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  • the_creative_mind 4w

    Hey guys I'm back! Here's my new poem!! Do like, repost and comment! And don't forget to turn on the post notifications so that you don't miss any of my post updates!

    Lol, I sound like a youtuber.

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    Midnight Memories

    The moon is hiding behind the clouds,
    All are sleeping amidst the crowds.
    The stars twinkle at us; smiling,
    Your eyes holding so many promises..
    But they are all white lies; I see,
    Because otherwise you won't be here with me.

    The fireflies are dancing beneath the starlit sky,
    Countless of dreams are soaring high.
    The owls are staring at us in interest,
    While I'm trying to swim amidst your waves...
    I get sucked into a different world far away from reality,
    Away from this world filled  with raw cruelty.

    The midnight silence is showering us with peace,
    And in comes with it; that satisfying breeze.
    I'm holding your hands tight,
    Fearing that you would slip away if I don't....
    I close my eyes and count till three,
    Cause you held me close at the end of the street.

    Then you took me by surprise taking that stance,
    Reminding of out eternal dance.
    I got carried away as we swayed to the rhythm,
    Even Goddess Hera envied us from above...
    I sucked a deep breath when you dipped down,
    And painted my lips with your overrated crown.

    Still I continued to believe in your lies,
    And got carried away like flies.
    I spun constellations around our stars,
    Only for them to fall apart...
    Crumbling to dust under the midnight,
    Where we lost our non-existant spark.


  • the_creative_mind 8w


    My first acrostic poem on December!

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    Back to December!

    D - Dark blue decor, sparkling lights,
    E - Enthusiasm of kids, dazzling bright
    C - Calming snowflakes, Golden roses,
    E - Every writer writing prose.
    M - Midnight coffee, starlit nights,
    B - Buzzing, smiling; Christmas lights.
    E - Endless talks, faded smiles
    R - Rushing adrenaline—walking miles.


  • the_creative_mind 8w


    to your own voice, Your own
    Too many people listen to the
    Of the world, Instead of
    Deep inside, You know what you
    And nobody can decide that for

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    to your own voice,Your own soul
    Too many people listen to the noise
    Of the world, Instead of themselves.
    Deep inside, You know
    what you want. And
    nobody can decide that
    for you.

  • the_creative_mind 8w

    I know I'm late... But... This is my tribute to #sushantrajput (I know it's not nice, cause I've never been an expert in giving tributes, but bear with me. Please.)

    I'm never the one for tributes, but this is an exception. Maybe.... Because he was a warrior and actor who inspired me.. Still does, will forever do...

    "Suicide is never an option.... "

    People have known him for being a versatile and talented actor. But did they know that acting was just his escape, his way of escaping his internal wars? That he acted, so that he could be distracted from his depressed mind and shattered heart?

    // He acted it out,
    But don't we all thrive
    Because we act to survive
    This masquerade called life? //

    He was a broken mess; and nobody understood him, because his walls of defense were unreachable. He killed himself everyday behind those walls, but outside he smiled. Smiled his way through his sadness, he smiled his way through his tears.

    // He was broken,
    But aren't we all
    In our own specific ways
    Resisting that fall? //

    He was way too deep into the abyss of depression, where his emotions were suffocating his breath. He was helpless, truly helpless because he saw his life slip away. He lost his hope, because there was nothing there for him to hold on to. His life was falling apart in front of his eyes, and he couldn't do a thing.

    // He lost hope,
    But don't we too
    Waiting for A loved one
    To never bid adieu? //

    He inspired millions of people. He filled them with hope. He led them to the right path. He saved lives. But at last he couldn't save himself.

    // He was a savior of lives
    That weren't his to begin with,
    Now that he's gone
    The world would face that fatal hit. //

    And now, here we are making him immortal, because he was strong. Because many of us would have died faster, had his struggles been ours.

    // Au Revoir warrior;
    Your story has come to a halt,
    But we all know that
    It wasn't all your fault. //

    ***Rest in peace, Angel***

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    // He acted it out,
    But don't we all thrive
    Because we act to survive
    This masquerade called life? //


  • the_creative_mind 8w

    In the dark of the night, You planted blue thorns in my black heart.


  • the_creative_mind 8w

    A post dedicated to @debarati_08

    ••—Call it what you want—••

    Your paradise burned over night,
    You fought a single-handed mental fight.
    Your friends left you at twilight,
    You had to suffer from the rough tide.

    Oh yes, your 'true' friends dug your grave,
    They made you wear a masquerade.
    They said that you overstayed,
    That's why you suffered from the heartache.

    Your favourites turned out to be stone,
    They couldn't even lend you a phone.
    I say they didn't have a backbone,
    Cause they were all accident-prone.

    They left you over the cliff to die,
    They didn't listen to your single cry.
    They were ruthless little fire-fly,
    Watching you with amazement in there eye.

    You cried there names in a repeated chant,
    Even when you shan't.
    That's when, you realized that you can't,
    Call it what you want.

    They said, they never wanted it to end,
    But they had other works to tend.
    They were a violation to the word 'friend',
    But you never had it penned.

    Even when you used to tag along,
    They were long gone. That's why;
    You stared and dreamt about the moon nightlong,
    Because it gave you inspiration to be strong.

    Hello guys! It's my first poem dedicated to someone. (But I'll dedicate more poems, just tell me a topic! And I'll try to write it in my style!!)

    Let's hope you all like it and that it makes sense, do comment and let me know about it!!

    Sighing out,

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    If people don't like you the way you are. Then be yourself more!


  • the_creative_mind 9w

    Hiraeth in Welsh means to feel homesick for a home that never existed or where you can't go anymore.

    Hello guys! This is my entry for #rf_lang_ch Thank you @_rainfrost_ for conducting this amazing challenge!!

    I don't know if this entry is up to the mark or not.

    Anyways, thank you for choosing to read this piece.

    Peace out,

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    Following our heart leads us to destiny;
    I believe,
    But walking along my paths of ingenuity;
    I entered the Forest Of Grief.

    Nothing too different;
    Nothing too bleak,
    Just the black leaves and
    Teardrops that I seek.

    The grey outlook of the forest
    Set my mind to rest,
    If I were lying
    I would say it was the best.

    But no! I can't live in darkness;
    Even the black hole stands up for a fight,
    In a galaxy of deceit, we live dear friends,
    I can't be any more right.

    This Forest of Grief is just a figment
    Of my imagination,
    But doesn't that lead to my
    Unexpected satisfaction?

    Yes it does, but not too much
    Because afterall it's just my fantasy,
    A dark side of myself;
    Screaming for closer from this cruel dynasty.

    The more I think;
    The more I hear it's luring dark call,
    Asking me to step onto the cliff
    And take my ultimate fall.

    I'm feeling homesick, I'm waiting;
    For the forest to materialize,
    Because reality's been too much for me
    I now realize.

    Take me home, O thee forest!
    Your child is calling out for you,
    Accept me and I'll willingly succumb to your whispers;
    Even I'll drown myself in blue.


  • the_creative_mind 9w

    A late Happy Environment Day, to all!!

    #mothernature #environment

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    Mother Nature

    She hid behind her branches looking up to the;
    Starry nights filled with stars, that knew her struggles and scars.


  • the_creative_mind 10w

    #zodiacsigns #Sagittarius #mirakee #zodiac #writerstolli #writersnetwork

    Hey guys, Tag all the Sagittarians to this post!! May they not miss this dedication to them!!

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    The Archer

    I am December's creation;
    Born in fire, born in ice,
    My natural personality,
    Is to be warm and nice.

    Creativity and optimism my very first trait,
    Because of which I've learned to bend my fate.
    Jupiter's loyal servants are we,
    Blessed by him to be wild and free.
    We are a thrill-seeking, intellectual and emotional wreck,
    But before crossing us, please double check.

    Duality was pressed into my blood,
    And I've learned to rise above the flood.
    Energy coursing through my veins since birth,
    With my clothes stained in bloody earth.

    This is a cruel game of blood and bones
    Where the winner, is the heir of a wicked throne.

  • the_creative_mind 10w

    #past #writersnetwork #writerstolli

    Thesaurus :
    Metanoia - The journey of changing one's heart, mind, soul and way of living.
    Nefelibata - One who lives in there own imagination or dreams.

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    My past led to my metanoia.

    //in turn I became a Nefelibata.//