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  • the_seer10 15w

    My nourishing mother is chained
    By the greed of foreign spicers
    Her children bruised and enslaved
    Will God incarnate again to save?

    A cultured woman wise and rare
    Adorning sarees and jewels fair
    Loving and welcoming to every race
    For hospitality is in her blood and vein

    Daughters dutiful and chaste
    Sons noble and brave
    Free from vice and magnanimous
    Ready to sacrifice for his fellow mates

    Came the wolves in search of prey
    Dividing the house against itself
    Desiring its wealth and fame
    Stangulating it with ways evil and base

    The gods are deaf and lame
    A man heard her terrible pain
    A ray of hope lighting the darkest way
    A saviour chasing the curse away

  • the_seer10 15w

    The man is a craven, afraid to fight
    Preaching peace and non-violence
    Spoiling our young brains
    All he does is starve himself

    He calls himself a Hindu
    Yet he denounces our jati and caste
    This merchant classed wretch
    Needs to be shown his place

    What is it in him these people see
    His skeletal body? His loincloth, dhoti?
    Should we open our temples and wells
    To a untouchable because this fakir suggests

    This barrister is no true patriot
    A traitor who loves Muslims to death
    He tried to stop the butchery and carnage
    He begged the Muslims to stay

    A British agent doing their bidding
    The man is bought and paid
    We cannot let this madness continue
    This mendicant should be put in his grave

  • the_seer10 15w

    I am a deluded man drunk on poetry
    Will you find it in you to forgive me
    Tear my tongue out take my wits away
    Starve me to death for I have earned it

    An axe to help lumbering god save me
    I have chopped down the tree that shelters me
    Curse me turn me to a beast
    I shall be damned to eternity

    A loaded pistol that kills without bleeding
    A Nazi burning books unaware of its immensity
    A pope destroying all he considers vulgarity
    Do you still long to behead me?

  • the_seer10 16w

    Her shroud white and clean
    Women crying, men sad and mourning
    Eyes closed on bamboo sticks
    Tranquil and serene as a sea

    A god's procession in village fair
    Petals showering drums beating
    A love they never showed living
    Why shed tears when departing?

    Gravedigger sitting next to the pit he made
    Indifferent and smoking his beedi
    Buried thousands in his day
    Waiting to level ground and get paid

    Blood for blood, a life for life
    She pushed her babe into existence
    Wrinkled red and crying
    Screaming as her life's warmth fled

    Carried in her womb for months
    No rocking to sleep, no mother's milk fed
    Under the cold earth she rests
    In the company of worms sacrificing herself

  • the_seer10 16w

    What if you were a god
    What if you could go back
    What would you covet
    What would you change

    Would you desire eternal life
    To live till end of days
    Or wise enough to know
    Life is suffering immortality is vain

    Would you thrust to love again
    Lock intellect in the carriage
    Reins in hands of a madman
    A drug addict in his trance state

    Do you yearn for lost loves
    Count lost their faces haze
    They all took a piece away
    Would you stitch yourself whole again

    Would you itch to compose lines
    Middle of the night scratching head
    Thinking about impossibilities
    Entertaining fancies of a deranged brain

  • the_seer10 16w

    What is it eating you alive?
    Put on a happy face and move on
    As you have always done
    Burying it in the womb

    Father is a drunken fool
    Mother is scared witless
    Friends are coward and weak
    Always ready to laugh and jeer at you

    Friends bully to please their ladies
    Suffer slights beyond count
    Shoes are torn and pinch you
    Kicked out because your fee is due

    Wait on tables washing plates
    Men call you a lowlife
    Boss wants you stunted and crippled
    Humble and bootlicking as a servile clown

    Girlfriend busy with grand schemes
    Building castles in the air
    Have fallen for a ingrate
    Threatens to leave everyday

    The boy wanted to draw and paint
    Gods play their cruel jokes
    Mocking and laughing
    Life has become a cartoon in itself

    Sleeping on a bed of problems
    Shattered into a million pieces
    Pillow knows your painful tears
    Blanket comforts from haunting fears

    All hopes and dreams down the drain
    A innocent boy now a broken man
    Taking solace in smokes and drinks
    God you cruel bastard where are you?

  • the_seer10 16w

    All men were babes once
    Crying for their mothers tit
    Why do we turn out so different?
    Plant saplings nourish it with love
    Only few grow up to be a tree

    Live in a glasshouse away from life's misery
    Mother's love blinded the sun
    Father stood against the wind
    Lest did they know
    Their sapling is weak

    Shade no human from jeopardy
    Conceal and protect no birdie
    Roots only inch deep
    Fruits rotten and poison to eat
    Lean on other trees encroaching their liberty

    Windswept seed rains unrelenting
    Left to god's mercy
    Strengthened by suffering and hardship
    No stake to support no cage to protect
    Roots dig deep in sagacity

    Thousand travellers lay beneath
    Bounty plentiful and sweet to eat
    Countless men come pray
    Asking boons sharing their agony
    For the care of mankind a giving tree

  • the_seer10 16w

    Infinite suns won't brighten the mood
    Darkened clouds eclipse all that is good
    Spilling and confessing to the gaoler
    Only escape from this tormenting jail

    Why am I afflicted by this disease?
    A fever that returns day after day
    Torturing me with fire and water
    Forcing me to create a wave

    Make me blind and deaf
    I want to see no horror hear no evil
    Master muse returns with the whip everyday
    Ignorance is bliss let me be this way

    History will judge us all
    Irrespective of words and deeds
    My only solace in this cruel place
    Knowing I am honest in my own small way

  • the_seer10 16w

    Why do you crave to reach the stars?
    Being a mere mortal
    When I only scorn you
    By what rights do you lay claim to me?

    Why do you stalk?
    Why do you roam around?
    All things for the good
    You will only raise my prestige

    Why would I go out with you?
    Your friends are cheap and mean
    Do you take me for a fool?
    I won't be condemned to beggary

    Me and my friends laugh at you
    Yet you persist in your folly
    Gather you courage and ask me
    I will put you down with ease

    My smile is all I need
    To get you to do as I bid
    Fool don't you understand
    You are one among thousands in my list

  • the_seer10 16w

    Begging on roads in sweltering heat
    Selling pens and balloons
    Drivers turnaway and pull windows up
    All this to feed the babe at breast

    Feets are full of blisters
    I have no shoes
    Skin burning on hot tar
    Praying for pennies and notes

    I sleep under bridge and sky
    Banners are my shield and roof
    Footpath my garden and yard
    Hunger and chills my constant pals

    My husband is always drunk
    Busy with his whores and cards
    I do not dare question him
    Unless I want to be lashed

    Children are the way to riches
    Better crippled and lame
    More them more coins
    Say no more to hungry nights

    We taught some folk songs
    Gave them a portrait to bless
    With needles through their face
    Sent them dancing in common space