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  • thecelestialmaiden 5w

    You know, those moments where you seem to forget how life works, and start enjoying? It's like.. you had forgotten how reality works and were happy for so long. Some day things had to come crashing down. They may be in your own head, but it happens. Because no matter what, reality always comes back. It's always lurking in the background, waiting to strike you when your smile is the biggest.

  • thecelestialmaiden 7w


    Do I voice you out, or keep you as my own little secret?
    Secluded, caged in that mind of mine,
    Afraid of being judged if I let you out,
    Afraid of being broken by not sharing you all the same.
    You're here, you're a constant,
    The only companion until oblivion,
    I wonder what would happen if I spilt all out to the ones I love,
    Would they still see me the same after they knew you?
    Would they change their thoughts about me?
    Would they still love me back the way they did before?
    Or would they leave, at the very glimpse of you just like the others?
    There's a reason I tell people I can be disappointing,
    I hide a lot of things in my heart and my mind,
    I wonder, if I give a piece of you to them,
    Would they share you, listen, run away, or amplify??

  • thecelestialmaiden 7w

    Don't say things. What you are stands over you and thunders so that I cannot hear what you say to the contrary.
    ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson, Letters and Social Aims

  • thecelestialmaiden 9w

    The heart will break, but the broken live on.
    ~Lord Byron

  • thecelestialmaiden 9w

    It's weird how a place filled with happiness and laughter merely hours ago can seem so deserted and lonely.

    Which is why I tend to stay alone because you can never miss a feeling you don't expect to ever experience.

  • thecelestialmaiden 9w

    Have you ever had this emotion for someone that's so far, but still affects you in ways you never imagined one could?

    #faraway #unknown #dreams #blush #heartbeat

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    Blushes I Can't Hide

    It's crazy how my heart beats faster everytime I see you,
    Amazing how my mind starts to reel at every bid adieu.
    It's shocking how someone who doesn't even know I exist can have this effect,
    I've never seen you in person, but the very thought of you makes my thoughts deflect.
    I'm writing of you, with your image in my mind,
    And a blush creeps up on my face that I can't hide.

  • thecelestialmaiden 16w


    You knew your way around my nerves,
    Calming me, yet annoying me at the same time.
    Your energy pulled me into verve,
    In a world where things seemed sweet and sublime.
    You listened to me, even tolerated my jokes lame,
    You always knew how to help when I was in pain.
    And slowly, your embrace turned into my caim,
    I miss that time, but I don't want it again,
    Because, as much as we loved each other,
    We hurt each other too,
    I miss our happy times,
    I miss the days when I could, for hours talk to you.

  • thecelestialmaiden 17w

    The Camera Adds 10 Pounds

    "You're beautiful"
    "You're amazing"
    "You're pretty"
    It's nice to listen, but nowadays, it sounds like pity
    I view such words under the shadows of a dark past
    I know it's been so long,
    I know you believe the damage shouldn't this long, last
    Words irresponsible, said years ago,
    Still stare back at me in the mirror
    "Ugly, unwanted, unworthy" they whisper
    Until my eyes shine with a tear's lustre.
    I know someone once said, "The camera adds 10 pounds"
    Over the years, the mirror turned my camera,
    And everyday, I felt worse looking into it.
    Until 10 turned 100, and now I've lost count,
    Thin, Fat, whatever I was, the world didn't look past,
    I later found out.
    "Beautiful, pretty" your words still echo,
    My mind's so burried in the 10 pounds into multiple days
    I'm hidden, I'm crying, I'm choking. Help me! I can't seem to let my past go.

  • thecelestialmaiden 17w


    We wish for things all our lives,
    Living through days,
    As happiness and sorrow collide,
    Looking for love, trying to bring
    That old and hidden fantasy to life,
    Through a slippry green terrain,
    As a dream world takes over our eyes.

  • thecelestialmaiden 17w

    Short Story?

    Rainy dawn, cup of tea and a good book.