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  • the_nishant 4d

    The fragrance of separation
    flickers by ,

    The affection Towards
    That thing increases....!!!


  • the_nishant 1w

    That first Eye-contact ......!!!

    That special day ,
    there was nothing such special until...

    A silent face having doe-like noisy eyes
    Holding the glitter of heaven comes in sight;

    A thousand things were passing by ,
    But, this sight get confined in her intoxication;

    Her eyes seemed so deep,
    What if I get drown in it ...;

    The innocent eyes holding glimpse of scars ,
    That eyelashes giving some hints ;

    If I would be a poet , I'll write a poetry on her eyes ,
    I would introduce the world to the beautiful story of her eyes ;

    I'm stopping myself so much , so that my heart don't fall for her.....!!!


  • the_nishant 8w

    The first day ......!!!

    That first day ,
    A face comes in sight ,
    as if the moon in the thousands stars ;

    Far away from the attractive and fairy stuff;

    Having a Glimpse of innocence wraped in
    the suppress smile....,

    The doe-like Eye are captivating restlessness,
    The ambrosia of her beautiful lips ,,;

    The color of molten good ,
    The body of crystal ,
    Whoever sees her seems astounded
    Even though I'm surprised ...,

    What's the secret?....,
    She seems like a open book ,
    But felt quite ......,!!


  • the_nishant 10w

    It might not be in our hand
    What we get ....,
    It's in our hand......
    What we choose to be ...!!!

  • the_nishant 12w

    We are so busy
    In creating things ...,

    That we forget
    To stay in a moment
    And enjoy the things ....,!!


  • the_nishant 13w

    We forget things ....,

    If we have no one
    To tell them to ....!!


  • the_nishant 13w

    It's very wakeful moment :-

    When u need someone ,
    To talk , to share things ,
    When u want to lighten up your heart

    But ,
    Then you realise sometimes
    It's just u with yourself ,
    Your breath , your Heartbeats
    And only you ...!!!


  • the_nishant 13w

    I don't know about you ,
    Now I started missing you ;

    A person whispered ......

    While looking in the mirror ..!!


  • the_nishant 14w

    It's very Painful and lonely
    Feeling ,

    When you realise that
    You are a ''mere option''

    Now for them ,

    Who have been a
    "priority"for you ....!!!


  • the_nishant 14w

    You know what ?

    You might Love , care for
    Someone silently ;

    But ,

    Sometimes you need to
    Show your love , care ...

    To that person....!!!