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  • theaesthetic_lady 1d

    Want, Allah, or Satan?

    Sometimes it's hard to conclude things, to conclude mind and brain matters, sometimes we dream about something we don't want, sometimes we dream about the things we want, sometimes we dream about the things that continuously running in our minds... we dream, and we dream... sometimes we dream and it's hard to conclude that if it's from Allah, Satan or our subconscious!
    Do we want it actually, it's a sign from Allah or it's just satan who wants to manipulate our minds.
    Sometimes we want something but we hesitate to ask for it from Allah just because we don't know that does that thing good for us!/we ask Allah that O' Allah make it good for me and sometimes we ask about that
    "O Allah, I don't know if I want that thing or not I don't even know that it's good for me or not! I just want all your favors in this matter if it's good for me make it easy for me, and if it's not remove that desire from my heart, mind, brain, conscious and unconscious.
    Give me control over myself, my thoughts, and my feelings."
    Suggest me a path, to make my mind and heart clear from such things.

  • theaesthetic_lady 1w

    All the seven Skies✨

    All the seven skies are mine wherever my eyes go
    All the oceans are mine where I go.
    All the breezes are mine which is playing with my hair and furry coat.
    Are you having all these so?
    What if I'm shivering in the windy night or Sweating all alone in the sunlight.
    Does it matter to maintain a connection though?
    All the rains are mine and all the twinkling sky
    Are you going to stop me from this so?
    All the dreams and thoughts are mine.
    You can't stop me from this so?


  • theaesthetic_lady 4w

    After all

    Things vanish after all
    A year passed after all
    People die so often
    We are still alive after all
    Happiness, sorrows, sufferings, griefs...
    Everything going on after all.
    No backups, no luxuries, much cash no worries
    Stand apart after all
    Pain and guilt, sorry or regret
    It happened somehow after all
    Party poppers, fireworks, and crackers
    We are still waiting after all ✨

  • theaesthetic_lady 8w

    And when you think...

    And when you start thinking about the ending, when you start losing confidence, when you think there is no more possibility and when you think everything is over, and when you start expecting the upcoming loss and when you think you are done.
    You never know someone somewhere has started thinking about you, about the starting about the unexpected hopes, confidences, and possibilities.
    We can not lose hope, we can not assure about the loss until we are alive, every second can be good luck, every minute can be a chance❤

  • theaesthetic_lady 9w

    Modesty in Islam

    Modesty in Islam
    In Islam, men and women share responsibility in upholding modesty and controlling their desires in society. Whether someone dresses or behaves modestly or not, the obligation to guard one’s own chastity rests with each gender. While many people think that there is excessive emphasis on modesty for women, God’s command for men to maintain modesty precedes the one for women in the Quran:
    “Tell believing men to lower their glances and guard their private parts: that is purer for them. Allah is well aware of everything they do.” (24:30).

    -Saulat Pervez


  • theaesthetic_lady 10w


    I limit myself,
    I caged my heart.
    For Allah
    Till Allah

  • theaesthetic_lady 12w


    Judge at first sight
    “When you judge others, you do not define them, you define yourself”
    ― Earl Nightingale
    We have all heard about love at first sight, but I think to judge someone, at first sight, is more common than love!
    In our everyday life, we judge people so, easily without knowing them completely, we judge them in a single 30 minute meeting or less than that, we judge them in a glance by their body language, how they talk, how they walk, how they eat, etc.
    To judge someone is easy, but to judge someone by knowing one thing about them or by knowing half of the story about them is complete insanity.
    Even I myself used to judge people, by giving an opinion about them most of the time I succeed by giving it, but the rest I failed, I failed badly and, you know what’s the worst part? Let me tell you the first part, is that guilt and that feeling you suffer after knowing the complete story of that person.
    “Within the first seven seconds of meeting someone, our brain makes 11 different decisions about them, including their intelligence, socioeconomic status, education, competence, and trustworthiness,” said corporate image consultant and personal brand strategist Anna Hinson.
    I completely disagree with the term First impression is the last impression may it happens in some cases, but in the majority there’s been nothing like this.
    It is not easy to let go of things, but at least we can try like I’m trying, can we stop this habit of judging someone by not knowing them completely, can we stop passing comments about someone on their dressing sense and the way they talk, I know it’s not easy but at least we can try we all make mistakes, there is no bad in making mistakes but what bad is not accepting and changing oneself, not realizing what we did and what we are doing still!
    We don’t know the person sitting in front of us what he/she is going through what their emotions and problems are and even they are your close one’s and you know more about them please don’t make fun of their emotions and feelings they are there with you for a reason. If you cannot support them just listen to them.
    Before you start judging them, think about whether they matter. Do you feel like what you’re doing is right? That question is usually more important than what other people think.
    The opinion of the (so-called goes with the flow like majority) doesn’t matter what matter is the Truth!

  • theaesthetic_lady 16w

    Dear Men!

    For the ones who think of themselves more than anyone else.

    In every field of life, what I mostly observe is the attitude, the thought, and the weird outcome, that what men think of themselves they can be in so many relationships at a time, they know how to impress females, they are good at texting and so on…,
    but, that is not always necessary, men are not always impressive, all women are not attracted to men. To talk to a man that doesn’t mean that a female wanted to talk or she’s having an interest in that person, to ask them about their social accounts that don’t mean that they are asking for your cell number indirectly if they are talking in a very serious case about love so dear men, that doesn’t mean that you’re that one and she is getting personal or she wanted to know your life history from the birth till death.
    If she’s been your classmate for so long and you guys are getting in touch after a long time so these questions are just natural, men don’t need to be on cloud-9 after getting such messages because all females do not think the same, work, goals and to explore the world are more important for some of them. The majority’s opinion matters but judging someone by getting other’s opinions is wrong, it’s insane.
    To keep texting with smiles emoji that doesn’t mean that another person is having so much interest in your conversation, sometimes we do the things just for the so-and-so courtesy. Our intentions are not always to deal with that drama neither wanted to be a good partner.

  • theaesthetic_lady 16w

    My Selfless Partner

    He who never ask me to water neither for food.
    A pale yellow tree on a sunny afternoon what he's asking about a medicine?
    A bald tree on a snowy twilight what he's asking about, clothes?
    All colorful filled with blossoms giving sensations and shade, what he's asking about, a picture?
    Green leaves all overcrowded with juicy fruits no demands no orders what he's asking about, a care?
    It's not just a Tree who does this in every season no complaints nothing but a selfless partner

  • theaesthetic_lady 16w

    Start Today

    Make a plan, be yourself, trust yourself, things will gonna be okay in their time you just need to make a proper plan an oath a belief and so much trust in Allah, HE has brought you in this world how could he be upset and cross with you? HE's just observing you by giving, taking, and giving again HE is the best just believe HIM✨ and keep trying and trying what yours is yours there's no bad luck, there are no bad days either, there are only bad conceptions and a blur visions clear them & I'm sure you will be the most grateful person ever!