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  • the_ice_breaker 3d

    Soul remains witness to mind's chaos.

  • the_ice_breaker 1w

    As we slept
    On the grass
    Holding hands
    Staring into the starlit sky
    The sky suddenly illuminates...
    We see a shooting star
    Plummeting down the sky
    Her incandescence
    And flawless descent
    Ornamenting the sky!
    I make a wish
    Upon the shooting star
    Wishing that
    Our bond will always be
    Filled with warmth
    Illuminating our souls
    And will be as flawless as
    The shooting star in the sky.
    As she continues her descent
    We remain in silence
    Smiling at each other
    Dwelling in eternal bliss
    Wishing the night would never end!!

  • the_ice_breaker 1w

    Soulful expression
    Colours my loneliness with
    Varied hues of ink.

  • the_ice_breaker 1w

    Fountain of
    Rhythmic lullabies
    Stranded emotions released

  • the_ice_breaker 2w

    Acid attack is one of the most brutal social evils that still exist in our society. It is a reflection of male ego and patriarchy which is not able to deal with women being independent and having the right to make their own choices. The only way we can prevent this evil is by the enforcement of strict laws agaist acid attack and also by changing the mindset of society. It is time we teach all boys to revere women and respect their choices as well.

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    As she gazed
    At her reflection
    Her eyes welled with tears
    Spilling all over the mirror.

    Her once beautiful face
    Charred with burns
    Her beautiful eyes
    Losing sight

    All because
    She hurt a man's ego
    Choosing to remain independent
    Rather than giving in to his desires.

    Now she is expected
    To deal with the stigma
    For the rest of her life
    With not a soul to support.

    She has to change her mindset
    She has to muster the courage
    To face the world
    Without any empathy from society.

    This being the stark reality
    Contrary to the laws in society
    Against such brutality

    It's time we unite together
    To fight this social evil
    If we want a society in future
    Where women can be set free
    From the cage called patriarchy
    And fly into higher realms of success
    Without having to worry
    For their safety
    Without having to succumb to
    Expectations of society
    With full freedom
    To chart the course of their lives!!!

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    She gazes distraught
    At her charred face
    In the reflection
    Failing to realize
    That acid could only burn her face
    But not her beautiful soul!!

  • the_ice_breaker 2w

    Fear is just an emotion. It can work in your favour or against it depending on what you make of it. Below I have composed a piece on 2 people - one who used fear to her advantage and the other who tried to run away from it. Hope you all like it!!

    The caption is a Haiku (5 : 7 : 5) and the poem is a Shadorm a (3 : 5 : 3 : 3 : 7 : 5)

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    #fear #life #mirakee #pod
    @mirakee @writersnetwork


    1st person

    Life became
    A dreaded nightmare
    Each second
    Drenched in sweat
    Of dread, anxiety, tension, fear
    Awaiting the end.....

    Fear of being
    Mocked at by her peers
    Urged her to
    Take the sip
    Of the elixir that pushed
    Her into dark realms.

    The fear of
    Experiencing void
    A heart break
    Made her embrace alcohol
    As her companion.

    The fear of
    Withdrawal urged her
    To resume
    The elixir which became
    Nemesis for life.

    Always scared,
    By her fear
    Trying to
    Escape from life leading to
    Her downfall forever!!!


    2nd person

    Life became
    A celebration
    Each second
    Drenched in sweat
    Of excitement, elation, fear
    Eagerly waiting.......

    The fear of
    Failing exams urged
    Her to work
    Hard each day
    The praise received becoming
    Her potion of joy.

    The fear of
    Disappointing her
    Loved ones urged
    Her to toil
    Their happiness becoming
    Her motivation.

    The fear of
    Making a mistake
    Urged her to
    Put her best
    Effort at treating patients
    Thus bringing them joy.

    Never did
    Fear scare her instead
    Became her
    Constant source
    Of support urging her to
    Achieve her life goals!!!

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    Fear can become our
    Nemesis or our constant
    Companion for life!!!


  • the_ice_breaker 2w

    Past is our best life teacher.

  • the_ice_breaker 2w

    Her smiling face
    Obscured the wounds suffered by
    Her broken heart.

  • the_ice_breaker 3w

    W o r k s

    B e c o m e s

    B r e e d s

    Y i e l d s

    C a u s e s

  • the_ice_breaker 4w


    Love personified
    Pillar of support
    Source of inspiration always