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  • the_shadow_of_light 96w

    #worldbestiality CONTINUATION

    Then you've got to help me!

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    Bad boy

    Hey, everybody seems to be staring at me
    You! You! All of you.
    How dare you to stare at me?
    Why? Is it because I'm a bad boy?
    A bad boy I am. A good for nothing teenager.
    A problem child? That's what you call me?

    I smoke, I drink, I gambke at my young tender age
    I lie, I cheat, I could even kill if I have to.
    Yes, I'm a delinquent. But where are my parents?
    My "good" elder brother and sister in this society where I live?

    Look... Look at me. What have you done to me
    You abused me and broke me
    Neglected me when I needed you most.
    Entrusted me to a nanny whose intelligence was
    Much.... Lower... Than Mine?
    While you go about your parties, meetings and gambling session.... Thus, I drifted a way from you!
    Longing for a father's love, Yearning for a Mother's care.
    As I grew up, everything changed.
    You too have changed!

    You spent more time in your poker, mahjong tables, bars and nightclubs. You even landed on the headline of the newspaper
    As.... Crooks, peddlers and racketeers. Now, you call me names, accuse me off everything I do to myself?
    Tell me, HOW GOOD ARE YOU?
    If you really wish to ensure my future....
    Then Hurry, hurry back home!
    Where I await you, because I need you...

    Protect me from all evil influences that will harm me at my very own understanding
    But, If I'm bad. Real bad

  • the_shadow_of_light 98w


    Most people don't accept the realities in this world
    They say it isn't fair, that it's no good
    Well it's always like that, it's unexpected
    Realities can be harsh, Realities can be dark
    But we are living the reality that we know
    We are inside the reality called "Life"
    Yah, pain too is a reality, a challenge to face.
    Hardships and sorrow are just challenges too
    It's to test how strong and sturdy you are.
    It's to test how you live in this reality
    Happiness and joy, well they are rewards
    They are there to acknowledge you
    That you went through the pain
    And realities can be very unacceptable
    Death, problems, heartbreak
    Well, they too are challenges.
    And same rewards of
    Happiness, joy and accomplishment
    We are in a reality we can't escape
    So deal with it.
    We are here for a reason
    Not for only one season

  • the_shadow_of_light 99w

    They let you see through
    This fragile heart of mine
    You always hear it when I'm hurt
    You see it in my wrists
    Do you care?
    I don't know.
    I learned new emotions
    And I go back emotionless
    You said I'm just glass
    Easy to break
    Well you can't hurt me anymore
    it's okay
    I'm stronger when I feel nothing.

  • the_shadow_of_light 99w

    From my bf (ye I'm gay) and sorry for the format.

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    A Love Letter

    They say we are sweethearts
    That we are a picturesque work of art
    They say we are perfect couple
    That Lady Luck picked our tarot cards
    In a shuffle
    Yes they said
    Flowers wilt and
    Flowers die
    But my love for you won't end
    Until time passes us by
    For me you are the light
    Which shines in the total darkness of the night
    For me you are my eyes
    When I lost my sight
    For me you are my strength
    When I lost might
    Don't listen to their judgements
    Even when we are in predicaments
    You know I'll always Love you
    You always knew
    My love for you is true
    So even if we die
    Or time passes us by
    I'll always Love you
    Even if the fattest of pigs already fly
    ©the_shadow_of_light from

  • the_shadow_of_light 103w

    Just guess who I'm referring to.
    According to the Bureau of Women and Children
    Abuse is NEVER allowed.
    It never was.
    Well for most....

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    I remember the times they thought I was dead
    When they never cared
    They're just curious onlookers
    Who wants to know about everything

    That person...
    They took my happiness away
    They took my emotions away
    They took my dignity away.

    Why do I love him?
    Why do I even care for him?
    Why does he care for me?

    It makes most of us
    We all have it
    But for unlucky girls...or even boys like me
    Lose it.

    They've lost their respect for us
    They make fun of us
    But we have no choice.
    We can't do anything.

  • the_shadow_of_light 108w

    This is for the people who are failed and does not believe in love anymore like me!!! BTW NO CREDIT TO THE ARTIST SINCE THE ARTIST IS THE ONE WHO WROTE THIS AND IT IS ME ( I used ibis paint btw :)

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    I wish I
    then there would be no need to impress you
    No need to want you. No need for loving you
    No need for crying over you. No need for heartbreaks
    No need for pain and tears. No need for forgotten promises
    No need for rejected hugs. No need for crying myself to sleep
    No need for acting like you care.

    No need for everything you've done to
    Make me feel like nothing
    Broken,useless,numb and dead inside

  • the_shadow_of_light 108w


    Just like Toy Story

    You'd never forget the people who loved you and who you loved back

    But time, must follow the rules of the life it has been given. Like a human.

    Destiny, will change too.

    Like I said, Which may pass through time as you grow, experience and soon enough...

    They'll forget you

    Just like Woody and Jesse
    You'll be forgotten

    But you'll still be in the their hearts
    Since they made memories with you
    But like The toys
    They'll be forgotten too

  • the_shadow_of_light 108w

    私のヒーローアカデミア reference ��

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    You say you want to be like me?

    No you won't.

    You don't see the pain I've been through
    Just because I am a "Hero"
    You never saw the teas I cry.
    They purely turn to ice
    That you don't see

    You don't see I am weak?
    Just because I am a "Hero"
    All the anger and fear in my heart
    Turn to a bursting flame in my hand

    One side is dominating the other
    My pain,fears,weaknesses,anger
    My Flaming side
    It will never die
    It will melt the Ice
    It will break me soon enough
    Just like the Ice

  • the_shadow_of_light 108w


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    F*cked up,Insane,Numb, Emotional

  • the_shadow_of_light 113w

    ||PLOT TWIST||

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    A child walked to the seashore on hot summer day

    He screamed

    "Even if you touch my feet a thousand times
    Even if you try to bring me to your dephs
    Even if you try to lure me to an unescapable demise
    I still won't forgive you for taking my parents away"

    All I know is
    If I didn't drive the boat recklessly
    They wouldn't be dead