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  • the_silhouettes 2w

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersbay

    Ps: sorry for being so inactive these days.��
    Will read y'all soon. :)
    Good day, peeps!��

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    Sometimes, i wish we could get off this facade of smiles, and make people fall in love with what we hold in ourselves-- make them fall for our grief.


  • the_silhouettes 5w

    I have

    always loved

    the glooming stars

    so indulgently

    to be timorous

    of the



  • the_silhouettes 6w

    Samjhe bhidu?��

    Ps- aurrrr, haan mene toh kabhi khud ko bura nhi samjha hai.����
    Tum agar samjte ho toh, tum apne upar yeh lekskte ho.(ᵔᴥᵔ)

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    Kabhi apne aap ko bura math samjhna aur naa hi bura kehna, kyunki yeh bolne k liye tumhare rishtedaar ne theka le rakha hai. xD

  • the_silhouettes 8w

    // What do you do when things don't go, the way you planned them to go? //

    So, the above question was asked by someone to me, hence, this was my answer to 'em.��❤️
    And i hope y'all to go through this perspective like mine.

    Happy Sunny and Bright Day, pals!✨

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersbay

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    Things almost never go as planned. The only thing that gives you peace is you, did your best, that you left no stone unturned, that you had the purest of intentions and that there is nothing more you could.
    When you reached that point, result becomes inconsequential because you have no regrets.
    Just peace!


  • the_silhouettes 10w

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersbay

    Picture credits: Self.�� (Haan, I added some contrast colors while editing ��)
    P.s- also, editing is not everyone's cup of tea! ����

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    When trust catches rust, maladies make their way into the heart, which no love can cure.


  • the_silhouettes 11w

    Find happiness in little things, 'cause happiness needs to be find. On the other hand, sadness is all around. Sadness is within us, it can be assessed only if we feel.

    So, what I am trying to convey here is, be happy with what you have, feel contended with what you have 'cause you never know what might happen in the next.
    ~Think positive!
    ~Self motivation plays a very important role in one's life!
    ~Spread positivity everywhere, so that people could learn from you!
    ~Be a super idol for others! (Everyone must say: "arey woh dekho, iske waise bano, kitna achcha/acchi hai ye, he is definitely an example for everyone")�� hai na? Sshshsh, silence now. :P
    ~Learn good things, read good books, read our prophet's biography!
    ~Try to be good listener! Don't always be a blabbermouth. A listener needs a good listener too!
    Have a Blessed, Healthy and a Wonderful Day, ahead! ��❤️��

    P.S- Haan, aaj ka gyaaan hai, sunlo aur amal (follow) bhi krlo, aur haan mein bhi krungi aur karti hi hun humesha!����

    P.P.S - Also rate my background!����

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersbay #pod #mirakee

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    Find happiness in little things, 'cause happiness needs to be find. On the other hand, sadness is all around. Sadness is within us, it can be assessed only if we feel.


  • the_silhouettes 12w

    Assalamualaikum/ Hola beautiful souls!
    Hope y'all are having a great, blessed day.

    So, wanted to share some beautiful reminders.
    ��Spread deen.
    ��Follow the right paths of seeratul mustaqueem.
    �� Share with ya friends.
    ��Gain knowledge about deen.
    ��Enlighten ya friends who are unaware of these tiny things.(reminders)
    ��You will definitely gain rewards in jannah, in Sha Allah!

    There you go.������������

    6 ways to EARN EVEN AFTER DEATH:

    1. Give a copy of Qur'an to someone.
    Each time one reads from it, you will gain sawab.(rewards)

    2. Donate a wheelchair to a hospital. Each time a sick person uses it you will gain sawab.

    3. Participate in building a masjid or donate money for a new masjid to be built.

    4. Place a water-cooler in public places.

    5. Plant a tree. You gain whenever a person or animal sits in its shade or eats from it.

    6. And the easiest of all, "share this message with everyone". as it's Sadq_e_jaariyah. ������

    May Allah (SWT) grant hidayat to each one of us, may we all follow the right path of seeratul mustaqueem.
    Ameen. SummaAmeen!

    P.S. don't just simply hit like, do read the entire piece in caption and Spread. Cuz I know, many of us just skip the long written captions.

    Thanks a bunch for the kind read and like! @writersnetwork ����❤️❤️

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  • the_silhouettes 13w

    #artquill @writersnetwork aap dekhna chahogey WN ji?��

    Shayad aap sabhi ko pasand aaye!?����
    Last year ki hai. ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ

    PS- ignore my writing.��(but my writing is good ��, haa..pata nhi woh yahan pe achi kyun nyi aayi)��

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  • the_silhouettes 15w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay #writersbay

    Picture credits to the rightful owner.✨

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    Amongst all the prose, you were my only poem in which i can scribble tons of pages about you!


  • the_silhouettes 15w

    Stop thinking that all are same. No, they aren't!
    Have seen people stabbing behind one's back. Back-biting, bitching others etc etc. It's not so easy to trust anyone so easily. People hold grudges till their death, yes , *till their death*. They never repent themselves, they only know how to initiate the fight/argument or whatever. They never apologize first, never try to initiate peace, just poke their bloody nose bekar ka.

    Anyway, i was just sharing this just for the sake of knowledge ke don't trust anyone blindly.. But still we cannot assure how the opposite person is. Isn't it!?
    So don't assume that everyone has a heart like you.

    Thank you for the read.��

    PS- You may skip it. Cuz it's not any gyaan or whatever you call.�� I felt like sharing with you all , to make you aware how there are people who live with two faces. *sigh*
    So that you don't have to trust them blindly!
    God bless! ✨✨✨

    PPS- so sorry for not being active, apologies for not responding to the tags. Kinda occupied in my college projects. I'll definitely read each one of you, once I'm free. ��
    Don't wanna miss any of ya tags, would love to read y'all. ��❣️Stay Happy!

    @writersbay @mirakee @writersnetwork #pod #softheart #trust

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    And honey, not everyone has a soft heart like you.