Playing with words and reading, writting turned into my hobby and now my passion.

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  • the_plash_writes 6w

    I am a women
    With a vagina and a pair of boobs
    I am much more inside
    Than how my curves and skin looks

    I never understood this until now
    Cause I always got more than my brothers when I was a child
    More clothes on diwali
    More gifts on birthdays
    More pocket money
    Everything was always done more to me
    Even the love too

    I was always told
    “Betiyan to paraya dhan hai”
    And I was fine with it
    And always dreaming about those days
    Days at someone else's place
    Laying around the arms other than my father's
    But this all happened
    Till I was a child

    And one day it all changed
    One day I bled
    I have seen in western movies
    They celebrate it there
    But at my home
    It spread silence
    Only my father was told
    And he was happy
    But more worried
    And from then
    He always told me to take more care
    And I always did
    So many things were changed by then

    One of this changes was my body
    My breast grew plumpy
    Giving some curves to my body
    And many creases to father's head
    Worries in my mother's mind
    I really never understood
    What was the deal behind it
    Until a day

    A day when
    The neighborhoods shopkeeper
    Who was there when I was raised
    Kind to me and generous
    When he suddenly got into creepy looks
    During my childhood he was more looking into the kisses I used to give him on his cheeks for every chocolate he gave me
    And now he was looking somewhere else
    Imaging those kisses somewhere else
    And I was feeling far from neighborhood
    Somewhere else

    It all changed a day
    When I was told not to play with boys
    Boys who played with me housy cloudy during childhood
    Boys I played cricket with even when I didn't know how to ball and bat
    Boys whom with I was schooled
    They are not bad boys I was told
    But the world outside is wrong they said

    It all changed when
    My father scolded me for buying those fashionable clothes
    The same type he used to buy me during childhood
    Those frocks
    And say
    “Meri nanhi pari ke pari jaise kapde”
    From buying more clothes for me
    To buy more clothes to cover me
    Everything changed

    And now I was able to understand
    Which was only adhered to my brother's tongue during our childhood as he thought his childhood was unfair
    He thought my life is just as a fairy tale and his the miserable one
    And I never expected that my fairy tale life will suddenly turn into a caged one governed by others mind which was affected by others acts and thoughts
    I never expected this
    And I will never accept this

    Yes I am a women
    With a vagina and pair of boobs
    I am so more and more
    Than how my clothes, skin colour looks

    I am a Girl
    I am a Daughter
    I am a Sister
    I am a Friend
    I am a Wife
    I am a Mother
    And I am a doctor, an astronaut, an engineer and a pilot too
    I am all of one's capabilities
    I am half the world's life
    I am capable of bringing new life
    I am capable of raising them
    I am able to play cricket with boys and win gold
    I am able to safeguard myself when I am in short clothes and surrounded by lusty wolves
    Yes, I am women
    I am wonder among men
    Yes, I have a vagina
    I have boobs
    But I am far greater and stronger than your minds of fools.

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    I am a Women
    A wonder among men

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  • the_plash_writes 8w

    Do like and repost if you can relate to this piece ❤️❤️

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    What makes me your F.R.I.E.N.D

    What makes me your friend?
    It was asked
    And for this one question
    I had three different answers
    Coming up from my three eternal parts
    My soul, My mind, My heart

    Their answers were straight and clear
    Yet there were some conflicts
    Each of them with its own theory
    Some laws they governed
    All I knew was the term friend
    But the reason to it I really never learned 

    My mind stood up on dice made of my bumpy tongue
    And it said
    I am all of thoughts
    I am all of knowledge
    I am all intellects
    And as I found them same as you 
    I found you as my friend

    My shy heart stood up slowly and said
    I am all emotions 
    I am all of dreams and feelings
    I am all beats
    And when they got allied with you
    I found you as my friend

    And then my soul resting in silent cliffs whispered
    I am spiritual
    I am filled with beliefs and visions
    I am followed by past seeking to future
    And when my present was reciting poems with you
    I found you as my friend

    Thoughts knowledge intellect of you
    Your dreams emotions and beats of your heart
    Beliefs secularity and your visions
    Brought me to you
    Made you my friend
    A coexisting soul
    A beating heart
    A thinking mind
    A friend of mine


  • the_plash_writes 8w

    Body shaming is truly a curse to our society and those who face such problems are in great danger as I just lost one my friends, she was harrassed by some other people, she couldn't lose weight, and now we lost her����������.

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    You are so thin, don't you eat?
    You are too fat, stop eating much!!
    You are getting dark, don't you bath?
    Is that really your hairs or horse's ponytail?
    Drink some complan shorty, my neck pains..
    Are you growing into a man, where's your beard?
    You are no depressed, you are over-weighed!!
    If some weight you could subtract, many boys you will attract

    They will build their wall of shaming
    Until you keep your head banging
    It is about you they keep telling you 
    It's just not them!!
    It is you not accepting you!!

    Don't look down, you are all good
    And don't be ashamed of you as you
    It's their eyes, that can't see your beauty
    And their violent tongue that keep despise
    You are sweet with heart so kind
    The problem isn't you,
    It's their mind.


  • the_plash_writes 9w

    Sex is an emotion with physical touch
    A feeling of ecstasy and an euphoria
    Pleasure with mourns of pain and blood
    A rhythm of two bodies getting warm together

    A kiss on the lips, a bite on the tits
    Another path to know someone's depth of soul
    An art with fantasies and desires so more
    Blending of bodies and unition of souls 

    Endorphins dopamine and hormone of love
    A burst of fluids when someone is done 
    Contentment in eyes and shivering in veins
    A fire in two bodies fuming together 

    An act so pure and filled with love 
    A blessing with the will of both 
    But when it is done, against one's will
    It's Rape!!
    It's felon!!
    An act of lust

    Sex is an impression on soul with love 
    Rape is a crime under the act of lust


  • the_plash_writes 10w

    When we grow old
    Will you still compare the
    size of your palm with
    mine or just look for the
    creases that brought us

    When we grow old 
    Will you still ask me on
    which day we first met or
    on which day I proposed
    you or make me remember
    how we lived our days
    since then

    When we grow old
    Will you still tease me with
    staring other men who are
    bit longer and smarter
    than I will look then or
    hold our grandchild's hand
    calling them your new

    When we grow old
    Will you still dive into my
    eyes to read my soul or my
    soul will be ours


  • the_plash_writes 12w

    I Will Rise

    Bring me some fire
    When am drowning dark
    Show me the light
    The eternal spark
    With every flame
    I will rise
    I will leave dark
    Be more wise 

    Hold my hands
    When am falling down
    Tie me with a rope
    Of sacred vows
    Pull me up
    I will rise
    I will climb
    Be more devised 

    Tell me the truth
    When am all lies
    Teach me verities
    A good advice
    With every lesson
    I will rise
    I will learn
    Myths demise

    Please forgive
    When am wrong
    Punish if it takes
    Till am right
    Guide me the way
    To your halls
    A world so pure
    Heaven, they call
    With each step
    I will rise 
    I will walk
    Leave this abyss


  • the_plash_writes 12w

    I wish if you would be here ��.

    #ceesreposts #mirakee #mirakeeworld #writersnetwork

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    I wish if you had stayed

    Stayed for a little more time

    And may be you would have seen

    Your hatchlings taking their first fly

    With glorious feathers stained in your colours 

    Gliding in air above the clouds beyond the sky


  • the_plash_writes 13w


    Rose, he is called 
    She is not Jean, but John
    Yes they are little different
    But the same human they are
    Praful or Priyanka 
    Does it really matter ?
    It's just a name
    Only a notation
    He sees no beauty
    But handsome one's are his charm
    Still he can't admit 
    He pretends to be someone else
    As a boy he was born
    Can't he chose ?
    What he wants ?
    What he desires ?
    No he can't 
    Society doesn't call
    She is caged in a wrong body
    A soul of contradiction
    Always a discrete
    Opposite to the gentle
    Doesn't like any make up
    Haven't seen any mirror in a while
    She is all another
    Different are her thoughts
    But is it really her fault ?
    Can't forget to mention those 
    Who are still disputes 
    Yet not sure 
    Who they really are ?
    One within the crowds ?
    Or one under the shower ?
    If it is just sex ?
    The what is the gender ?
    If both are same 
    Then why am I different ?
    You are straight ?
    You are a bisexual ?
    You are blessed
    Ohh you are a gay ?
    You gorgeous 
    SEX is just BODY
    But SOUL is GENDER 
    You are pure
    You are special
    You are unique
    You are beautiful
    Be YOU that what matters.

  • the_plash_writes 14w

    I crave to meet her

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    I just felt it
    A spark in my soul
    A light 
    Bright end of nowhere

    My shadows bending
    Hunted by light edges
    Longed lived dark
    Scattering apart
    And my soul

    New feathers
    New future
    Am no more
    All I suffered
    My endurance
    Now come to an end

    I can see light
    Feel the force
    A life around
    Bound to core 
    I am somewhere
    I always dreamt
    Into her lap
    Ohh my mother
    We finally met


  • the_plash_writes 21w

    Where's me ?

    Be you Be yourself
    Everybody chants 
    But when am real me 
    They are no more thee

    Am I the one what mirror shows 
    Or one in my thoughts
    Am called by very names
    Still the real me is lost

    Dancing and singing
    Under the shower
    But a deaf when surrounded
    Crying alone in lonely lights
    But if one asks 
    Right am alright, I chatted

    A ballad of facade strength
    From a cowardice
    Just to pretend am all fine
    So my loved one stay in peace

    Who am I 
    Where's me
    Am I in the mirrors
    Or in my thoughts
    I don't know myself
    The real me is lost.