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  • the_untold_tale 2w


    Heart crave for love;
    Love is powerful enough to heal the wounds;
    Strengthen the cardiac walls;
    Love is all about care and efforts!

  • the_untold_tale 2w

    Our imagination flies,
    To satisfy our desires!!!

  • the_untold_tale 3w


    My hearts beats every moment to loose my existence and immerse in your soul!

  • the_untold_tale 3w

    We may had ugly past;
    We made mistakes;
    We can't go back to rectify them ;
    We can't change them .
    Be kind to yourself;
    Future is always beautiful;
    We have control over our actions;
    So try to make it beautiful;
    Be humble ;
    Stay positive;
    Don't be so hard on yourself;
    Try to make yourself happy and stable; you will find peace within!!!

  • the_untold_tale 3w


    Doubt is just one feeling but powerful enough to destroy strong relation!!!

  • the_untold_tale 5w

    Heartaches are not rare;
    I really want to ask this question,
    Is this fair?
    To feel each and every feeling;
    Now this is thrilling;
    Years back;
    My heart was stolen;
    I dipped mysel in sweet sink;
    Felt like sky is pink;
    My tale of love; i wrote with magic ink;
    Where i was his princess;
    Where he confessed;
    Where he would mess up with my hair;
    And fell in love with my scar;
    Every moment was so nice;
    But i didn't knew this will cost me price;
    You went away so fast;
    I can't even remember the time and cast;
    I believe time will heal;
    May be that door is seal;
    Keeping all this beside;
    I know where you reside;
    In a corner of my heart;
    Where blood pipes are narrow and weak;
    The red fluid is thick;
    Making me scream in pain;
    Tho how much i loved;
    Each and every effort in vain!!!!

  • the_untold_tale 5w

    Take a leap of space ;
    It's okay if you are alone;
    It's okay if you are broken;
    Don't let your pain break you;
    Hold pain and stich your broken heart!!!


  • the_untold_tale 6w

    Never be too easy;
    Never be so available;
    People will take you for granted!!!

  • the_untold_tale 6w


    Dear love;
    I gave you all my heart
    And in return u gifted me one more scar

  • the_untold_tale 6w


    Is there any ruler which can measure how much broken my heart is ???