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  • the_stori_ 5d

    Kuch bhi likh diii �� thora jhel lo ap log ��

    Aur jo story likh rhi thi woh bhi complete karli ����

    Sab dhyan rakho apna aur likhtee raho ✨❤️

    Koi bhulnaa maat ��

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    M not yet dead !!

    You know somedays I do nothing but
    Surround myself with nature and fell those breeze
    Running through my hairs
    And touching my face
    Blooming with grace and calm my ears with the sound
    Of the chirping of innocent creatures
    I want to let my soul relax in the lap of nature
    For the time being
    This little heart of mine
    Want to act childish
    And my mind never wants to know
    What maturity is , how does it taste of
    And last but not the least
    I want to trust on the vibes
    Which never lies !!

    ~ Samadrita Sinha ♡


  • the_stori_ 5d

    Rick finally confessed to his parents that he loves Dona and it's his final decision

    His father replied "What !! Then you've started taking your own decision then what's the use of us being your parents"
    He said "No dad I didn't mean that but Dona's father stopped talking with her and for that I'm feeling guilt"
    His father replied "Yeah it's obvious , we have spend everything to make you this capable and what results you all are giving to us"
    "Dad , Dona is not a bad girl and we know each other's kamu till ages then what's the problem in accepting our love ??" he urged
    "I've given my answer and I don't want any further talk regarding this" his father assured

    There was no hope left.....

    He called her and told her
    "In the entire world you'll exist somewhere
    Somewhere far .... Somewhere away from me
    You'll look up and I'll too
    Under the same sky
    Promise me
    You and I will wish the same to the shooting starts
    Between us there will be infinite kilometres distance but our heart should be together loving each other
    I know you're going far away for me but you'll always be there in my heart"
    And that call lasts hours after hours.....

    After few days
    Dona's father talked with her and said "I've decided that I'll not find any man for you"
    She thought that he will accept Rick with her
    But that smile in her face was just for the time being
    Her father said "In place of mine , Rick's father will find your partner and I'll find partner for Rick"
    She couldn't stop herself and tears dropped from her eyes and the smile faded

    That was the time when both are going far away but maybe it's destiny ����
    They both still have faith upon God that he will not do any injustice with them

    After few days
    Her father said "Today the day came when you'll get the photo of the guy with whom you're going to get married"

    She without thinking anything further called Rick
    But he was busy in his work and he missed the call

    Then he ring back
    And she told everything and received a call from his father so for the time being he put her call on hold

    And his father also said the same that at evening
    Dona's father will give the photo of the girl

    Both decided that they will reject them by some excuse.....

    Then in the evening
    He received the photo of the girl
    And at the same time she also received his photo

    It's nothing but blessing
    It's Rick's Photo ����
    And it's Dona's Photo ����

    Both hugged their parents at their own place
    And couldn't stopped themselves than calling each other

    "The number you're calling is currently busy"
    That irritating tune.... ����‍♀

    She texted him "hey it's you whose photo I've received"
    And he replied "yeah it's same , it's your photo only"

    Again she called "the number you're calling is currently busy"
    Then again she texted "oyee idiot , stop calling me and pick up my phone"
    "How did you know that I'm calling you only ??"
    "I know you from 2 hours ago that's why ����"

    "I love you gurl ����"
    "I don't love you the way you love me ����"

    �� Happy Ending ��

    ~ Samadrita Sinha ��

    The hashtag ~ #idontloveyouthewayyouloveme ��

    �� 17/9/20 ��

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  • the_stori_ 5d

    The biggest issue was the family.....
    Unlike all they both were also became very much tensed

    Then they both planned to be close to its opposite family
    Like Rick will becomr more close to Dona's family and vice versa

    Their plan was on the way

    Suddenly one day
    Dona's father said that they are going to search her life partner soon

    It's like everything will come to its end
    What to do was the next question which stucked in each other's mind

    Being far away from each other also became a barrier
    But till they were enough understanding to hold their heart together and face the coincidence

    Dona promised Rick that

    �� If You're the Sun I'll be the Moon ��

    Hard to be Together but not impossible to Meet

    Just we both meet for twice
    DAWN (early morning)
    DUSK (early evening)

    Can't live without each other

    You shine during the day
    And as I'm nothing without you
    I reflect your light during the night

    There are so many moon lovers
    But still the Moon loves the Sun

    Everyone die to see our meeting
    Still the luckiest one able to

    Without the setting of Sun
    Moon can't shine

    Same for Sun

    Slowly and Silently looking at each other is the key of our PURE LOVE

    And if any one of them see then looking down with a great blush in face is our romanticism

    Our love story is that level
    No one know that we both kove eachother
    But inside us there was a deep emotional attachment for eachother

    Yeah there are up's and downs still we manage to stay together
    As our promises were the most important thing as it's the second brick to make a house of love followed after TRUST

    We both are different to its point but still made for each other

    We both are and will be FOREVER ♥️��

    The day came when she faced the situation without any further issue

    She confessed that she fell in love with Rick
    And wants to marry him
    He also love her the same way

    After hearing all this
    Her father beacme angry and stopped talking with her for days

    She also became sad because the happiness of her family was more than her own happiness

    Rick and her Mother was the only hope left for her
    Her Mother also can't do much more than convincing her father

    Rick was feeling helpless in Mumbai
    He wants to rush to her so that he can console her as he understood both the condition and the situation

    He don't want to leave her hand anyhow
    So he planned to tell his parents about her so that they can help something out

    All this need to much courage
    They both became pillars for each other in hard times.

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  • the_stori_ 1w

    She never needed anyone
    She is love with the peaceful mornings
    With the calm breeze and birds chirping
    Her eyes admired how the blue sky change
    Into crimson red
    With each sunrise and sunset

    She never gave her heart to a boy
    As she already restores is within the lines
    Of her poems and poetries
    Like a dive in the ocean's depth
    She is blessed with her magical words
    Rather having magical feelings

    Sometimes rain act like stardust
    In her sparkling eyes
    Her love used to be measured by the
    Words of a poem
    She look for the conversation under her bed
    A words which will not turn pale
    And dreams always that gets faded in sleep

    She want the brightest sky
    Want to fell for the sudden mist of shooting stars
    With every morning the sun used to take her glow
    But at the end of the day her two bestfriends
    Stars and Moon
    Give all her belongings

    She wasn't born to be married
    Or to fall in love with anyone
    She was different , lively and magical
    And the world still wanders
    A girl so admirable , never fell in love , Why ??

    ~ Samadrita Sinha ♡

    #stardust #magical #mirakee

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  • the_stori_ 1w

    #random ��
    ~Samadrita Sinha
    �� 11/9/20 ��

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    Breathless !!

    And all of a sudden
    One day the volume of oxygen will left
    So less for my lungs to breathe....

  • the_stori_ 2w

    The friendship was the purest over all , they used to irritate each other as best friends , fight like little kids , care like parents and love like partners

    Yeah !!
    It's our True Love ❤️
    By that time we both made our mind to be together till any one of us was cemented
    Don't worry , it's not upto that much
    It's about for the 7 upcoming life (as we all belive that there are seven life and the bond was made by heaven , mainly according to the Indian Weddings)

    Considered him as the God of my world
    And for him I'm the Goddess of his world

    And then the story begins
    Everlasting as we both only wants
    Happiness attacking hearts and minds
    My heart beats faster when ever I hear your voice
    Never felt this kind of feeling before

    Oh you charm
    Beyond comparison
    Perfect is all I can say

    Quite hard I've tried
    But rarely I've found situations where you make me felt sorry for my deeds
    And I truly mean it

    Universe have made us together
    You walk with me
    You stand for me
    You were always there for me Man

    Doubt shall have no prevalence
    I never want to lose you
    Just be with me
    Forever and always

    Like a Gentle Love
    Cherishing the warmth of togetherness

    Mr. Perfect ♥️

    But she have the fear whether her family and his family will accept their love or not ??

    For her , her family was superior

    This was all which I'd only shared with Titli

    Next day se thought to finish his waiting for her
    So she thought to reply yes to his proposal

    But how suddenly
    It's quite strange ..... Ain't ?

    So in the evening exactly at 5:13 pm on 14th July
    She asked him "Will you be my better half"
    He replied "Better half .... How ???"
    Then in a poetic way she said him
    "Yes you'll be my another half
    Who came suddenly
    Like the mists of time
    Gathering the valuable moments
    It seems everything stopped in front of you
    I just can't restrict myself from saying this
    For the time being
    Be my forever
    Till the time stops
    Hold ny hand
    For the last time
    Love me as I need you
    Forever ♡
    Ever after ♡"

    He felt like how lucky I'm to get her ����

    ~ Samadrita Sinha ��

    The hashtag ~ #idontloveyouthewayyouloveme ��

    �� 7/9/20 ��

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  • the_stori_ 2w

    #random ��
    ~Samadrita Sinha
    �� 8/9/20 ��

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    हर बार सोचती हूं ,
    अब बचा ही क्या खोने को ?
    लेकिन हर बार कुछ न कुछ छूट जाता है
    और वो खो जाता है ।

  • the_stori_ 2w

    After ages they both became one
    They are collecting old reminiscence ��

    One final day before going back to Mumbai , he confessed his love towards her

    Rick said "I'm falling for someone else"
    She knowing everything still asked "Who is that lucky girl ?"
    He said "Open your instagram , I'm telling her number and sending her photo"
    She "Okay , waiting...."

    Notification popped
    "Arey it's the wrong photo maybe you've sent" she blushed
    "Wait the number will not be wrong maybe" he urged
    Another notification......
    She said "okay I'll call her and talk with her that he you're mad and not to accept you ever ����"
    He smiled "Don't say this all to her.... I'm waiting for her since years"

    She blushed and walked away

    After 2 days
    He went for Mumbai as the wedding ceremony ended

    He said "Ask her that I'll wait for the reply from my dream girl"
    She smiled "Sure !! ☺️"

    Both kept talking with each other as the distance can't separate their bonding ��

    She used to irritate Rick by teasing him ����

    She said "You know my Mashi is asking me whether I love someone else or not ��
    Then I replied no"
    Then my Sister asked "What type of guy I like"
    "What's you reply ??" he asked with alot of hope

    I started giving the list
    ♡ He should respect my family ��
    ♡ He should be taller than me ��
    ♡ He should be understanding and short tempered as I'm a hot tempered girl ��
    ♡ He should support me and trust me ��
    Some more mainly it's all the characteristics of Rick itself ����

    He without any further anger replied "Okay boss ! I'll find a perfect man for you"

    And you know I've a question
    "Why it's everytime that a girl change her surname ��" she asked innocently
    "It's going on since years and there is no one to stop all this that's why it's going on till now" he patiently replied

    And the conversation further continued.....
    Don't listen to all of their talk's
    Let some of their talks be private ����

    ~ Samadrita Sinha ��

    The hashtag ~ #idontloveyouthewayyouloveme ��

    �� 7/9/20 ��

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  • the_stori_ 2w


    Happy happy birthdayyyyy to Youuuuuu


    So here comes my wish ����
    Special wish for special girl on her special day
    So as u know Tu mere liye kitniii kitniii important meko batane ka zrurat nai h


    Humara dosti hi gajab tarike se hua.. ������ tujhe janti tak nai thii tab m .. ekdin Avi k post m teri comment k reply kri aur tab se baat suru hue aur ab dekh
    Mujhe kuch bolne k shayad zarurat nai h ��������


    Tab th lga tha yrr kitni innocent bholi sharif ladki h but ab glt femi clear ho gyi boss ����.. Humari dosti ko kafi mahina ho gye ab or itne mahino me memories th bhar bhar ke bnai h humne.. Memories Kya humari th same pinch hi infinity ��literally itne same pinches bhaiii.. Hatred se start kar k kam bhi buss same hi hona h ������

    ������������������ @sparkling_ ������������������

    Ao thnku for always being a super understanding frnd❤️stay like tht always.. Waise th tarif krne ka mann nai but kr deti hu���� Tu sch me bhot understanding h..mtlb har koi chahega ki unka tere jaisa frnd ho, kasam se❤️.. Perfect ekdm.. Chahe Wh baro ki respect krna ho yah logo ko maaf krna ho, yah patience ka th baat hi choro, dusro ki itni care krna samne wla jitna v hurt kre, help krna etc etc baapre itna talent��or pdhai ka kaise bhul gyi.. Wh th aap ho hi awall ekdm��.. Bs bs pure saal ki tarif krdi ab or nai krungi ��just kidding.. Jo bole �� sch❤️


    Bs itna bolungi ki choti si request h kbhi v gussa mt hona yah sath mt chorhna jitna v bara baat ho meko gaali de dena yah daat dena yah pit lena.. But bina btae naraz nai rehna.. Mai th soch soch ke hi pgl ho jati hu kbhi kbhi ki kahin Tu naraz th nai����bhot ajib hi feeling hota h tb sch me.. So at the end itna bolungi.. Ki jitne teri life me aae or chale gye.. Waisa nai krungi, chahe jo v ho jae u will always find me beside you❤️N I know Tu v whi kregi.. So kbhi chorh ke mt jana vrna ghr me ghus ke matha pathiye debo����❤️ Address k chinta n kr woh m zarur pata kar lungi ����


    Ending it hear with balti bhar bhar ke loveeee❤️
    Happiest birthday my girl... Love youuuuu❤️❤️��


    ❣️ You're Special Saniyaaaaa ❣️


    Your's loving ,
    Sammu ��


    ❣️ 6/9/20 ❣️

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  • the_stori_ 2w

    I turned and it's none other than Sarthak

    I became shocked and asked "You said you're not going to come and how did you get my address"
    "Your father gave the address" he said
    "What my dad ??" ��
    "Arey I'm the head event manager and I came with my team for your sisters marriage"
    "Ohh gosh you're the Best Event Manager in India ^_^ " i asked
    "Yes like that only" he smiled

    Then I introduced Sarthak to Aman and Titli too
    Aman took him aside and started talking with him
    I was busy so I took titli with me

    In the mean time Aman get to know that he is Rick
    He kept silent and only told this to Titli

    In the evening
    Titli asked me "so finally when you're planning to get married ??"
    "I'll wait for him" i replied
    As she is my soul friend he understood but sti asked "who and for how much more years"
    "It's 15 years 4 months 15 days and untill I got him back I'll keep on waiting"

    At the same time Rick is waiting for his love of life for 15 years 4 months 15 days ❤️❤️

    Titli asked "for whom ??"
    "I'm waiting for Rick" i smiled ��

    Then Aman and Sarthak came and Titli intentionally said in a mischievous way
    "You'll never change Dona" ��

    "Who Dona ??" Sarthak asked
    Aman replied "She" pointing at me
    "What ??" ����
    "Yes I'm Dona , it's my nickname" i replied

    "Come here " he asked
    "Okay !!" I went with him
    "Your name is Dona" he again asked
    "Yes it's my nickname i said you" i replied
    "You used to read in Delhi Public School" he asked
    "Yes !! But how did you know" I asked

    "You're not kidding right" in a tearful eye he asked
    "Yes I'm saying the truth only but why are you crying ??" I asked

    "I'm Rick ����" he replied
    "What �������� Are you serious" i asked with a lot of hope
    "Yes !! I'm Rick , your childhood friend" he said

    Without thinking further I hug him and couldn't stop from crying

    Somehow I felt that I found my incomplete part of my life ��❤️��

    Then I asked him why he hasn't contacted me
    He replied that he had lost all his contacts when he went to London

    I said you know
    "I've only waited for you and it's 15 years" i said
    "4 months" he continued
    "15 days" i said

    We both were blushing ♥️

    ~ Samadrita Sinha ��

    The hashtag ~ #idontloveyouthewayyouloveme ��

    �� 4/9/20 ��

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