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  • the_frozenn_heart 3d

    Attire of emotions
    awake when I try to
    adhere mine heart with his
    ardent soul, knitting the
    ambitions of my breathe
    a fabric of promise
    altogether we sew.

    Barely alive is my
    Blissfully chaotic heart
    blowing the fiction, and
    blood flowing in my veins
    blinks hope twice a day to
    believe in my kismet
    braided by dandelions.

    Clouds paint ocean with the
    colour of dusky dawn
    capturing our lost love &
    creating a fable of
    cathartic heartbreak to
    collapse us forever,
    constantly stabbing us.

    Drenched in greediness of
    dauntless superstition
    delusion & demise is
    dashed in her subtle eyes,
    despite she awaits for
    death to embrace her, as
    despairing life she lives.

    Existence of your life
    escape from shattered past
    entwining the chords of
    eloquence and courage.
    Evaluating your dreams
    education explore
    enthral identities.

    Fortune interrupts the
    fusion of scarlet hearts
    fetching the darkness, where
    frosty flannel of
    frozen heart melts down to
    fabricate empire of
    fleeting reminiscence.

    giving selflessly and
    galvanising smiles with
    galores of kindness,
    glowing every soul with
    grace of infinite joy &
    germinating seeds of
    gracious and mellow days.

    horizons sink under
    hibernating hearts which
    hurts and aches with much
    hatred, envy and pain.
    Hiding in veil of smile
    he blooms me for a while, but
    he leaves me fragile.

    It was my flaws not an
    implicit beauty of
    illusions, slowly which
    I embellished on my
    imperfectly perfect soul
    in spite of hiding them
    I adorn blemishes.

    Jostled with my own palm lines
    journey of halcyon starts
    juggling my courage to
    join the humanity &
    joust false practice to
    juggle sanctity where
    jinx of self love is myth.

    Knitting two sojourn hearts
    kindled with emotions,
    kleptomania flumps and
    kindly unravel the
    knots from spindle of love,
    kissing the beauty of
    kindred betrayal I faced.

    Leap of faith oozing from
    lethargic hustle of
    life, where I startle & get
    lost in enigmas of
    love, trying to climb the
    ladder of success, I
    live with my ambitions.

    My mortal soul fell in
    manifestation of
    mending inner peace by
    means of meditation.
    Mastering my conscience
    morales of life has
    meted my tranquility.

    Nestled to the ballad of
    nineties, clasp of past
    notch the curtain of my
    nights and nightmares where
    naive was I to discern,
    nourishment of home was
    needed for present joy.

    Obliged to the ethics
    optimism float towards
    opportunities with
    orchard of compliance.
    Outing benevolence
    over solitude to
    obstinate fallacy.

    Poets bleed metaphors
    painting melancholy,
    promises and tears with
    proses of burnt letters.
    Poetry breathes trust
    pumps faith gently and fuels
    pain to the burning heart.

    Quill of politeness do
    quench the impertinent
    quality of humans,
    quipping wisdom to the
    quotation of manners
    quickly adjoining the
    quintessence of clarion.

    Reincarnation of us
    rely on heavens, to
    reinstate our 'forever'.
    Revival of our love
    rejuvenate smiles to
    reconcile our parched lips.
    Retrospect vanishes.

    Sapphire sky rejoice the
    shades of morning glory,
    sombre sunset sinks in
    saffron syllables of
    sanguine euphony and
    smiling sunrise lit up
    shores of the ecstasy.

    Today isn't eternal
    tomorrow never comes
    try to follow your dreams
    treasure them in your eyes
    tightly hold each other
    together draw paths, for
    time is unstoppable.

    Under the neon sky we
    unite some galaxies
    unraveling stardust
    unwinding the comets
    utopian meteors hold
    'us' in space of fiction
    underneath universe.

    Valiantly fighting for
    victory of efforts
    via the staircase of the
    vivacious dreams inside
    vision of my heart, with
    valour in my veins and
    vehemence in my work.

    Wondering about dreams
    we skipped reality
    withering our vision.
    Wandering in the sky
    we adjured to the paths
    woven by destiny
    whetting every season.

    Xenial and powerful
    xenogogue of life
    xper in many aspects
    xenodochy's artist
    xoanon resembles her
    xesturgy of bonds she
    xmplifies silently.

    Youngsters of nation who
    yields hardwork and courage
    yearning for bright future.
    You yourself are the pride,
    Yokel representing
    youth of our skewed nation.
    Yes I'm talking 'bout us.

    Zephyr kissing petals
    zillionth time today with
    zeal in its fragrance. I
    zoom at the beauty of
    zinnia silently from
    zenith of my essence.
    Zest blooms mellifluously.

    Highly inspired from @redolent_smile 's post (alphabets for my doldrums) ~dekho tumhare wajah se pod mil gaya ��

    #life #wod #pleiadespoem
    #cees_soj_chall maybe this piece exceeds more lines

    @love_whispererr, @sangfroid_soul and @jerry_21 you are inspiration

    @mirakee my first pod... This is still unbelievable �� thank you so much��
    @writersnetwork thank you so much��

    When I opened mirakee today, Pleiades poem was in trending mujhe bhi icha hui likhne ki��

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  • the_frozenn_heart 1w

    My heart has been melting into the colosseum of reminiscence like the coarse glaciers of Kashmir from the day I first met you and it's been aeons now that my futile hopes have reclined on the arms of your exalted breathes turning the storms of souvenir into the abode of dew.

    I've been waiting, yes I've been waiting from so long, for that emollient sunrise which you and me could embrace together but the darkness of this amiable nights no more leaves me unlike you. And I'm afraid, I'm afraid of my own self not you, not even the darkness, for I'm unable to change my feelings and the direction to which they're headed. No matter how hard I try but nothing seems to work and my each possibility turns into an unfavorable outcome.

    'You can fall right out of the sky and end up living in a place called memories' this very thought stabs the last ounce of my strength everyday and the rotten pieces of my shattered courage hold your morals and throws me away. If only I would've followed my heart once, if only I would've pulled you a little closer towards me, if only I would've know how much you meant to me at least I would've understood the worth of our love. I failed terribly and you turned away from me, even the mirror is scared of reflecting the greediness leaking out of my scorched bones, even the lakes are scared to reflect the beast within me so how should I expect a lovely person like you to turn this beast into a human....

    Letting you go was like pouring my soul out of my body but the faith of your love still beats in the voids of my heart and I'll try to become someone who is needed.

    //I've been the artist of breaking heart and thus I need to learn the art of letting go//

    I just wish "if I could ever meet you whether it is another world or another birth, I'll wait for you..."
    ~Purva D

    @redolent_smile @love_whispererr @fromwitchpen @zoya_charmz

    @writersnetwork honestly I don't know why I tagged you!

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  • the_frozenn_heart 1w

    There's a home of happiness
    on the outskirts of persistence
    where echoes the mélange of love
    as the courtesy of frame
    shatters into 2 n 1/2 pretty smiles
    and the florid walls are painted by
    the wavelength of tangerine rust
    oozing out of mine and her collar bone.
    And a room of poetry pounds
    inside the chest of my broken heart
    where the first drop of my last wound
    leaks out of window
    colouring the wilted rose carmine red.
    And the courtyard of sinew
    instill sanguinity on the ceiling
    with drawers full of dreams
    to squirt the diluted nostalgia
    out of my fathomless brain.
    A zephyr of lost exuberance
    slides past thy counterpart
    squirting the saturated dust
    from the off-white envelope,
    my heart pounds in my hands
    and tears dribble on my cheeks
    as the sapphire ink polishes
    the confession of love
    which she scribbled 6 January's back
    which she engraved on metallic staircase,
    so that one day my lips could read them
    and retaliate love for love instead of hate.
    Now my eyelashes are concealed with dust
    craving for the affection this place holds.
    There's are a place called home
    sculpted by my mother,
    with all 20 corners decorated by her diligent hands.
    And I'm still breathing there...
    ~Purva D

    Wishing you Happiest Birthday Mummy... May your life shine with the rainbows of success❤️ love you so much

    @redolent_smile @love_whispererr @fromwitchpen @zoya_charmz

    @mirakee @writersnetwork my mom loves you too��

    I know it's not perfect but I'm really running out of time...

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  • the_frozenn_heart 2w

    D r e a m s were meant to be chased.
    ~you've got the wings of optimism to fly high in the oceans of success and the gills of self-confidence to swim deeply and recede out from the sky of failures. So accomplish things what were meant to be.

    Maybe to get L i f e was the wish of parents, but to live was a c h o i c e.
    ~life is about waking up from the lap of sunrise, drowning fears in the horizon of sunsets, and giving selflessly without expecting back in the arms of glimmering nights. Cherish your heart and nourish your soul with the elixir of love, spread happiness, practice forgiveness and kindness, live everyday to the fullest and construct your own fate lines.
    //Forget past, believe in today, hope for a better tomorrow//

    Believe in L o v e to entwine h u m a n i t y.
    ~Love isn't a magnet to attract the poles of two different hearts rather a germinating seed which slowly develops inside the cavity of an arduous soul under the rays of intense emotions, nourished by the nutrients of affection, breathing the aroma of trust in order to pump faith & exhaling forever promises.

    D e a t h give us e n o u g h time to connote our existence.
    ~don't pity death pity the living for life is so short and fleeting. The enigmas of nature, the meaning of life and the purpose of existence is awaiting to be accomplished. Aren't you ready to find that?
    //Fear of death is fear of yourself//

    F i n i s h the race which you started in your mother's womb.
    ~whenever you see a ladder it's not just a staircase but this are the steps to remind your life's phase. For gaining something you need to chase, fight for recognition and focus on winning the race. Put your charm and let others see your grace, try to seek whatever you want in different beautiful ways.

    S m i l e eternally :)
    After all it's a blessing to seek life
    beneath the orange curtain of endless sky.
    ~Purva D

    @redolent_smile @love_whispererr @fromwitchpen @zoya_charmz

    @writersnetwork just a heart��
    #four #ceesreposts #pod

    Last post of this month.

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  • the_frozenn_heart 2w

    I'm just a leaf,
    who blinks hope twice a day
    where fallen stars hide
    and seek apologies to pray.

    I'm just a leaf
    who blooms happiness on barren souls,
    where the smile of trust elevates
    and the wings of peace wraps in gold.

    I'm just a leaf
    who steal emptiness from rainbow,
    to mend the voids of VIBGYOR
    at the shore of my viridiscent shadow.

    I'm just a leaf
    who segregate dusk and dawn,
    where the moon of truth settles
    and the sun of lies sink in horizon.

    I'm just a leaf
    who breathe through the metaphors of poet,
    where galaxies collide
    whenever with a constellation I sing a duet.

    I'm just a leaf
    who stitch the dreams of broken heart,
    where fabric of love is altered
    and the threads of melancholy kiss my art.

    I'm just a leaf
    who touch love where words die,
    maybe spring and autumn fights for me
    but I think I belong to sky.

    I'm just a leaf
    who bleed courage against death,
    where the numbness of scars adjourns
    and the silent mourns keep faith.

    I'm just a leaf
    who reside in every autumn lovers eye,
    where I beat one last time
    and shred tears of goodbye.

    P.S- I'm not 'just' a leaf...

    ~Purva D

    @redolent_smile @love_whispererr @fromwitchpen @zoya_charmz

    #storyofaleaf #ceesreposts

    Thank you so much @writersnetwork and all other beautiful souls for giving your precious time to read and repost this post��

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  • the_frozenn_heart 2w

    Millions of emotions effused
    in the bloodstream
    of my thoughts,
    love, hatred, felicity, pain,
    all racing towards the
    attic of my heart,
    trying to change position
    from organ to organ,
    till every shade of humanity
    is slightly darkened.
    For I've lost my voices
    but still hopes are alive,
    for I've lost my trust,
    but still faith in me is alive.
    For I've lost all my love,
    but still poetry inside me is alive,
    for I've lost myself,
    but still I'm alive.
    Oh yes I'm Alive....

    //"To be understanding"
    also needs to be understood//

    If they don't want to understand
    why are you still understanding them?
    If their heart is cold,
    then why are you warming up
    the emotions which are already dead? ~the_frozenn_heart

    @redolent_smile @love_whispererr @fromwitchpen @zoya_charmz

    #opposites #ceesreposts

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  • the_frozenn_heart 2w

    Life is a cliff diverged in the path of destiny where my each euphonious Breathe flounder in the paradigm of hopes, valiantly ravelling each strand between life and death.
    //Strength is not always about bearing pain, it's about the way you try to overcome obstacles and the cogency of my breathe connotes thew and ardor unfurled by my mother's womb//

    Unravelling the spindle of love, my vehement Heart being a modiste of amour tries to unite soul, rejuvenate trust and elaborate promises by stitching those half baked memories with the threads of honesty and loyalty on the fabric of voracious emotions where the wreathed arteries and veins drown in the cosmos of lexicon for the desire of bond formation.
    //The heart that believes in love may not be the one that has never been broken, maybe it chose to love even after being hurt//

    My mortal Soul, inside its anatomy tries to preserve the epiphany of this bitter sweet reality to immortalise each choked verse I scribbled on this existence, so that someday those poetries shall sing a lullaby near my coffin with the voice my throat used to warble and for some other day it shall dwell in every vagabond eyes, I wonder.
    //For all my soul seek is the perfect blend of kindness and serenity, with my morals aspiring to live with dignity//

    Behind the curtain of my lucid eyes those entrenched dreams and ambitions have made their home, which crawls into the deep ocean of my brain where my solitude sinks and ebullience float and lure me to unravel the depths of mysteries which the world has kept hidden inside the poetries. Somewhere those nightmares have a glance at- my trembling hands once in a full moon receding back to the kaleidoscope and labelling each planet as the tercets of my dreams where the future me will love to conquer the galaxies of dreams so as to purloin my self esteem.
    //When the flow of my tears collide with the ooze of ink all the pain spills out of my heart in the form of poetry//

    The fragments of my descendants lay its footprints on the literature of elapsing time, where silence treasure my elusive lips and I seek peace in the generosity of living ~the reason is to live does it matter with them or without them?
    For the hindrance of my penumbra rationalize the conflicts within me and fight the battle against those devils who tries to pull me down ~whenever I tend to fall from the sky, my wings gather courage and try harder to fly.
    //Be a person of passion and possibilities, with a mission in your eyes and undoubtable abilities//

    P.S- I exist in the rusted pages of a diary

    ~Purva D

    @redolent_smile @love_whispererr @fromwitchpen @zoya_charmz @the_poetic_soul
    @writersnetwork you always leave me with a like...

    #lanturnepoem #ceesreposts

    I don't know whether this makes any sense��

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  • the_frozenn_heart 2w

    Those sanguine goals needs to be written
    boldly with golden letters,
    and those passionate dreams needs to be
    shine brighter as we cross the phase of teen,
    just a deep stroke of
    courage, faith, passion
    and the syllables of hope
    shall elaborate the laurels to win.
    ~Purva D

    @redolent_smile @love_whispererr @zoya_charmz @fromwitchpen

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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  • the_frozenn_heart 2w

    Pic Credit: Shreyas Hedau

    Let the hope bloom in our hearts
    in order to bring smile on this gloomy face,
    let the love betwixt souls and
    bestow light to rejuvenate
    life from darkness.

    @redolent_smile @love_whispererr @zoya_charmz @fromwitchpen

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  • the_frozenn_heart 3w

    @writersnetwork thank you so much for the kind repost ��
    Martinet: a person who demands complete obedience.

    A timid wave of reminiscent recede from the barefoot of amour as a zephyr of fresh brewed heartbreak knock the door of abhor and I'm in awe how my counterpart retaliates love for love yet punctilious for hatred as each flickering ray of sun inculcate to mend all those broken vows before their morals are faded.

    Like a turbulent sun engrossed in waking up with the dreams being felicitated now adjourns behind the failures of life by sunset, and I try to embellish souvenir as it taps on my shoulder to relinquish all the desires. Where I write an elegy to my solemn feelings who still believes in "forever wasn't a lie" maybe then my subjects will change the direction of wind answering all those "why's"...

    Past follow my footsteps maybe to play hide and seek, for just an instance I wish to turn back & embrace all those "maybe's". I drink the potion of courage, take my soul Infront of a person who broke my heart, to make him understand "to love" and "to be loved" is an art. I did fasten to the sunshine before drowning in those crumbled apologies for I don't wish to submerge in his aesthetics rather I'll prefer to live on my own disciples now.

    I blink my eyes twice, for once the sugar-coated words hides under the eyelashes and then bitter sweet reality holds the pupil as if I was waiting for it since eternity.
    //Tears could speak more than smiles and scars reciprocate the intensity of love more than memories//

    Now my frozen heart melts by ravishing the flames of villanelle, for my each breathe has learnt the magic to heal.
    ~Purva D
    @redolent_smile @love_whispererr @fromwitchpen @zoya_charmz
    #mirakee #ceesreposts #heartbreak

    A failed attempt to write...

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