Having a pathetic handwriting, to pen down his thoughts he switched to typing..

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  • the_calm_soldier 17w

    We can always choose someone to give our love to but we can never choose someone to receive it from

  • the_calm_soldier 78w

    Melancholic Hope

    We laid there staring at the clock,
    Tick Tock Tick Tock

    When the days feel long,
    And the nights are short.
    When you look all around,
    But all you get are glances of retort.
    When you get drowsy, but still can't sleep.
    When you're in gloom but still can't weep.

    So we lay there staring at the clock,
    Tick Tock Tick Tock

    When you can't differentiate friend from foe.
    And when you beg for help, but no one shows.
    Looking for a solace you meander,
    But eyewhere you go, you see faceless strangers.
    To let it all out, you seek for an ear,
    But with your insecurities,
    You always recoil in fear.

    So we lay there staring at the clock,
    Tick Tock Tick Tock

    For someone's tender touch you crave,
    But to muster enough courage, you can't brave.
    You wish for someone to hold your hand,
    But in your solitary,
    Alone you stand.
    You scour for a shoulder,
    On which you could weep.
    But it wouldn't help,
    Because your anguish runs too deep.
    For comfort you seek an embrace,
    But of compassion you can't find a trace.

    So we keep laying there staring at the clock,
    Tick Tock Tick Tock

    You hold your ground with all your faith,
    That one day in love, you would bathe.
    You know despite all your despair,
    Your broken soul isn't beyond repair.
    To overcome your uncontrollable painful shudders,
    Someone will arrive, lending you shoulders.
    Regardless of your melancholic state,
    With all your sanguinity,
    You hold yourself together and wait,
    You keep holding yourself together and wait...

    And we kept laying there staring at the clock,
    Tick Tock Tick Tock.

  • the_calm_soldier 111w

    For him, she shed it all,
    Willing to take the fall,
    But for her future he was scared,
    So taking another step closer he hadn't dared.
    He tried to drift himself afar,
    To save her from the scars.

  • the_calm_soldier 136w


    Expectations remain best when dead

  • the_calm_soldier 160w


    All she wants is,
    To someone to touch her body,
    But not to scar her soul..

  • the_calm_soldier 160w

    It's very amusing,
    When you find strangers within friends
    And friends within strangers...

  • the_calm_soldier 160w

    In an recent event, I found myself standing all alone, when all others had someone to stand by. I had never felt so low before the way I did at that moment but then reflecting back on all the choices that I have made which got me at that position, I didn't feel any regret.

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    Bittersweet Pain

    I stood in the cheerful crowd alone,
    With every second passing by,
    I felt I felt my heart turning​into a stone.
    What I saw everyone had, that I will never gain,
    And it left with me a bittersweet pain.
    Since for all the sacrifices that I have done,
    Due to it, in time, a lot I would have won.
    And all the things that I will have,
    For them, they all will crave.

  • the_calm_soldier 161w

    Heard this in a short movie, couldn't help but share. #Khamakha

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    Iss duniya k shor me jab tum sa koi mil jata hai,
    Kuch baatein ho na ho,
    Dil zarur beh jaata hai...

  • the_calm_soldier 161w


    The nuclear blast had killed them all,
    Still their pain cried through their shadow imprinted on the wall.

  • the_calm_soldier 161w


    It's only in dark
    You feel the absence of light.
    It's only when it cold,
    You miss the sun.
    It's only when you're alone,
    You need the presence of the ones.