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  • the_blu_phoenix 20w

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    The year changes. The stage, the backdrop, the characters change. What was then in your To Do list, maybe it's now staying as a picture on your wall, with you smiling like a kid.

    The world around us changes a million times in a year. Maybe the world inside us changes too?

    As I stand on the precipice of a new year, an adventure awaits. There are To Do Lists and To Be lists. There are dreams in my pocket and Fairydust in my hopes.

    Day 1/365, I feel like I'm getting the hang of it?
    Let's see what the universe has in store for me.
    After all, a lot changes in a year, doesn't it?

  • the_blu_phoenix 39w

    It feels too personal to share, but I need everyone to know abt the person who inspired me. Who still makes me strive to be the best version of myself.

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    The man ahead of his time.

    They say that very few people actually live their life. The rest of them, merely exist.

    Meeting such people makes you feel like you've swallowed a bucketful of sunshine. Like the world is trying to catch up with their pace. They float when others trudge, they hope when others fear, they comfort when the world despises.

    They live life so magnificently, that when they go, they leave a void so deep, it becomes impossible to ever fill it. It always feels like they were taken too soon.

    My Nana was one such person. Always a beacon of hope. Always updated with every information about everything there is to know. He gave the best upbringing to his children, unparalleled by anyone. He raised them with a zeal that it stays an example for generations. Always on time in his actions and always ahead of time in his thoughts.

    When you looked in his eyes, there was a spark, a spark that shone with every emotion in the world. He always wanted to be the best version of himself. For his wife, for his children, for his brothers, for his grandchildren. He would do anything for them.

    He would've been 72 today. If he were here, he'd celebrate his birthday with such a happy smile. He'd be so proud of us all. He'd guide us. He'd still have his radio on at 4:52 am for his news. He'd still wake up and water his plants. He'd still need dinner at 8 pm sharp because that was the kind of person he was.

    Even today, if I'm stuck in any problem, I think of him. Of how he would have guided me. Of how he'd have given me advice or hope.

    Out of all the things, I miss that hug he gave us when we reached Nanighar. When he would wait at the door when we came. Always.

    Dear Nana, we all miss you.
    Hope you're missing us from Heaven too.

    The children who are missing you the most today.

  • the_blu_phoenix 41w

    The first two lines just popped up when I was doing some chores in the kitchen.
    Maybe this signals the end of a thought block, or a writer's block?

    Hmm, maybe I smell some hope in there.
    Let's hope this happens everyday.

    Hope you're alright, my loves.

    I miss you all too.

    #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #pod #mirakee #doctor
    #love #regret #rhyme. #love #life #inspiration #friendship #thoughts #poetry #diary

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    Pause, Rewind, Replay.

    Let's pick up where we left off,
    Throw our worries in the air,
    Let's go back to that place we created,
    Where we didn't pretend that we care.

    Let's play that favorite song of ours,
    And dance like there's no tomorrow,
    Let's close our eyes and open our hearts,
    Maybe it'll disappear our sorrows?

    Let's smile like those idiots that we were,
    When we loved without any bounds,
    Let me read that poem that you loved,
    Of how your voice was my favorite sound.

    Let's forget for a moment,
    Of how we got here like this,
    Let's read the spaces between our lines,
    There's a galaxy that we missed.

    Let's pick up where we left off, love,
    Throw the regrets in the air,
    Let me write you a love song, for a change,
    And put some flowers in your hair?

  • the_blu_phoenix 44w

    I think I needed to post this.
    Cherish this time, because the doctors on duty are fighting with all they can, for you.
    #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #pod #mirakee #doctor #thoughts #poetry #diary #inspiration #life

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    Dear human who's at home in the Lockdown,

    I know, you're craving a bit of an open air, a bit of a long drive, a small outlet of a getaway.

    I wish that too.
    In fact, I'd swap to be you, rightnow.
    But I can't.

    When you're so bored of sitting in one place all day,
    I have to run around, day and night, sometimes 2 shifts at a time.

    When you're busy participating in insta challenges,
    I'm challenging death by fighting for you.

    When you're saying that you want some change of air,
    I'm having a risk of exposure with every breath I take in this place.

    When you say you can't go outside to meet your friends,
    I haven't seen my family since 8 months.

    When you get so tired of eating simple daal chawal at home,
    My mom has left a message asking me and hoping that I had time for dinner.

    When you're making videos and sharing whatsapp forwards in your group,
    I can't even touch my phone without properly sanitising it at frequent intervals.

    When you say that you've never been locked in your home for such long periods,
    My hostel room is being evacuated for making isolation wards for you.

    When you're off hoarding every good quality masks for your family,
    We here, sometimes are not getting one, here in hospitals because the stock has been over a long time ago.

    I know, dear human,
    I might seem bitter and even jealous of you right now seeing you spend time with your family.
    But don't worry.
    I'll still be here for you,
    Fighting the odds,
    Doing whatever I can,
    Because that's what I'm meant to do.
    Just stay at home and cherish this, will you?

    The doctor on duty rightnow.

  • the_blu_phoenix 44w

    Day 1 of staying at home. I'm trying to work up my muscle of creativity after a long time, and this is a little attempt at that.

    Stay at home, folks.
    Happy world poetry day.

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    In the silence between us,
    There lies a universe of words,
    Words that were left hanging in the air.

    In the time zones that separate us,
    There lies a moment where we both think of each other, at the same time.

    In the space between us,
    There lies a map that I wish to fold so many times,
    that suddenly, you won't feel so far away.

    In this moment that I am in,
    I spin the words that were left unsaid,
    I turn the moments into these little lines,
    I fill up the space with my feelings.
    They turn into this poem,
    And suddenly, my soul doesn't feel so lonely anymore.

  • the_blu_phoenix 47w

    Just take a leap down the memory lane.
    One leap year to the next.
    You'll see yourself in all those phases.

    I promise it will be worth it.

    #leapyear #leapday #dreams #hopes #smile #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #pod #mirakee

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    To the leap day,

    Welcome back! It feels like you were gone just a little while ago and looking back at when you were here last time, it's like visiting a time machine.
    I've come so far from who I was, that I wouldn't even have recognised her if she'd crossed me rightnow.
    This leap day, last year, in my room, I was thinking about how I'd pass these years to become a doctor. Rightnow, I am one. The next leap day, I'll be more of it. A better healer, hopefully.

    What I'm saying is, I just took a journey down the leap years I've been in and I'm here, fulfilling my dreams, stumbling, trying again. But hopeful, all the same.

    I hope, February 29, meeting you again, and a bit closer to the dream, a better version of me, who's just as hopeful.

    The girl with a dream and some pixie dust.

  • the_blu_phoenix 55w

    Breeze and Thunderstorms

    So it happened. The thing you waited for. The thing everyone else knew you'd win. The thing you hoped you'd win. You counted on it. You counted down for it. You spent your nights awake and your days working on it.

    It was supposed to be a breeze. A breath of fresh air later. A sigh of relief. A moment that you'd get with the peace of satisfaction. An assurance that your efforts didn't go to vain.

    Except that it didn't. It wasn't a breeze. It was a thunderstorm. You'd trained your eyes for situations like these but your eyes weren't ready. Your hands were cold and your legs were lead. You made mistakes. Big ones. You didn't know what was happening until you were out of it.

    And now, when you are out of it, you don't have the peace. You don't have the satisfaction. You have regrets. You have questions. You have the uncertainty and you hate uncertainty.

    You counted upon something so much that it was there. You could feel it was real and you were touching it. What are you supposed to do when it turns into smoke? Where are you supposed to find that hope? That faith?

    It's an answer I'm still searching for.

  • the_blu_phoenix 56w

    2019 was a good year for me.
    It was a year of firsts. I tried the maximum new things in this year than I've ever done before.
    2019 taught me that it's okay to isolate yourself sometimes. It's okay to be off the grid. It taught me the happiness of solitude.

    2020 is the year that will mark my transition from someone with no responsibilities to the one who has the responsibilities of human lives. 2020 is the year I hopefully begin the step of my purpose, of something that I've always wished of doing.

    There's uncertainty, there's the waiting, there's the impatience but there's something in the air. Something that makes me look forward to it.

    Happy new year, people.

    Love you.

    #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #pod #mirakee #newYear #bluPhoenix

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    Dear 2020,

    You are the beginning of a decade, a leap into the unknown, the decade where we are supposed to be acting like "grown ups".
    The last decade cradled us, help us transition from rebellious teens with a dream, to adults with a purpose. We stumbled, we had no idea about where we were going. But it still was patient with us.
    And now, we're here with you. We're somewhere between knowing our purpose and having no idea where to go. This decade will give us more responsibilities. You, will give us responsibilities.
    And as we stand at the precipice of the unknown, the beginning of an entirely different time of our life, I ask you for understanding and strength.
    Understanding that it's something we haven't done before, and strength to take us through it. To take us through whatever the universe has in store for us.
    2020, please be worth it.
    2020, take me to places.
    2020, please be nice to me.

    The girl who believes in miracles.

  • the_blu_phoenix 61w

    I need to tell this to the Present me. The future me, might need this. The past me, is proud of me for writing this. For anyone who needs this, I'm there for you.

    #LoveHopeFaith #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #pod #mirakee @branthan @phoenicorn @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    So you look at the chaos surrounding you. You breathe in the smoke caused by the wreck and you exhale out a long sigh. Things don't always turn out the way that you planned them, do they?

    It takes courage to face the consequences of your own actions. To accept them, to accept yourself, and to move forward, alongwith it.

    I know, sometimes, all you wish is to take the past and slow dance with it in the moonlight, even if it is for a while. Or maybe just skip forward to the end of the tunnel, to get to the "Happy ending", if that exists.

    But, you're not the Damsel in Distress. You'll find a way out or a way through. You'll make peace with the chaos. Your eyes will adjust through the smoke and look at the horizon. Your heart will grab that ray of hope and it will be enough. You will be enough. Hold on tight, little one. The dawn is almost here.

  • the_blu_phoenix 71w

    The sky is the color of my grey watercolor pens on a blotting paper. The clouds seem soft like the pillow of comfort I need to rest myself on. The sun hides behind them, like the escape from reality I get by getting those few hours of sleep on a busy day. It's about to pour heavily. I sigh. The sky has always been a reflection of what I've been feeling. The leaves shiver in anticipation with the wind that tries to carry them away. I brace myself for the uncertainty that I'm about to dive headfirst into.
    Because I have promises to keep,
    Because I have promises to keep.