Just a young soul of great ambitions

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  • the_starry_mind 3d

    A Choice

    Embrace the change: the symphony of life.
    It can sooth your every dreaded fear.

    Happiness is not ephemeral, our choices are,
    For every xenizatious pal can be a dear.

    Who says your solasta soul can't sparkle rainbows,
    Out of tangled emotions drunk on the ride of tears?

    If you really immerse to respire the goodness,
    Every moment can be a sulit and merry cheer!


  • the_starry_mind 1w

    "Bury my heart as deep as your
    malicious hands can dig, but don't repent
    if the soil fears to engulf it's phoenix spirit."

  • the_starry_mind 1w


    Ridges in throughs,
    And mesas in crests,
    Perfection of an equilibrium,
    Was never to be known.
    The oceanic horizon,
    Brimming with tang,
    And soaring might,
    Knows it all.

  • the_starry_mind 1w

    Soaring down

    Ghosts never haunted me, your void did.
    Sniffing silence, since my drug's not 'round.
    In an ocean of not mirrors but reflections.
    Every single day, I sore and breath yet drown.

  • the_starry_mind 2w

    greek to
    the frenzy
    of passion."

  • the_starry_mind 4w

    Individuality in Bloom

    Drizzling and pouring,
    swifty and splashy,
    Undoubtedly it seems as,
    Fascination to the eyes.

    How it ripples and chuckles,
    Like a child's hearty giggles,
    Stepping in a rumble,
    Yet a sooth to lives.

    Oh but every frivolous heart,
    Destines to mature,
    Just as a glimmering pearl,
    Stands still for a while.

    That tiny soul,
    So quiet it is of now:
    As if never learned to sprint,
    As if never learned to cry.

    Amidst the forces,
    Of winds and gravitation,
    And responsibilities,
    The wild ride stops still for a while.

    But just as that zestful soul,
    Discovered bewitched and absorbed,
    By the eternal forces,
    That calmed its move.

    That serene soul of now,
    Has the absolute ability,
    To feel the rush of the ether,
    And be caught in his frenzy flight.

    Often caught sandwiched,
    In the dynamics and stabilities of life,
    We chose to lean towards,
    Whose gravity suits us better.

    But neither does zest mean savage,
    Nor is serenity grey.
    Yet overlooking their profoundness,
    Is indeed a moral astray.

    Every individual blooms,
    In shades and fragrance unique.
    And the beauty of our conscience,
    Enchants the buzzy goodness of life.

  • the_starry_mind 4w

    "Humans were born
    And have rights to thrive
    But humanity wasn't meant
    To merely survive"


  • the_starry_mind 4w

    The Greatest Disguise

    The world in your eyes,
    Rises and falls back in you.
    For the swifty breeze beside,
    Rustling and whistling,
    The whole of the universe,
    Never took a different plunge,
    To make anything happen,
    It was always just you,
    Who paced a little faster,
    Than every yesterday.
    And just as I already penned,
    The whole of the world,
    Is in your eyes,
    In a tiny disguise,
    Is in your hands,
    And the image of it,
    Yet to be seen
    In your mind.


  • the_starry_mind 8w


    What thou see,
    In those eyes;
    Perhaps indeed,
    in a dusty disguise,
    Are a sentiment's,
    voiceless ride:
    Greek to humanity,
    And Yet so human,
    And homely to the heart.
    And yet so arcane,
    To a similar pair,
    Deprived of empathy,
    Carving only and only,
    What the demons,
    In their mind,
    Shall comprehend as,
    A minute's amuse.
    But who shall deny,
    That the gravity,
    of mere entertainment,
    Has never felt,
    The pull of pain before?
    Oh my pal!
    Dive into their depth,
    And be all ears,
    To the yarns,
    Of its intricate woof.
    For life, the truly,
    Beats in hearts,
    And not in,
    The glimmering posh,
    Of inanimates as duly.
    For feeling life,
    And its exhilaration,
    To its utmost,
    Vehemence and zest:
    Why find our paths,
    Flexing towards,
    Today's artificiality,
    While in those,
    Exquisite pair,
    Of intent gaze,
    (Averted contacts from)
    Still had the keen,
    Lingering upon,
    In desperation,
    As life too,
    Lingered upon,
    In desperation,
    To narrate,
    A thousand poetries,
    Of its own?

  • the_starry_mind 15w

    A frosty warmth

    In a frostful xenization,
    While the world found itself,
    Trapped in the carving,
    Of soaking themselves,
    In the heat of,
    Soups and flames and sheets,
    Surviving this crystallizing terror,
    I embraced it,
    In fingertips frozen,
    As it respired.
    Waltzing in the symphony,
    Of the tails it narrated.
    Stumbling upon the yarns,
    It wove in my heart's woof,
    I felt myself,
    Feeling the life beating in me.
    Breathing the mist,
    Cold as it is,
    And the gravity,
    Of its unuttered emotions,
    That were indisputably,
    Warmer indeed.