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  • the_loneseeker 1d

    Depressed people are the ones who actually see the world for what it really is....

  • the_loneseeker 2w

    �� Deviant King

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    Some scars are better left hidden.

  • the_loneseeker 3w

    From Chemical Hearts

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    The world tells you to be mature and express yourself, but the minute that you do, it tells you to shut up.

  • the_loneseeker 4w

    Song - lonely Singer - Justin Bieber
    #lonely #Justin Bieber

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    What if you had it all
    But nobody to call?
    Maybe then you'd know me

  • the_loneseeker 6w

    She was ecstatic that her wings were unclipped,
    But little did she know that she was flying in a locked cage.....

  • the_loneseeker 8w

    ��Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone

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    The truth. It is a beautiful and terrible thing, and should therefore be treated with great caution.

  • the_loneseeker 11w

    Villian or Victim

    People say he is the villain,
    In his heart he is the victim.
    What should he believe?
    He often wondered,
    Why do people judge after hearing one side?
    Why is no one curious about the other side?
    Why is it assumed that if you don't speak out you're not suffering?
    In the last moments of his life,
    He realised that no one would know the truth about his life,
    How he was suffering in silence,
    How he was overwhelmed with loneliness
    How he often thought about his death,
    And most importantly how happy he was to die....
    His final thought was,
    "Will people remember me as a villian or a victim?"
    With that he closed his eyes for the last time....

  • the_loneseeker 11w

    You're too sensitive, you're emotionally very weak, you don't know how lucky you are you don't have any problems in your life, you can't survive in this world they said " I feel like dying, I'm tired of bottling everything and pretending things are great, I wake up everyday and the first thought I have is how much I hate my life and myself still I get up and fake a smile and face a lot of things, I want to tell someone, cry but I can't. I don't remember the last time I had a good day without one bad thought. So yeah I don't have any problems and no I'll never know how to survive in this world." she thought and just smiled at them...

  • the_loneseeker 12w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short tale on Influence

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    Her influence remains.....

  • the_loneseeker 12w


    Be a seeker of your own truth...