not to throw your chaste pieces but to pick up the waste memories ����

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  • the_dustbin 131w

    for those who love the rain! lol

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    - part 1 - (the waiting)

    yes, it's drought around here
    not a drop from anywhere
    i've also desire
    to make my land cheer

    i'm waiting for her
    to quench the thirst right here
    hopes she comes with a roar
    and stays in ma land forever

    dates passed by nd nothin nearby
    nothin to do but to look up the sky
    waiting for her sigh nd m thinking that high
    nd i dont remember, her , biding byebye


  • the_dustbin 135w

    some scars are simultaneously a good memory and a caution


  • the_dustbin 136w

    Together we are. . .

    for u be the moon
    makes the dark side of the day better
    with the stars..all a glory
    in that sky ....makes one fall for u

    together can't be
    for the day and the night,
    the dark and the light
    or the moon and the sun

    if together, like an eclipse
    never be there the mysterious beauty of dark
    nor the cricket sings or the fireflies wings
    or a sky with all the glimpses of stars

    for the one from the earth, we may be apart
    but from the deep dark skies, we r seen together
    where I can see and u can hear me,
    where I can feel u and u can sense me.


  • the_dustbin 139w


    the flower has fallen
    neither aged nor damaged
    but of the strong desire
    to lie within the earth!

    the other plants pitied
    for them, it was just another fallen flower
    but the mother plant wept
    coz the flower has fallen!

  • the_dustbin 140w

    The dustbin

    You haven't complained yet

    Whether , tantrum or despair;

    But even sometimes I don't realize that..

    and still

    Make u sit in that corner and,

    Throw paper balls at you


  • the_dustbin 141w


    Learn from the mistakes said someone!!

    I've to learn that thoroughly by repeating the same mistake again and again ...

    Nd then it will find my dustbin

    Or may be ...I'll b in it !


  • the_dustbin 158w

    The dustbin / Time / YOU

    I'm throwing my pieces into you

    Someday you will be full... Nd I'll b over