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  • the_inhabitant 14h

    You know what
    eats you more
    than being subjected to torment,
    is the ineptitude
    of not being able to articulate those sentiments,

    Those wounds would sing cacophonous
    which force me to sleep,
    thinking it might ease the pain,
    Then I wake up to find it there
    starting another ballad again,

    They say, "Weaving fantasies are
    for those who have time and no work",
    True that, for these days, where ticking minutes
    are frozen,
    it's only through the
    blanket of imaginations that I draw warmth,
    in this lifetime, where I have lived many lives,
    for, simply being "you" was not enough,

    From walking on the tight ropes of truth,
    to tumbling down the slippery stairs of lies,
    colliding with malice and confusion,
    till I became a prisoner to my fallacies,
    And now, here I lie, in this darkness, where the sun no longer touches the horizon.


  • the_inhabitant 1d

    I almost saw..

    They say "Beauty lies in
    the eyes of the beholder",

    But, what if, the beholder
    has been denied such privilege?

    What if darkness and void,
    is all that dwells in that damaged choroid?

    Does, then, beauty cease to exist,
    for the blind,
    who never beheld the daylight,
    or the stars and the moonlit night?
    The answer is No,
    the beauty never disappeared,
    it just developed for them to be felt and heard..

    The beauty is enhanced,
    amplified, accentuated in what they perceive,
    Be it the drops of dew,
    Or the chirrup of the oriole,
    Be it the fragrance of the freshly cut grass,
    or the heavenly showers, they see it all,

    In the laughter of kids, they see the sun rise,
    And in the cricket's song, they find the star-studded skies,
    The zephyr of cool evenings show them the sunset,
    And they yearn for nothing more, just to retain the moment,

    For them, beauty is not lost,
    But it is born in everything they come across,
    Beauty is not confined in any shape or hue,
    for it metamorphoses to something that is felt through and through,

    Redefining its identity,
    remaining in the existence of the beholder for eternity.


  • the_inhabitant 2d


    Seeking to
    win over the galaxies,
    I ignored those shining stars,
    oblivious to their dimming radiance,
    that, until now, had
    been the sole light of my existence.


  • the_inhabitant 3d

    I think I am having a major episode of the aforementioned.

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    My ink dries up in the wait of verses,
    as thoughts muddle up the way ,
    while words still look for them.


  • the_inhabitant 4d

    A new dawn shall appear,
    when man-made borders


  • the_inhabitant 6d

    Tears have the
    clandestine power to extricate
    the pain buried deep in the necropolis of
    the heart.


  • the_inhabitant 1w


    There was a tinge of sadness in her voice, but she concealed it. And she was accustomed to keeping things under control.
    "Get him ready for tomorrow", she ordered her team.
    The job of being a cop requires one to be tough. This was a jurisdiction of the law, not the hegemony of uncontrolled emotions.
    "It is scheduled for 11:00 am", said her colleague.
    "We'll leave in 10 minutes."

    They reached court alongwith the perpetrator as per the given time.
    "Umm..I know this is going to be tough. If you want to go back, I totally understand.", the colleague said.
    "No, I am fine", came an abrupt reply.

    The proceedings began. Witnesses called, cross-examined. Prosecutor and Defendant engaging in a battle of arguments and questions.
    The voices began to fade as incomprehensible murmurs and the whole courtroom seemed to engulf her. She felt claustrophobic. She wanted to run away, run till her feet gave up and scream, scream at the top of her voice, scream as if a thousand arrows were piercing her existence.

    "After hearing all the arguments today in this court of law, I am ready to give my verdict", the voice of His Lordship, the Judge, brought her back to the room.
    The verdict was given. The perpetrator got what he deserved. The sentence of death.

    The day of the sentence arrived sooner than anticipated.
    She woke up, took a bath and got ready to go. The little yellow tricycle, stowed away in the corner of the store room caught her eyes. She tried to enter the room but decided not to.

    As she reached work, things were already being carried out.
    "I told them to assign Mr.Gomes to accompany us. I didn't expect you to show up", her colleague said.
    "Tell Gomes to stay. I'll be accompanying."

    The perpetrator was brought out. They reached the place where the sentence was to be executed.
    He was made to stand on the scaffold. His eyes met with hers.
    She was standing beside the scaffold. Unsaid words glistened in his eyes. She kept staring as well.
    "", the last muffled words left a sting on her ears, as the black bag was drawn over his face.


  • the_inhabitant 1w


    P.C- DeviantArt

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    Boys stare-Nature,
    Girls stare-Character,
    One world but two scales, why?


  • the_inhabitant 1w

    We, human beings, are the epitome of completion. We are complete yet, never content. When life goes smooth, one deems it as "dull" and longs for adventure and when life becomes adventurous, one yearns for stability.

    I have always been fascinated by the cuckoo and crow's strange alliance. It's called brood parasitism. The cuckoo lays her eggs in the crow's nest and the crow, totally naive, falls for it each time. Yet, she accepts it. For her it's her life. No regrets no curses.

    If deception is inherent in nature, then us complaining about deception and connivance in our lives seems de trop.

    Sit back and let life go on. You just walk with life, don't run away from it

    P.C- DeviantArt

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    Cuckoos deceive,
    Crows get fooled each time,
    Yet, do they curse their fate?


  • the_inhabitant 1w

    Turn a deaf ear to the
    clamour of conjectures,
    and let the music of
    perseverance embrace you.


    P.C- Pinterest


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    Turn a deaf ear to the
    clamour of conjectures,
    and let the music of
    perseverance embrace you.