i just write stuff.... which doesn't relate to me.... do read all of my writings it means a lot....

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  • thedevilion 13w


    our life is a long tale
    and there always a chapter
    when our vision starts to go pale
    confused what comes after
    doesn't matter if you fail
    ignore it with a laughter
    just don't sit there chewing biscuit
    you gotta let go better risk it
    if you messed up try to fix it
    you only get a chance don't miss it
    you see, happiness isn't measured by
    those dollars you've earned
    that fat you've burned
    that shit you've learned
    just follow what your heart says
    be unstoppable like those waves
    don't waste your time
    by regretting your past
    or thinking about future
    which you aren't sure will last
    just live in the present
    cuz life is so pleasant
    if you think its the end
    and life is no more fun
    just remember those days you've spent
    are part of a ton
    have hope and never give up my friend
    cuz one day or the other

  • thedevilion 15w

    WHY ?

    I know its a bit late but I've realized
    The differences between us simplified
    The distance between us minimized
    That something between us improvised
    The mistakes we made compromised
    Those feelings were no more privatized
    Our eyes were getting hypnotized
    We got our brains magnetized
    Our heart beats slowly synchronized
    Your hand in mine felt like paradise
    But were busy getting our egos satisfied
    And ended up being demonized

  • thedevilion 17w


    Life brings a lot of problems
    But you don't loose hope
    And get yourself hanged to an inch thick rope
    You'll witness again the autumn
    You'll be back on the lope
    Man you neither had a vision nor a target to scope
    If you think quitting is dope then listen
    If you ever end up in a prison
    It's not the end nope
    There is no question without an answer
    No lock without a key
    No room without door
    No sea without shore
    All you have to do is try a bit more
    Penetrate your roots deep and reach that core
    And once you do that success is yours for sure
    To find a way out you might sometimes bleed
    It may sound harsh but its the only way walk free

  • thedevilion 17w


    No matter who we are
    But once we fall in love
    We end up behind the bars
    Not on own but shoved
    Yeah I might be Young yet experienced enough
    To talk write sing about the shit mentioned above
    It really felt good as if it was spellbound
    Those feelings are ultimately just a piece of dough
    Which mean nothing just burn it on stove
    Wanted to be your shadow
    But you wanted me to bow
    Preserved moments for you forgetting them
    Whom i deserved to serve
    Had my mind slipped
    Your lips your hips our trips sharing chips
    But now my hearts zipped
    Once it was your breath in my nerves
    Now that you have turned my straight path into curves
    Don't wanna repeat it again get my life unnerved


  • thedevilion 17w


    जिंदगी एक समंदर है
    हम बस एक छोटे से बन्दर है
    जिंदगी के लहरें आती रहती है
    इस सोच में मत डूबना की कल क्या होगा
    इन् लहरों को बदले वाले हम कोंसे सिकंदर है
    अपने आप को सच और स्वच्छ रखना
    क्यूँ की जिंदगी जानती है वो सारे राज़
    जो तुमने छुपाये अपने दिल के अंदर है
    हस्ते खेलते मुस्कुराते रहना
    तभी तुम समझोगे की जिंदगी कितनी सुन्दर है

  • thedevilion 20w


    I don't really know if I should laugh or cry
    All I do now is just fucking try
    To have you back cuz together we fly high
    Promised to walk together till the day we die
    Now don't you tell me that shit was a lie
    I know you are hiding something don't you shy
    Just let it out everything will be fine
    Remember those days we would text till five
    We can bring those back just look me in the eye
    I don't know how but you've become my spine
    I might be the diamond but without you i cant shine

  • thedevilion 22w


    You said whenever it rains it means you are sad
    Ironically the day we broke up it rained

  • thedevilion 22w

    The End?

    So the day has arrived when we finally break up
    And don`t you think for a moment that i am looking for next hook up
    Remember those days when we never gave up
    Accepted each others mistakes how come we end goofed up
    No matter how hard the storm hits mark my words
    Grub up a grave for me I'll raise for you like those firebirds
    Healed me when i was ill yeah you had that skill
    And now you are upto kill left me an ill will
    Every day I love you more and to be honest until I die I will
    Promised to be together and explore those hills
    I guess we were lost and its now that we refill
    Sleepless night make me doubt if I am mentally ill
    Hearing your voice say hold my hand fills my heart with guilt
    Only wanted to add up a bit to that gilt never thought would be thrown away like silt

  • thedevilion 22w


    Don't you fall for someones beauty
    And get used up like tissue to clean their booty
    If they are really interested in you they won't say I am Moody
    It's better you mind your own duty
    And enjoy your life that's fruity

  • thedevilion 23w


    Yo this shit's going crazy
    At first thought this ride gonna be easy
    The situation is slipping out and getting greasy
    Even though it's summer our hearts are freezing
    Seeing those suffer and and their nose bleeding
    I don't know why few assholes are not cooperating
    And pointing out the docs who put their lives on line while operating
    Few generating rumours and making it more complicating
    This freaking media is busy calculating
    Instead of raising awareness about the virus circulating
    The only thing our dumb leaders know is vacillating
    And we are busy on social media nominating
    How could we keep ignoring the fact that our cities are evacuating
    Let's start thinking of a solution to help those suffocating
    The virus eliminating and we spectating
    It started penetrating in us without estimating and its now dominating
    Stop hesitating and start implementing what you have been reading, thinking, singing, texting
    Instead of sitting sipping juice and licking ice cream cubes waiting for the day for celebrating while this shit accelerating.