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  • thebrokensoul24 12w

    I crave for your sparkling eyes,
    Wanting them to look in mine.
    As they hold the depeth of the oceans,
    They make me feel more intoxicated than any wine.

    I crave for your mere presence,
    It makes my day complete.
    You are my strength, you are my power,
    When I'm with you there's nothing that I can't defeat.

    I crave for your eye contacts,
    To look at me, to stare.
    I want to rest my head on your shoulders,
    I want to run my fingers into your hair.

    I crave for your soothing voice,
    I want you to say my name.
    Sitting by your side and just smile,
    To look into your eyes and reciprocate the same.

    I crave for your shadows,
    I want to see you everytime.
    To laugh with you on stupid things,
    To make you my partner in crime.

    I crave for your whole body,
    To hold me and hug me tight.
    Because when I'm with you,
    This heart feels so light.

    I crave for you as a whole,
    Since you are my happy place.
    It's always you in my heart and mind,
    Nothing could ever fill your space.

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  • thebrokensoul24 12w

    I know my days are not so good,
    And these nights are not letting me sleep.
    But I'm much more than my cancer,
    Now I know how to gulp all this without a single weep.

    Sometimes it's very tough to see,
    How devastatingly I break.
    But I'm much more than my cancer,
    I've learnt how many steps I have to take.

    Yes I do feel to give up,
    My heart too gets tired.
    But I'm much more than my cancer,
    I'm aware of these feelings, somewhat mixed and weird.

    I'm somewhere used to it,
    And I know my soul is in deep pain.
    But I'm much more than my cancer,
    I know I'll stand strongly again.

    Every night when I go to bed,
    It takes a lot to not think.
    But I'm much more than my cancer,
    My hopes are still blooming, and they didn't shrink.

    Yes it takes a whole life to swallow these stones,
    And to hold on and not cry.
    But I'm much more than my cancer,
    I will try, I will try till the day I die.

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    Endometrium gave up on me

  • thebrokensoul24 13w

    A person who accepts you,
    With your flaws and imperfections.
    With them you feel complete,
    Without facing rejections.

    A person who is always there,
    To be by your side.
    With them you feel secured,
    And there is nothing to hide.

    A person who walks with you,
    On every difficult way.
    With them the journey is easy,
    The one who is there to stay.

    A person who makes you laugh,
    Even when you don't want to smile.
    With them you find happiness,
    Larger than the river Nile.

    A person who believes in you,
    When there is no one around.
    With them you have that peace,
    Their voice is your favourite sound.

    A person who motivates you,
    Everytime you feel low.
    With them you feel blessed,
    With them you want to grow.

    A person who loves you unconditionally,
    A person who is in your fate.
    With them you feel like home,
    The one who is called a 'Soulmate'.

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  • thebrokensoul24 13w

    I have this habit
    Of getting song
    Stuck in my head
    Then play it; On and on
    Repeatedly, Until it's
    Every word
    Every tune
    Every beat
    Syncs itself
    With the rhythm
    Of my heart
    And becomes
    The only song
    That plays inside my head
    Even when the music
    Remains off;
    And then suddenly
    It would lose, All grip on me
    And I'd start
    Skipping that song
    To the extent
    That it disappears from
    My playlist
    As if it wasn't there; ever.
    And the irony is
    I can never do this
    To people.

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  • thebrokensoul24 13w

    Feelings are always underrated,
    They play you as a toy.
    Stop showing emotions, they say,
    Oh, you are a boy.

    Crying is not allowed,
    Face the struggles with joy.
    Hiding feelings is your thing,
    Oh, you are a boy.

    You cannot sit at home,
    Take this tag of unemploy.
    Your dreams never matter,
    Oh, you are a boy.

    You always have to take care,
    Even if you are on the path of destroy.
    Stone-heart is what they think you have,
    Oh, you are a boy.

    Bury your feelings inside,
    Is the worst job to employ.
    Don't you dare to shed a tear, they say,
    Oh, you are a boy.

    Everyone around gets happy,
    With sweets and enjoy.
    If I'm meant to be heartless,
    Then why they say, "Congratulations! It's a baby boy".

    I'm tired of showing this fake smile,
    I also feel this emotion called annoy.
    Let me cry my heart out atleast sometimes,
    So what if, I'm a boy?

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  • thebrokensoul24 15w

    Summer ☀️
    breeze spreading warmth like a mother to a child. Mellow as mangoes putting a smile on every bite or the taste of ice cream after sweating on the fields. The muse of the birds as they synchronize like an orchestral event.
    The yellow summer!

    leaves fall as they mark the beginning of a new life while they turn into nourishment. The ground turns into different hues of fallen leaves that put a smile to face as seeing to the favourite shades and shapes.
    The orange autumn!

    air chilling to the bones and the feel of sweaters and warm blankets. The ecstasy of basking in the morning sun with a cup of coffee. The early dusks and late dawns making everyone lazy and a longing for comfort and warmth.
    The blue winter!

    Bursts as the cherry blossoms and the land adorns itself. Happiness bloom's in every corner as the families celebrate and come out for a picnic as they lay out all the delicacies and children laugh and play like there's no end.
    The pastel spring!

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    Shades of season

  • thebrokensoul24 15w

    When we are not texting, i scroll up as far as I can to read our old conversations. I smile at our jokes, cringe at my typos, laugh at how I irrirate you, think of you more than I ever have. I miss you even when I know you're asleep or busy. You're no doubt my favourite person, favourite part of my day, favourite dream half asleep, favourite thought on my mind, my favourite everything!

    All I wanted to say was i miss you

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    Missing you

  • thebrokensoul24 15w

    You make me laugh, when I wanted to cry,
    You make me live, when I want to die,
    I never believed in 'forever and always',
    But the second i met you it became a proven fact.
    I never believed that we love only once,
    Because everytime I'm with you I fall in love over and again.
    You are the oxygen that keeps me alive.
    Your voice is my favourite music to listen.
    You are my heart that beats inside.
    You are the only guy i can see and want to see.
    I'm the happiest person with i'm with you.
    You are not one I need, but someone i plead.
    You are only one i ask in my prayers.
    If you live to be a hundred, i want to live to be a hundred minus one so I never have to live without you.
    I look at you and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes.
    You are my life.
    If I had to choose between breathing and loving you, i would happily choose my last breathe to say that,

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  • thebrokensoul24 15w

    If flowers are full of fragrance,
    For me that fragrance is you

    If chocolates are meant to be sweet,
    For me that sweetness is you

    If smile is a gift,
    I'm gifting mine to you

    If wind gives serenity to the soul,
    For me that serenity is you

    If happiness is for sale,
    I'm giving mine to you

    If dreams are meant to see,
    For me that dream is you

    If love is a bliss,
    For me that bliss is you

    If my pen craves for a poetry,
    My every word belongs to you!

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  • thebrokensoul24 15w

    Staring up and staring down,
    Nothing to see just your eyes so deep,
    Reliving the moments well spent,
    I've lost it all lost my sleep.

    You are there before the sun,
    And it's just you until the stars,
    Your smile is warmer than the sunshine,
    And your love deeper than the scars.

    Thousands of thoughts running through my mind,
    What do you really think of me?
    Do you think of me as I think of you?
    And do you see it as I see?

    You're in my pain, you're in my relief,
    There you are standing in my mirrored dreams,
    We are eloping from this world so unreal,
    Together we are happy as it seems.

    Sometimes I wonder, what I really think of you?
    And what is the bond that we share?
    And then I walk through the memory lane,
    There at our stars I just stare.

    Your love lits my world,
    Like the stars laden the sky,
    Your words like the waves,
    Hits my heart comes and goes by.

    You show me the way to light in the dark,
    Your eyes shine bright like the morning dew,
    You are to me as the sun is to earth,
    So now I know exactly What I really think of you!

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    What I really think of you?