N A I N A K A S H Y A P LOGOPHILE. And at long last, poetry did what nothing could to her.✨

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  • the_story_weed 1w

    They said let your feelings flow,
    so I picked up a pen.
    And here I am, writing your name.
    Over, and over again.

    Over these past years,
    I have grown so close to you,
    that even your name has become a feeling;
    So why not let you flow tonight?

    Maybe my wounds will heal,
    maybe they won't.
    Maybe my mind will get used
    to hearing your name,
    maybe it won't.
    But who cares, I will let you flow tonight.

    And tonight who knows,
    it might not be like the other nights.
    Yes, the moon will still be there,
    the stars will still shine.
    And yes, like every other night,
    tonight also, the breeze will blow my hair,
    when I look through the window
    and see nothing but despair.

    But maybe today,
    you'll flow enough for me
    not to feel anything tomorrow.
    Or maybe you'll still remain,
    for me to remember you
    everyday, every night,
    every minute and every passing second.

    Honey, you might not know
    but with every breath,
    you've become a little less mine
    and I, a little more yours.


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    --F L O W--

    Tonight I'll definitely let you flow.
    Just to make sure tomorrow
    I become hollow.
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  • the_story_weed 1w

    Hi guys!! Do u remember me? Some of you probably do, and many of you don't. But what if I have only 4 months to live? What if all the random conversations I struck up with random strangers, was because I knew it would be my last? What if I tell you that I will no longer be beside you to cheer you up, like everytime? What if all the crazy things I have done in the last few months was because I knew: that these would be the last mistakes I ever make? What if everytime I ditched our plans because I had tutions to attend, was really when I went for a check up? What if the medicines I always took for my asthama problem, was actually the medicines I had to take for 'not curing but delaying death'. What if all this is true? What if I was not brave enough to tell you about all this? Maybe i just did not want to be looked at sympathetically. But I can asure you this past year has been nothing but Legend...wait for it...Dary. With the coming of 2019, and my death advancing, I just want you to know I love you. And leaving you will be hard. But mostly that I love you.

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    What if

    --I will miss you--

  • the_story_weed 2w

    Hey, I know it's late and I should be sleeping, but it is not the first time your thoughts have kept me up. I have already looked at the clock, its 3a.m. The hour of the dead as one might refer to, I do too but for reasons that are different from the ones you think. Have you ever thought carefully about who don't sleep at this hour of the night? It is the lovers that were torn to shreds; it is the ones that can't stop thinking. It is basically people who have lost something: Love, Faith, Lover, and hope to live. It is at this hour that these dead souls live, that they come alive, but that too with feelings of grief. The drug of the forged facade finally wears off as the emotions that were numb so far start to take place. And in the darkness of the night, if you listen carefully, you'll hear the cry, the wails of people. But you know that in the morning they will be fine, at least they will pretend to. But night unto night, you know their wails are becoming louder, but you can't do anything but sit and listen. And suddenly it all stops. There are no more wails, no one crying. But in the dark, where it all started, you realize you were that person all along. But it is too late now. Your feelings are frozen, in a way that they can't be thawed again. And you get to live with it for your whole life, a life that you did not choose, but the one that choosed you.

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    It's 3a.m

    I heard it.
    I heard it again.
    The bloodcurdling cries, the wails.
    How can you not hear it,
    It is so audible to me.
    Oh, never mind the demons
    played a prank on me,
    looks like I am going to be
    stuck here for eternity


  • the_story_weed 2w

    When words no longer
    supported me;
    tears did.
    And that is why this poem
    is dedicated to tears;
    the ones that flowed for
    unnecessary people,
    the ones that flowed
    for loved ones,
    and for the ones that
    we once loved.
    When abrupt stop hits me,
    you act as a release.
    When my pen no longer
    flows with ink of love,
    you flow as an expression
    of my surrender.
    But the thing about you,
    is that you are not a secret
    and therefore cannot spill.
    You are not a vault,
    I don't have to gaurd you.
    You help me and never leave me,
    And I don't know if I
    should be sad or happy.

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    --T E A R S--

    An expression of grief;
    but a friend of mine.


  • the_story_weed 3w

    --'It's funny, you know and ironic too.'--

    Hey guys!!!���� I know I haven't uploaded anything for a week now. S.O.R.R.Y��
    I was actually busy packing, for I have a camp to attend. So, won't be able to upload anything for another week. DON'T LOSE HOPE IN ME YET.��
    --Naina Kashyap

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    It's funny, you know?
    When they ask me about you
    and I reply with a gleeful smile.

    It's funny, you know?
    Even though your name's not been said,
    'you' are the only thing that pops in my
    head when they ask me about love.

    It's funny, you know?
    Oh, don't you,
    or are you oblivious of even this fact?

  • the_story_weed 5w

    Innocence hung in the air,
    guilt stuck with me till the end.
    Mountains blossomed with love,
    Mankind cherished with hatred.
    Happiness lost in time,
    Sadness increased day by day.
    Sailent became the grief behind the smiles,
    Unnoticed were the tears that flowed every night.
    As time passed by, soul got detached,
    Until one day, only a body remained

  • the_story_weed 5w

    Just tell me this why are you still in love with me?
    Today is 16th December. The day, when previous year, you and I were discussing what we would do. You remember, don't you; when I asked you what you would like to do for Christmas and you replied, 'I will do anything as long as it is with you.' You do remember, don't you? Can I ask you one thing? Why? What changed so much in a year? What was so different?
    You changed, didn't you? We had been together for years, weren't we? And yet years of closeness was broken in a span of mere days. And yet people have the audacity to ask me what is so wrong with love.
    What is so wrong with love?
    Let's begin with it never happens with the right person and when it does, you are not the right person for them.
    It never happens in the right time, and when it does, it is not for the right 'amount' of time.

    But enough about reasons cause if reasons would've mattered, you would still be mine. Let's talk about the days when we were together and in 'Love'. You remember, don't you? When we held hands, when we called each other sweet names and still fought. Now, our hands are no longer intertwined, we don't talk, but suddenly the fights are real. But I thought you were happy, than why did you call me last night, cause yesterday I fell in love with you. Again.
    You still remembered our plans, you still remembered our promises. Thanks to your drunk self, you finally were accepting it. I know this morning when you wake up, you might have forgotten about the drunk call you made last night but I'll forever know the truth, behind your smiles.

    So, tell me what changed so much that you no longer 'wanted' to be in love with me. Tell me why one day you suddenly broke up with me? But if none of this questions you can answer. Just tell me this, why are you still in love with me?

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    Today when I woke up,
    neither the breeze blew too strong,
    nor the birds chirped too long.
    It seemed like a normal day.
    And believe me, it was,
    till night dawned and you called.
    Now, the, day seems like a whimsical nightmare,
    and you, the cause of my disaster.

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  • the_story_weed 5w

    BLANK. My page was blank, much like my imagination, much like the reality. Holding my pen in my hand,
    the only thing that flowed were my tears.
    FRUSTRATION and AGITATION; these were the feelings running through my veins yet my mind simply remained blank. I was EMPTY; but empty only suited vessels not a human being.
    So, with immense courage I again picked up my pen to write and thought hard.
    IRONY; it coursed through my mind. How stupid! People need immense courage to pick a sword and go to fight; but the little bit of optimism that was still alive in me said, 'Every battle is hard for the fighter.'
    FIGHTER, finally it clicked in me that I am a fighter and so is everyone, in their own ways. We don't have to rage wars to be a fighter; we just have to be distanced from the thing we love most, in my case- writing, in someone else's maybe love.
    So, don't think you aren't worthy enough to fight for what you love, for that is reason we are still alive.
    #writersnetwork #ceesreposts

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    LOST and FOUND

    Devil showed me the darkest times,
    they were the ones I was without you.
    And every night when I sat down to find you
    devil sneered in the corner,
    it knew I would not find you.
    But in the darkest times,
    a person gets the toughest.
    I fought for you,
    I cried for you,
    and I smiled too,
    in the end I found you.
    Devil shook his head in disbelief,
    but alas, he had not yet tasted the power of love!

  • the_story_weed 6w

    Let's take one day at a time.
    Let's hold hands one day,
    and the next day, let's be
    clad in each other's arms.
    Let's not kiss today,
    but instead talk, alright?
    Tomorrow you can devour me
    and i'll hold on to you tight.
    Let's not go out today,
    but instead dance to the
    music and sway.
    Let's not say I love you today,
    but instead show each other
    how much we mean for each other, ok Bea?
    Let's not fight and keep distance for one day,
    for when tomorrow comes
    we'll know what it is like with the other away.
    Let's sit one night and
    tell each other our secrets and fears,
    and when the sun comes up,
    let's not keep anything hidden.
    Let's forget every sorrow we ever had,
    and be foolish and happy for one night.
    Let's take one day at a time,
    and make forever our duration.
    Let's fall in love with each other,
    day by day,
    a love little more passionate than yesterday.
    Let's love each other till the brink of eternity,
    for that is the kind of love I crave,
    for that is the kind of love that stays.
    - Naina Kashyap

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    L O V E

    Let's fall in love with each other,
    day by day,
    a love little more passionate than yesterday.
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  • the_story_weed 7w

    --My eightieth Post--
    Thank you everyone for your support

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    If death is the only thing that can kill you,
    Than they surely haven't met you.
    Is it me or is it you,
    but love, you were too nice to be anything but true.