuda acche logon ko apne paas jaldi bulaata hai //

    Tum gaye to zindagi ke saare noor
    kahin kho gaye hain !

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    It was the same night
    of that year
    You left to that another world
    And all the lights of my life followed you
    I'm darkness now
    With the haunted castle all around


  • the_bird_of_wonderland 3w

    It takes a lot of your Angels
    To fight your own Monsters

  • the_bird_of_wonderland 4w