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  • the_uniqueone 1d

    Though words or action
    We can express our compress feelings
    To our loved one's
    As we know that death is eternal truth
    & Life is a beautiful myth
    & The quote"kal ho na ho"
    Is true yet...

  • the_uniqueone 1d

    Kabhi kabhi apni feelings batana
    V jaruri hata hai...
    Kisi aur ko importance feel karana
    V jaruri hota hai...
    Wo sayad tumhare family ho
    Ya friends ya love
    Kyu ki kal ho na ho...
    Sayad tum na ho ya wo...


  • the_uniqueone 2d

    Still a dreamer who starts his way
    by a regret that he couldn't do
    but he believes in himself
    & going to start his journey...
    sometimes he asked himself
    if he could do it or not
    but the inner voice not only motivates him but also always raises a new hope within himself & then he will do the unbelievable & incredible things to achieve his career goals...

  • the_uniqueone 1w

    You are shown like you are really happy
    But deep down you know that you are pretend to be happy not really...
    As noone cares that's why you don't show your dark side...just be happy in all the way
    & Spread love

  • the_uniqueone 1w

    When you do more effort to make people happy
    But u don't get the same back...
    Then you start being hopeless& feel being guilt for yourself that you did care a lot...
    Your expectations hurt u the most...
    But somehow your inner soul says the way you love others that nobody does...
    & It's a symbol of unconditional &
    selfless love

  • the_uniqueone 2w

    Being a girl/ women is not a easy task
    They do all the things to
    make their family & friends happy
    but never expect anything in return of it
    but they want only one thing
    that's respect...
    The dedication, selfless love ,
    care & a lot of things ,
    u can't pay of it so please give respect to all the girls & women...
    But I am talking about fake feminism & all...
    Just give & take respect
    Give respect those who deserve it
    Irrespective of gender...

  • the_uniqueone 2w

    Nafrat ki wajah hoti hai
    Pyaar toh waise v ho hi jata hai...

  • the_uniqueone 2w

    Aakhon mein jo sapne hai
    Wo aasmaan ko chuta hai
    Par aukat hame apni zamin dekha deti hai...

  • the_uniqueone 2w

    Har hasi k piche khusi nhi hoti
    Har aasu k piche gum nhi hota ...
    Jo dikhta hai wo waisa hi ho
    Ye Mayen nahi rakhta ...
    Toh jara sambhal k...

  • the_uniqueone 3w

    Kabhi socha hai ki
    Choti choti cheezon pe khus hota hua insan
    Ko khus karna kitna aasan hai
    Par wo insan dukh v bahat jaldi ho jata hai
    Pata hai kyu ...
    Kyu ki wo har choti cheezon ko notice v karta hai...
    So guys be aware & careful for the small things that you do in every day life
    Because some of your friends are like this ...
    If you can't give happiness so don't try to hurt someone's feelings also...