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  • the_writress_ 6w

    Today, relations don't work because, on our fingertips, we've got, multiple OPTIONS!

    In older days, we had less contacts and so less options ending up knowing the value of things!

    Gone are days, when loyalty was a responsibility in a relationship. Today all we seek is transient pleasure and pleasure always comes with options. I found something pleasing for two days, I was with it. The other day, it bored me, I switched to the other option. For in our chat list is not a place of gathering people of importance but an accumulation of options where we can leave a person as soon as it starts to feel hazy and cling on to someone who appears more pleasing, obviously, transiently!

    Relationships don't come with evergreen blooming flowers or sunshine everyday. It comes with storms that makes our bonds even stronger when we cross the hurdles together, holding each other's hands tightly, that makes bonds more firm. But when there are options, who will want difficulties when we can just flip onto some other arena where the days of sunshine are prevailing?

    When the things get hard, we don't fight against the odd situations. But we fight against ourselves because we've got options. We think using our brain in relations where heart is involved, why, because we've got options. If not this, someone else, because we've got options. But life dienst works with options. In long run, options might make you an option too..and you end up being an option yourself.

    Every person got a glimmering and the other messed up side.
    Love is when we love the same person at their worst and best. But with options, we only love the best.

    I'll never leave you turns into I'll be with you only till it's working out. If it doesn't, I'll switch on to someone else. Is love all bout this? With options, perhaps.

    Human has a nature of not always wanting something new. Someone new. But...That's what divided people in categories. You see, relation is about responsibility as I said above. True love isn't found but built, we all know that...Only if it was found, it could never be found! But it is built, where we know we're with someone who's worth all the pain and love and I am standing firm to stand by their side no matter what. That builts trust, faith and a sense of responsibility towards our loved one!

    With options, it becomes difficult for our ownselves to figure out what we actually want. 'cause what quality one might lack, the other has and what the first one has the other night lack. And we forget that we need to accept all the goods and bads of the same person and not keep looking for only goods in multiple people...But with options do we understand that?

    But is possible with options? Where options don't appear on their own, but we've had fancied it adorning our chat list with options!

    Hey love,
    But my chat list has always you pinned up at the top. So even at times when we don't talk, you're always at the top and don't go down lost..Just like you're pinned in my heart. permanently.
    I have kept myself no options..None other as an alternative of you..None!
    I've loved your beauty and love your flaws ever more. I love youU!

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  • the_writress_ 16w

    Pain makes us strong.
    But only to an extent..
    And then starts to rip off
    Your heart, bones, blood and soul!

  • the_writress_ 17w


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    That feeling,
    When you have completely forgotten
    What it feels like to be loved back!

  • the_writress_ 17w

    'cause someday,
    These lips will still stretch
    But my eyes won't smile anymore!

  • the_writress_ 17w

    Beautifully you rip off the pages of my verse.
    You talk about togetherness and love
    And how it won't work for us!

  • the_writress_ 17w

    Leaving kills
    Staying hurts
    My heart, your name
    This betrayal of my beat hurts!

  • the_writress_ 19w

    'cause darling,
    You're not in my dreams.
    My dreams are by you.
    There's difference!