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  • thedarkestofshades 1w

    I'm tired of trying
    Even my dreams mock me
    You see, its not getting better
    It never will, so why bother
    Maybe its easier this way
    Safer even, to just stop
    Not to have a care anymore
    Someday it will all make sense

  • thedarkestofshades 7w

    Sometimes I wish I could just stay in my dreams
    Forever, never wake up
    I know some parts won't make sense
    But for the happy moments I'd stay
    For pure bliss, not having a care
    Atleast I'd see my father again
    Atleast I'd be happy

  • thedarkestofshades 8w

    That's what I feel
    With his head on my chest
    And my hands in his hair
    As I smile down at him
    I see pure adoration in his eyes
    Right then my heart becomes full
    And I know why I chose him
    Why I always will

  • thedarkestofshades 8w

    I love that moment when
    You remember exactly why you love someone
    When for a split second
    It hits you so hard you cant help but smile
    At a thought that warms you up
    When it becomes so clear
    Why you adore this human
    These moments, random and private
    Are the ones I will always cherish

  • thedarkestofshades 9w

    To the ones that make us genuinely happy
    The souls that set ours on brilliant fire
    The humans who make each day just a bit more bearable
    You deserve the world and nothing less
    May your cups never run dry
    May your lives be a never ending high

  • thedarkestofshades 14w

    You will never know a person until you understand their motivation for doing the things they do

  • thedarkestofshades 14w

    If you were me
    Would you make the same mistakes
    Or would you see through it all
    Would you be a better version
    And correct all my wrongs
    Redeem me from my faults
    But then again you're not me
    I did what I did, it is what it is
    I could never be you
    Neither you me
    So leave me be

  • thedarkestofshades 16w

    All this heaviness
    Crashes into me like waves
    Big and hard
    I can't seem to stop it
    What's the point?
    What do I learn from this?
    Oh yeah, now I know
    Maybe I need help

  • thedarkestofshades 18w

    For every drop of happiness
    Two more drops of bitterness
    Never quite balancing out
    Guess life isn't always that simple
    Colours aren't as bright as they used to be
    And the cool night air doesn't feel the same
    But that's the beauty of it,you see
    The shifting winds and raging storms
    They make and break us
    They are what we remember

  • thedarkestofshades 18w

    So, what's your story?