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  • thecutehotguy 12w

    Ajay's love

    Ajay : I love her soooooo much Yaar..
    Best friend :Are you seriously crying man? You kidding me!?
    Ajay: I don't Yaar.. (while sneezing .. Like a lot ) My heart is telling me.. She is my soulmate..I can't live without her
    Best friend : A soulmate.. Uh huhhh...Ankita... The girl you met yesterday...
    Ajay: Yaar.. Her curly hair are just like everything to me... .. Bhai kya karu.. My feelings...
    Best friend : chup saale... Feelings.. 4 din pahle uss Akanksha ke liye ro raha tha... Nautanki saala.

  • thecutehotguy 12w

    Just thoughts

    Only think the happy ones
    Laugh out loud at Chandler's puns
    Life works on your focus
    Lose the mud, look at the lotus
    What's thinking gonna change
    Your mind has a limited range
    Simply flirt like Ross
    Your Rachel will gloss
    And if Rachel is on a break
    Go listen to Drake
    He will put you in upside down
    Don't worry, Jim Hopper is ready for another round